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October 28, 2009

Best of the Decade (2000-2009) Online Music Lists (E-J)

The decade is winding down, and lists of the best albums and songs of the 2000s are increasingly popping up. As these lists appear online, I will daily aggregate the links in this post. If you post or see a link on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read the daily updates to this list.


East Bay Express (Bay Area albums)
Eat Me Pitchfork (top albums)
Eats, Sweets, & Beats (best albums)
Ed's Music (top albums)
Eight Shows a Week, Two Matinees (albums)
el baron de la lechuga sangrienta (favorite albums)
emoryflynnw (best songs)
eMusic (best albums)
Endorphin Rush (favorite albums)
Endorphin Rush (favorite songs)
Enormous Yes (albums)
Enrolled But No Schedule (top albums)
Entertainment Weekly (best albums)
Epiphany in Baltimore (favorite albums)
Eric's Music Ramblings and Indie Musings (song)
Essential Listening (best songs)
The Ether Space (albums)
Eugenia's Rants and Thoughts (best songs)
Every Girl Blog (top female-fronted bands)
Everydaymusic (top songs)
Everything Under the Sun (top songs)
Examiner (top albums)
Experimental Music Love (top albums)
Extended Play - Craig Clark (top albums)
Extended Play - Jenn Reid (best albums)
Extended Play - Mark (top albums)
Eyes Open Like Sores (top albums)

F1nchy's Blog (top albums)
FACT (best albums)
The Fact That (top songs)
The Factual Opinion (greatest songs)
Fader (albums)
Fairfield County Weekly (top albums)
Faithwalk Clothing (best videos)
Famous Last Words (best albums)
FantasticVoyage's Blurts (songs)
Faris Fairchild (best songs)
Fast'n'Bulbous (best music)
fetch it! (best albums)
A Fifty Cent Lighter & A Whiskey Buzz (top Americana albums)
Filles Sourires - Alexandre/SOM (best French albums)
Filles Sourires - Anna Maria (best French albums)
Filles Sourires - Frans_S (best French albums)
Filles Sourires - Guuzbourg (best French albums)
Filles Sourires - Jan-Willem (best French albums)
Filles Sourires - Maks (best French albums)
Filles Sourires - Mordi (best French albums)
Filles Sourires - Pierre (best French albums)
Filles Sourires - Sky (best French albums)
Filles Sourires - Thomas Bohnet (best French albums)
Film Punk (best non-album songs)
Film Punk (best underrated post-punk albums)
Film Punk (music) (best TV theme songs)
Filmi Girl (favorite music videos)
Fin de Cinema (best albums & singles)
The Finest Kiss (most underrated albums)
The Fire Tonight (top albums)
Found Sound (albums)
Flagpole (top Athens bands)
Flamethrower (top albums)
Flavorwire (Super Bowl halftime performances)
Flight of the Robberfly (favorite albums)
Former Zen Blog (best albums)
Freaky Trigger (top songs)
FredFu (favorite albums)
Freedom from the Blog (albums)
From a Dropout to a King (greatest hip-hop albums)
From Grandma's Buick 6 (top rock albums)
F**k Yeah, Go Team! (best albums)
Fun to Be Had (top albums)
A Future in Noise (music)
Fuzzy Thoughts (top albums)

G. Meyer Rosby (albums)
Gabe Benveniste (top albums)
GeekDad (albums)
Geoausch (top albums)
Geography of Hope (albums)
Ghostly International (favorite albums)
Gigwise (best album covers)
Gigwise (greatest albums)
Gigwise (worst albums)
Gimme Noise (hip-hop songs)
Gimme Noise (top iffy comeback attempts)
Gimme Noise (top Twin Cities breakthrough acts)
Gimme Noise (top unjustified hypes)
Gimme Tinnitus (best songs 2000-2004)
Gimme Tinnitus (best songs of 2005-2009)
Ginger Is the Watchword (best albums)
GISGISGIS (favorite albums)
GISGISGIS (favorite songs)
Give Me Your Handrew (top albums)
Give Me Your Handrew (top EPs)
Give Me Your Handrew (top songs)
GlamTings (top albums)
Glen Thoughts (songs)
Glide (best albums)
Go Dog Go... (best albums)
Go Erie (favorite albums)
Go Go Randy Go (best albums)
Goblin Mercantile Exchange (favorite albums)
The Good 5 Cent Cigar (best songs)
Goodbye Oughts (favorite albums)
GorillavsBear (albums of the decade)
GorillavsBear (songs of the decade)
The Grace Notes (albums)
The Grain (songs)
Grand Rapids Press (best albums)
GranolaBox (favorite albums)
Grant Langston (best albums)
The Great Southern Brainfart (top albums)
Greek Youth Webzine (best albums)
Gregory Alfred (albums)
Gripe and Shout (top albums)
Grubtunes (top Canadian albums)
Guardian (albums)
Guardian of the Abyss (favorite albums)
Gunaxin Media (worst album covers)
Guuzborg (best French albums)

Haiku Factory (favorite albums)
Hall of the Mountain King (favorite albums)
Hands Up Houston (top albums)
Hank Is Creative (artist of the decade)
Happenstance Radio (top albums)
The Hardest Button to Button (best albums)
The Hardest Button to Button (best songs)
Heath Rave (Wolvhammer) (most important albums)
Heavy (top albums)
Heavy (top hip-hop albums)
Heeb (albums)
Heiruspecs (favorite albums)
Her List of Nine... (standout music videos)
High Crimes and End Times (top albums)
Higher Ed Critics (top albums)
Hindsight Unseen (top albums)
Hip Hop Culture Shock Shop (top hip-hop albums)
The HipHop Consultant's Blog (top video chicks)
HipHopDX (top albums)
Hot Hot House (good albums)
Hotel Womb (top albums)
Huffington Post (top global albums)
Huffington Post - Chris Campbell (favorite albums)
Huffington Post - Tony Sachs (albums)
The Hunt for the Worst Rapper of the Decade (worst rapper)
The Hurst Review (country albums)
Hypebot (top-selling digital tracks)

I Am Gary Hampton (top albums)
I Am Kyle's Self-Indulgence (best albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best songs)
I Hate My Life and This Music Tells Me Why (top drummers)
I (Heart) Musique (top songs)
I Rock Cleveland (top albums)
I Started Something I Couldn't Finish (top albums)
I Taught Myself to Grow Old (best albums)
I Was Told There Would Be Bacon (top albums)
I'd Buy That for a Dollar! (albums)
I'm O.K., I'm All Write (top albums)
I'm the Internet (most underrated albums)
Iblewmynoza (culturally significant albums)
Ickmusic - Gonzo (top albums)
Ickmusic - Markadelphia (best albums)
Ickmusic - Pete (favorite albums)
Idolator (top pop star guest appearances on The Simpsons)
Idolator & Sound of the City (worst songs)
If I Were Built (top albums)
The Ignatius Record Review (favorite albums)
Iguana Journal (top albums)
Ilovethissong's Blog (albums)
In Accidental Position (best songs)
In Java, Literally... (albums)
In League with Paton (best albums)
In Worried Piles, I Typed for Miles (top albums)
The Indecision (top songs & albums)
INDenverTimes (top songs)
Independent (albums)
Indiecaciones (albums)
Indiraa's Blog Here! (top pop artists) (albums)
Inflatable Ferret (best albums)
Inforum (albums with the most staying power)
InsideVandy (biggest disappointments)
Intensities in Ten Cities (songs)
Interminable Palaver (best albums)
Into the Abyss (top songs)
Into the Abyss - Ryan (top songs)
Into the Galaxy (top songs)
Irish Times (best albums)
IrishCentral (Irish music)
Is This Music? (top songs)
Isaac Farley (top albums)
It Takes a Train to Cry (best songs)
It's a Squad Game (best albums)
It's Not That I Don't Like It, I've Just Heard It Before (best albums)
It's Not The Band I Hate, It's their Fans (albums)

J. Lorenzo (top albums)
J. Mensah's Billboard Files (singles)
The Jakarta Post (top albums)
Jaltcoh (greatest songs)
Jamaica Observer (top reggaie albums)
The Jane Bradfords (top albums)
The Jay Spanbauer (favorite albums)
Jazz and Blues (best jazz albums)
Jazz Chronicles (best jazz albums)
Jay Spanbauer (top albums)
Jerseymu (favourite albums)
Jerusalem Post (best albums)
The John Larroquette Project (favorite albums)
Jon's Weblog (top albums)
Jolt Country (favorite albums)
Jonathan Pappalardo (best country albums)
Jonk Music (best albums)
Josh Schwartz (albums)
The Journal (best albums)
Jump Back Jack (favorite albums)
Junk (songs of the decade)
Just Being Josh (top songs)
Just Cook It (albums) (albums)



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