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October 28, 2009

Best of the Decade (2000-2009) Online Music Lists (K-P)

The decade is winding down, and lists of the best albums and songs of the 2000s are increasingly popping up. As these lists appear online, I will daily aggregate the links in this post. If you post or see a link on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read the daily updates to this list.



Kaini Industries (favorite albums)
Kata Rokkar (favorite albums)
Kate's Blog (songs)
KayLyne's Jukebox (top albums)
Ken Vasoli (The Starting Line) (top songs)
KenEnter Blog (top pop albums)
Kevin Babbles (best songs)
KEXP (top albums)
Kicking Out the Jams, Mofo (top albums)
Kids Like You & Me (top songs)
Knox Road (top albums)
Kung Fu Bunny (most definitive albums)
Kunstlicher (albums)
Kyle Was Here (top albums)

The L Magazine (albums)
La Vanguardia (albums)
LA Weekly (best cover songs)
LA Weekly (best LA albums)
Lament for a Straight Line (best jazz albums)
The Lamron (music)
Lancaster Freestyle (top albums)
Laoser (top albums)
The Larry Page (top albums)
The Larry Page (top songs)
[last year's girl] (favourite albums)
LastBestAngryMan (top albums)
Late Bloomer (top albums)
The Lawrentian (favorite albums)
Lazerbeak (Doomtree) (favorite albums)
Le Petit Connaisseur (top Twin Cities albums)
Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) (top albums)
Lehigh Valley Live (best albums)
Letters Home from Camp (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Carl (top albums)
The Library of Babel (best musicals)
The Library of Babel (best songs)
Life as a Music Video (best music videos)
Life in the Vacuum (top albums)
The Life of Brian (favorite bands/musicians)
Life on My Planet (best albums)
Lilok Pelikula (favorite OPM albums)
LimeWire Music Blog (top MCs)
LimeWire Music Blog (best rap albums)
limjorino (top albums)
The Line by AlexanderKhan (top albums)
The Line of Best Fit (albums)
Linear Tracking Lives! (top albums)
Litterateur (best albums)
Livedaily (albums)
Living in Misery (best albums)
Lizzyville (overhyped bands)
Lizzyville (top songs)
LMNOP's (top albums)
The Local (top Swedish songs)
The Lonesome Ace (top albums)
Long Live Giles Li (top albums)
Look, Up in the Sky (albums)
The Lost Art of Found Sound (top albums)
Lost at Sea (albums of the decade)
Lost at Sea (songs of the decade)
The Lost Boy (top songs)
Loud Loop - Andrew Kahn (top albums)
Loud Loop Press - Audrey Leon (top albums)
Loud Loop - Britni Day (top albums)
Loudblast (top albums)
Louisville Courier-Journal (best albums)
Louisville Mojo (best albums)
The Love Universe (best albums)
Low Resolution (top songs)
Lucid Culture (best albums)
Lucy Michelle (favorite albums)
Lutheran Confessions (top albums) (top albums)
Malkovich Malkovich (albums)
Mapsadaisical (albums)
Marisol Segal (top albums)
The Marquee Blog (best albums)
The Martorialist (best rap singles)
Matt Perrault (debut musical acts)
The Matt's Realm (top albums)
mattrusty's posterous (top albums)
McNutt Against the Music (albums)
McNutt Against the Music (songs)
The Media Crunch (best albums)
Media Zone (best albums)
Medium Fidelity (best songs)
Meet Me in Montauk (best albums)
Melodicmatter (greatest albums)
Melophobe (best hip-hop albums)
Memeopolis (best albums)
Memorable Minutae (top albums)
Memphis Flyer (Memphis songs)
Men's Fitness (best workout songs)
Mental Pirate (favorite albums)
Menthol University Press (best albums)
Mercury Studios Blohg (top albums)
MerrieGirl (albums)
Metacritic (top artists & albums)
MetalSucks (best metal albums)
Metro Distortion (best albums) (top albums)
Metromix (best albums)
Metromix Baltimore (best songs)
Metromix - Individual Critics (best albums)
Mid-Morning Razzmatazz (music)
The Middle 8 (favorite albums)
Mike's Best Blog Ever (favorite songs)
Millsy's Blog (albums)
Minneapolis City Pages (best Twin Cities music videos)
Minneapolis City Pages (most hummable indie rock smash hits)
The Minnesota Daily (best Twin Cities albums)
The Minnesota Daily - Kara (favorite albums)
Mix Position (best Hampton Roads songs)
The Mixed Tape (albums) (greatest albums)
MMT in MK (top albums)
MondoSonoro (top Spanish & international albums)
Monitor Mix (genre dictionary)
Monitor Mix (musical mistakes)
Monitor Mix (songs, movements or artists that sums up the decade)
Montana Kaiman (albums)
Montgomery TV and Radio (top albums)
Moon Over My Hammy (top albums)
More a Legend than a Blog (favorite music videos)
More a Legend Than a Blog (top albums & box sets)
The Morning After (top albums)
Moxie (best albums)
Mr C Boccuzzi's Blog (favorite albums)
Mr. Frost (memorable rap mixes)
The Murphreesboro Pulse (top albums)
Muruch (best albums)
The Muse (best albums)
Music and More (best jazz albums)
Music and the Punk Rock Life (top bands)
Music By Day (top albums)
Music Club (top songs)
Music Cookies (albums)
Music Fan's Mic (songs that define the decade)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (albums of the decade)
Music, Minister, House Rocker (favorite albums)
Music, Movies, Sarcasm (albums of the decade)
Music Obsessive (best albums)
Music Reviews (best Spanish debuts)
Music Snobs Anonymous (best albums)
Music That Matters (favorite albums)
Music Vagabond (songs)
Music with an Exclamation Point (notable albums)
Musical Family Tree (best albums)
The Musical Moron Twins (top albums)
The Musically Inclined (top albums)
Musicart's Blog (top albums)
The Musicologists (albums)
MusicOMH (albums)
Musicophelia (top albums)
Musings of Mark (albums)
Muso's Guide (lost albums)
MW Music Review Blog (top albums)
My Bass Rocks (top tracks)
My English Blog (best albums)
My Hmphs (top albums)
My Kind of Country (best albums)
My Kind of Country (top songs)
My Little Underground (best albums)
My Ol' Blog: Nothing More, Nothing Less. (favorite albums)
My Poproks (best songs)
My Poproks (top albums)
My Word of Mouth (top albums)
The Mystery Spot (songs)

N. Frank Daniels' Cruel World (best albums)
Naive Harmonies (top songs)
The Name of This Blog Is... Gumption Centers (top albums)
Narrowcast (top albums)
Nashville Skyline (music moments)
nc_seventeen (favorite albums)
Neil's Blog (top albums)
Neon Limelight (essential albums)
The New Gay (top albums)
New York Fruit Stand (top albums)
New Zealand Herald (albums)
Newark Star-Ledger (top albums) (Australian breakout acts) (bad songs) (hits & flops)
nicholasjensen's blog (top albums)
Nick Mitchell (favourite albums)
Nickell's Bag (best albums)
Nielsen Soundscan (top-selling albums)
The Night Bird Calls (albums)
NME (greatest albums)
NME (songs)
No Bird Sing (top albums)
No Depression - Grant (top songs)
No Inspiration (best artists)
No One Cares What I Think (best albums)
No Pun Intended (top albums)
No Pun Intended (music videos)
NoBanjo (best albums)
NoiseAddicts (best songs)
Noisecreep (artists)
Noisecreep (best songs)
Norasound (favorite albums)
The Norman Transcript (best country albums)
North Texas Daily (best albums)
Norwegian Music Blog (top Norwegian albums)
Notzem Zum Pop (albums) (favorite albums)
NOW (decade-defining albums)
Nowalking on the Blog (top musical sequences)
NPR (classical albums)
NPR (music timeline)
NPR's All Songs Considered (albums that defined the decade)
NPR Music (most important albums)
NYDiscovery (favorite songs)

O Danny Boy (top albums)
O, Song! (influential albums)
Oakland Tribune (albums)
Oath of Silence (albums)
Obscure Music and Football (top albums)
The Observer (albums)
The Observer (artist)
The Observer (band)
The Observer (mogul)
The Observer (multi-tasker)
The Observer (newcomers)
The Observer (pop star)
The Observer (reality stars)
The Observer (rock'n'roll artist)
The Observer (social networker)
OC Weekly (top songs)
An Ocean of Noise (best albums)
Oceans Never Listen (best albums)
The Ocular Incantations of Yakob Malachi Jung (top albums)
OESQEMA (albums)
Oh You're So Silent, Jensen (songs)
OK! Magazine (best pop songs)
The Oklahoma Daily (albums)
The Oklahoma Daily (best albums & songs)
Omaha World-Herald (music)
Open Room (defining songs & albums)
Original Hipster (top albums)
Ottawa Citizen (Canadian albums)
Ottawa Citizen (songs)

The Panda Oleosa (top hip-hop albums)
Park Bench Mutation (best albums)
Paste (best cover songs)
Paste (best live acts)
Paste (best movie soundtracks)
Paste (best music videos)
Paste (best producers)
Paste (top albums)
Paste (top music books)
Paste - Andy Whitman (favorite albums)
Paste - Readers' Picks (best albums)
Pauleywood (best hip-hop albums)
The Personal Blog of Eric Kehoe (top albums)
PerthNow (songs)
Pete Lit (top albums)
Peter Rosenberg (top hip-hop albums)
Picasso Blue (albums)
Pitchfork (music news)
Pitchfork (music videos)
Pitchfork (top albums)
Pitchfork (top tracks)
Pitchfork (various lists from musicians)
Pittsburgh Music Awards (albums)
Pittsburgh Music Report (albums)
Pittsburgh Post Gazette (music)
Plaid Forever - Allanna (top albums)
Plaid Forever - Jordan (top albums)
Plaid Forever - Kyle (top albums)
Planet: Random (top albums)
The Planet Pluto (albums)
Play (best alt/indie albums)
Playback (top albums)
The Playlist (best film scores)
The Playlist (best music documentaries)
Plus Cat (top albums)
Poetry/Musings (favorite albums)
Pompeydoomcrew's Music Blog (top albums)
Pompeydoomcrew's Music Blog (top songs)
Pop (top pop songs)
The Pop Chart (worst songs)
Pop Culture (albums)
Pop Culture MagNate (top albums)
Pop Damage (favorite albums)
Pop Dollars Is Running This (best musicians)
The Pop Eye (favorite songs)
Pop Headwound (albums)
Pop Headwound (songs)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (best albums)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (best songs)
Popdose (best albums)
PopDose (best songs)
PopEater (best one-hit wonders)
PopEater (top pop albums)
PopEater (top pop artists)
PopEater (best pop songs)
The Present Is Now (best albums)
Press Play (best albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best songs)
Prime Mover (best albums)
Prog Archives (top prog rock albums)

The Prometheus Syndrome (top albums)
The Proper Lounge (best hip-hop singles)
The Proper Lounge (best rock songs)
The Prophet Blog (top albums)
The Prophet Blog (worst songs)
The Providence Daily Dose (albums)
Psycho Nappy Cinema (top albums)
Psychotic Feeling (favourite albums)
The Punk Guy (albums of the decade)


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