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November 5, 2009

2009 Year-End Online Music Lists (P-Z)

As "best of 2009" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years (see the lists for 2006, 2007, and 2008).

If you post or see a 2009 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read the daily updates to this list.

A - C

D - J

K - O

P. Viktor (top albums)
Pagan Wanderer Lu's Blog (top albums)
Page 300 (albums)
Painting Music (top albums)
Pampelmoose (best albums)
Panel (best albums)
Panic Dots (top albums)
The Panic Manual (best albums)
The Pansentient League
The Pansentient League (top synthpop albums)
Parade of Sound, Soul, Funk & Fury (favorite albums)
Part-Time Music (favorite 7"'s)
Part-Time Music (top albums)
Part-Time Music (top songs)
Part-Time Music - Paul (top albums)
Paska Sohva (best albums)
Passion of the Weiss (best albums)
Passion of the Weiss (best hip-hop songs)
Passion of the Weiss (best reissues & compilations)
Paste (awesomest songs)
Paste (best albums)
Paste (criminally underrated albums)
Paste (debut albums)
Paste - Steve LaBate (best albums)
The Pattons (top albums)
Paul Shirley (top albums) (top albums)
Peabody North Shore (albums)
Peace and Carats (best albums)
Peace...Be Still (top albums)
The Peg Leg Blog (top albums) (best albums)
Peripheral Visionaries (top albums)
The Personal Blog of Eric Kehoe (top songs)
A Personal Miscellany (albums)
Phantomchannel's Blog (top albums)
Phil Schwartzmann (top stand-up comedy albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (top Christmas songs)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Dan DeLuca (best local albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Dan DeLuca (songs)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Dan DeLuca (top albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer - David Patrick Stearns (best classical music)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Karl Stark (best jazz)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Nick Cristiano (best country/roots albums)
Phillyist (favorite songs)
Picaresque Life (best albums)
Pillow Fights & Boxing Tuesday (favourite albums)
Pink Is the New Blog (favorite albums)
Pissing in the Wind (favourite albums)
Pitchfork (music news)
Pitchfork (top albums)
Pitchfork (top music videos)
Pitchfork (top songs)
Pitchfork (worst album covers)
Pitchfork (year in photos)
Pitchfork (year in techno)
Pitchfork - Musicians' Lists (albums)
Pithy Title Here (top albums)
The Pittsburgh Music Report (top albums)
Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Pittsburgh music)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (top pop albums)
PlayNetwork's Blog (top songs)
Plug One (top albums)
The Plugg (top albums)
Plugged In (favorite songs)
Plus Cat (favorite albums)
Pompeydoomcrew Music Blog (top albums)
Pompeydoomcrew Music Blog (top songs)
Pop Candy (top songs)
The Pop Cop (best albums)
The Pop Cop (best songs)
Pop Culture Jihad (favorite albums)
The Pop Eye (best songs)
Pop Headwound (albums)
Pop Headwound (songs)
Pop Ramblings (albums)
The Pop Rock Indie Blog (top albums)
The Pop Stalinist (best albums)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (best EPs)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (top albums)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (top music blogs)
Pop Trash Addicts (best albums)
Pop Trash Addicts (best songs)
Pop Trash Addicts (worst singles & albums)
Popbytes (favorite albums)
Popdose (favorite songs)
PopMatters (best albums)
PopMatters (best Americana albums)
PopMatters (best bluegrass albums)
PopMatters (best country albums)
PopMatters (best debut albums)
PopMatters (best electronic albums)
PopMatters (best hip-hop albums)
PopMatters (best indie pop albums)
PopMatters (best jazz albums)
PopMatters (best live albums)
PopMatters (best psych albums)
PopMatters (best R&B albums)
PopMatters (best reissues)
PopMatters (best singer-songwriter albums)
PopMatters (best singles)
PopMatters (best metal albums)
PopMatters (best world music blogs)
PopMatters - Andrew Martin (best music videos)
PopMatters - Chris Baynes (best music videos)
The Popscener (best albums)
Popshifter (best albums)
The Porkchop Express (top albums & songs)
Post Presentism (top albums)
The Post-Rockist (favorite albums)
The Post-Rockist (favorite EPs)
Preach Jacobs (best albums)
Prefix (individual readers' lists) (best albums)
Prefix (readers poll) (best albums)
Prefix (readers' poll) (best concert photo)
Press on This (top albums)
Press Play (best albums)
Pretty Hate Machine (favourite albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best songs)
Princess Wonderboots' Fashionably Hip Blog (favorite albums)
Progressive Delmarva (favorite albums)
Prolly Is Not Probably (top doom albums)
Prolly Is Not Probably (top metal albums)
Propeller (top albums)
The Proper Lounge (best rock songs)
Protestant Blog Ethic (best albums)
Public Education (songs)
Punchline (best comedy albums)
The Puppy Who Lost His Way (top albums)

The Queer Collegiate (top albums)
Questionable Content - Jeph Jacques (albums)
QH Blend (albums)
Quick Before It Melts (albums)
Quick! Start the Reactor! (top albums)
Quickcrit (top Portland albums)
The Quietus (albums)
The Quietus (reissues, compilations, mixes)
Quillotine (favorite albums)
The Quincy Patriot Ledger (top albums)
Quincy Patriot Ledger - Jay N. Miller (top albums)

RA (top albums)
RA (top compilation albums)
RA (top DJs)
RA (top labels)
RA (top live acts)
RA (top songs)
Rachel Lee (important songs)
Rad Is Plaid (favorite albums)
Radio Flyer Review (best albums)
Radio Flyer Review (overrated albums)
Radio Free Silver Lake (best albums)
Radio Sweetheart Indie Pop Radio (best albums)
Radio Sweetheart Indie Pop Radio (best songs)
Radioactive Culture (top albums)
Raging Against the Dying Light (best albums)
Raging Against the Dying Light (best songs)
Random Old Records (top albums)
Random Talk (albums)
Random Thoughts from the Revolution (best albums)
Random Thoughts from the Revolution (best songs)
Random Writings by Alice (top albums)
Rant-a-Bit by Scott Hudson (best EPs & compilations)
Rant-a-Bit by Scott Hudson (top albums)
Ranting About Music! (top albums)
The Ratiofarm (essential albums)
Raven Sings the Blues (albums)
Rawkblog (best albums)
Rawkblog (best songs)
Razing the Bar (favorite albums)
Reading Eagle (top albums)
Ready or Snot (favorite albums)
Real Horrorshow Tunes (best albums)
The Real Mr. Heartache (best albums)
realitymunches (top songs)
The Rebellion (best albums)
Record Geek Heaven (top albums)
The Record Review (best albums)
The Recordstore Blog (albums)
Red, Blue & Purple (best albums)
The Red Collision (favorite albums)
Red Devil in the Kitchen (favorite songs)
Reddit (top albums)
Redfraggle's Music (top albums)
Reformissionary (best albums)
Refusion (favourite albums)
Regret (top albums)
Relevant (best albums)
Relevent (songs)
A Reminder (top Australian and New Zealand bands)
Remix (top songs)
Repeater (top albums)
(resonance of reforming) (top albums)
Reviews/Resist (top metal albums)
Rhapsody (best albums)
Rhymin and Stealin (Canadian hip-hop)
Richard A. Wilson (top albums)
Right Hear (top albums)
The Ripchord (favorite albums)
Ritual Room (top albums)
Riverfront Times (most overrated albums) (best Christmas albums) (disappointments)
Robert Graff's Weblog (favourite albums)
Robot Activate! (best albums)
The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Jack Garner (top albums)
The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Jeff Spivak (top albums)
The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Sheila Rayam (top albums)
The Rock and Roll Guru (favorite albums)
The Rock Blogger (top albums)
Rock Candy (top indie albums)
The Rock It Out! Blog (top albums)
The Rock 'N' Roll Oatcake (top albums)
Rock NYC - Helen Bach (top albums)
Rock Revival (top albums)
Rock Sound (top albums)
Rockaliser Baby (favorite albums)
Rocks Off (albums)
Rocks Off (best metal albums)
Rocks Off (top college-rockish albums)
Rocksellout (favorite songs)
Rocman Design Blog (top songs)
Rolling Stone (best new artists)
Rolling Stoned to Death (best albums)
RollnSmokeRecords (best songs)
Rollo & Grady (best albums)
Rollo & Grady (best music videos)
Rollo & Grady (best songs)
Rolo Tomassi (James) (favourite albums)
Ronnie Vod Is Sick and Bored (top albums)
Rose Quartz (top Australian albums)
Rose Quartz - Gervin (top songs)
Rose Quartz - Max (top songs)
Rose Quartz - Richard (top songs)
Rose Quartz - Shea (top songs)
Roses N Oranges (top hip-hop albums)
The Rotunda (best albums)
Rough Trade (top albums)
The Roundup (albums)
Row Knows (top albums)
Rubbing the Gecko (top albums)
Rubbish (best songs)
Rubbish - Henry (best songs)
Rumblings from the Edge (best albums)
The Rumpus (albums)
Running the Voodoo Down (jazz albums)
Running the Voodoo Down (top metal albums)
Running Voodoo Down (top non-jazz albums)
The Rusty Blog (top albums)
RVANews (favorite albums)

Sad Songs for Immature Lovers (top albums)
Safe Digression (top albums)
Said the Gramophone (best songs)
Said the Gramophone (favorite albums)
Said the Sparrow to the Horse (albums)
Salacious Sound (top songs)
Salacious Sound - Ben from GoldenGloves (top songs)
Salacious Sound - Brandon Sprouse (songs)
Salacious Sound - The Frandisco (top songs)
Salacious Sound - John Roman (popular dance songs)
Salacious Sound - TheMonarch (top dubstep remixes)
Samorast (top albums)
San Antonio Current (favorite albums)
San Antonio Express-News (best albums)
San Antonio Express-Times (best songs)
San Francisco Chronicle (holiday albums)
San Francisco Chronicle - Mark Morford (most awesome albums)
San Jose Mercury News (top classical albums)
Sara Letourneau (top albums) (top albums)
SargentWorks (top albums)
Saving Country Music (top country songs)
Scaruffi (best rock albums)
S/FJ (best songs & albums)
Scenekatie (top albums)
Scheibe Says (albums) (top albums)
Science of Confusion (best songs)
Scooter McGavin's 9th Green (worst songs)
The Scott Collection (top albums)
Scottish Friction (best albums)
Scottish Friction (best songs)
Screaming Females (top albums)
The Screen Door (best albums)
Scribbler's Laid a Big Juicy Log (best songs)
The Search (best albums)
Seattle Subsonic (favorite non-NW albums)
Seattle Subsonic (favorite NW albums)
Seattle Weekly (albums)
Sean // Drowned in Sound (best songs & albums)
Sean Horton (top albums)
Seattle Times (top jazz albums)
Seizure Chicken (best albums)
The Self-Educator's Journal (favorite albums)
Sentimental Movie Marathon (favorite albums)
Seth Horan (top albums)
Seven Watt Media (top albums)
Semi-Regular Raves 'n' Rants (best albums)
Sense and Non-sense (favorite albums)
September Police (best albums)
Serendipitous Wanderings (top albums)
Sey Something (top Swedish albums)
SF Station (best albums)
SF Weekly (college-rocker albums)
Shakenstir (best albums)
Shamik Trivedi (best songs)
Shane Sweeney (favorite albums)
Shanghaiist (top Shanghai bands)
The Shanty Blog (best albums)
Shapednotes (albums & EPs)
Sharath Padaru's Weblog (best albums)
Sharon Van Etten (top albums)
SheenaBeaston (best albums) (top songs)
The Shield (best albums)
Shiny Tops & Soda Pops (best albums)
Shiny Tops & Soda Pops (best songs)
Shizuma's Blog (top albums)
Shogut (best metal albums)
Shot from Guns (best albums)
A Shot of Incilin (best albums)
A Shot of Incilin (best rap songs)
The Shotgun (best songs)
Shotwithsound (top albums)
Shred - Ashley (top albums)
Shred - Bekka (top albums)
Shred - Jay (top albums)
Shred - Jess (top albums)
Shred - Kayley (top albums)
Shred - Poppy (top albums)
Shred - Steph (top albums)
Sickmouthy (top songs)
Side One Track One (albums)
Signal Magazine (top albums)
The Silent Ballet (top albums)
The Silent Ballet (top songs)
Silent Cacaphony (top albums)
The Silver Tongue (top indie songs)
Single Malt Theory (best albums & songs)
The SiwekSays Music Blog (songs)
Skeptics and True Believers (top albums)
Sketches from Memory (albums)
Skimskitta (top albums)
The Skinny (albums)
Skinny Ankles (top albums)
Skip's Big Ones (best albums)
Skirl (best albums)
The Sky Miles, My Young Son (top albums)
Slack-a-gogo (top albums)
Slant (albums & singles)
Slate (top albums)
SleepWalKing (top albums)
Sleepy Samco's Blog (top albums)
A Slice of Fried Gold (best albums)
The Sloppy Dog (best albums)
Sloth (best albums)
Slowcoustic (top albums)
a small publication of teen-angst journal art and poetry (top albums)
A Smattering of Soul (albums)
The Smoking Section (best hip-hop albums)
Snob's Music (best albums)
Snob's Music (best b-sides, compilations, and live albums)
Snob's Music (best Canadian albums)
Snob's Music (best cover songs)
Snob's Music (best electronic albums)
Snob's Music (best EPs)
Snob's Music (best hip-hop albums)
Snob's Music (best international albums)
Snob's Music (best roots music albums)
Snob's Music (best solo albums)
Snob's Music (best songs)
Snob's Music (most disappointing albums)
Snob's Music (supergroups)
So This Is What the Volume Knob's For (top albums)
So This Is What the Volume Knob's For - Meghan (best albums)
Social Media and Technology Blog Boston by SchneiderMike (top indie albums)
Sodapop Journal (best albums)
SodBlog (top albums & songs)
Sophie's Blog (top albums)
Sofistar Music (top albums)
Softsynth (best electronic albums)
Soldout (top albums)
Soldout (best music)
Some Velvet Blog (best songs)
Someones in the Wolf (best EPs)
Something Awful (top albums)
Something for Your Eardrums (favorite albums)
Something Obscure (best albums)
Somewhere Between Art and Love (favorite albums)
Song By Toad - Euan (top albums)
Song-o-Matic (best albums)
Songs De Guerre (favorite albums)
Songs in the Key of Touche (best albums)
Songswithoutwords (best albums)
Sonic Reverie (favourite albums)
Soul Sessions (best male R&B albums)
Soulmate Records (top albums)
Sound Bites (top albums)
Sound Check (best albums)
The Sound of Indie (best albums)
Sound of the Overground (top albums)
Sound on the Sound (favorite Northwest albums)
Sound on the Sound - Abbye (favorite not-Northwest songs)
Sound on the Sound - Katelyn (favorite albums)
Sound on the Sound - Shane Tutmarc (top Seattle albums)
Sound Opinions (best albums)
Sound Verite (favorite Twin Cities albums)
Sound-Revolution (top songs)
Soundcheck (top albums)
SoundProof (top albums)
SoundsXP (music)
Spacelab (top albums)
The Spark That Bled (best albums)
Speakertree Records (top albums)
Speakertree Records - Brandon (favorite albums)
Spectator Blog (top albums)
Spectator Blog (top songs)
Speed of Dark (favorite albums)
Speed of Dark - Uncle T (top albums)
The Speed of Silence (albums)
Speed of the Pittsburgh Sound (top songs)
Speedkills (albums)
Spencerstarnes's Blog (top albums)
The Spill (top albums)
Spin (best albums)
Spin (best albums you may have missed)
Spin (best videos)
Spin Earth (music)
Spinadoo Comics (best music)
Spinner (best Canadian songs)
Spinner (top jazz albums)
Spinning Platters (top albums)
The Spirit Level (albums)
splendAd (songs in TV commercials)
Splice (top albums)
Spotify (top songs)
Square Seed (top songs)
St. Cloud Times (favorite albums)
St. Petersburg Times (best songs & albums)
Stadiums and Shrines (best songs)
Stadiums and Shrines (top albums)
Stalemate (best metal albums)
Stallion Alert (top albums)
Stargazing in Winter (top albums)
Stapo's Sick Six (favourite songs)
Stark Online (best albums)
State (albums)
Static and Distortion (favorite albums)
Static TV Blog (top albums)
Static TV Blog (top Louisiana albums)
Steoph (best albums)
Stereo Subversion (top albums)
Stereo Subversion (top folk albums)
Stereo Subversion (top hip-hop albums)
Stereo Subversion (top independent albums)
Stereo Subversion - Matt Conner (top albums)
Stereogum (best late night tv performances)
Stereogum (most NSFW music videos)
Stereogum - Gummy Awards (music)
Stereogum - Haunting the Chapel (best metal albums)
Stereopathic (favorite albums)
Stereopathic (top songs)
Stereoscope (top songs)
Steve in Taiwan (best albums)
Steve Schiltz (Longwave) (top albums)
Steve Show Posse - Harry (top albums)
Straight Bangin' (best songs)
Strangeglue (top albums)
A Strangely Isolated Place (best songs)
The Stranger Blog (best albums)
Stranger Dance (best albums)
Stranger in a Strange Land (top songs)
The Stu Reid Experiment (favorite albums)
Stu's Weekly Updates (music)
Stuff (best albums)
Stuff (best New Zealand music)
Stuff and Such (best & worst albums)
Stuff (top albums)
Stuff. (top albums)
Stupidfresh (best songs)
Stylson Records (best albums)
Subservient Experiment (albums)
The Subset (top albums)
Sucking Lemons (best albums)
Sucking Lemons (best songs)
Suitcase Orchestra (top albums)
Sunless Suitcase (songs)
A Sunny Day in Glasgow (top songs)
Super Secret Base (top albums to play for your parents)
superSketchy (top albums)
SupersonicSTL (top albums)
Surfing on Steam (top albums)
Surfing on Steam (top L.A. albums & EPs)
Surfing on Steam (top songs)
Surprise, I'm Here! (top albums)
Surviving the World (top albums)
Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse (top songs)
Suvudu (top metal albums)
Swan Fungus (top albums)
Sweeping the Nation (albums)
Sweeping the Nation - UK Bloggers Poll (albums)
The Sweet Lyfe (best rap albums)
The Sweet Lyfe (most disappointing rap albums)
Sweet Music Blog (top albums)
Syracuse Post-Standard (top Central New York albums)

T&G (favorite albums)
Take 5 (top jazz albums)
Take Me to the Moon (top albums)
Take Off Your Headphones (top albums)
Taking Barack to the Movies (favorite songs)
Tallahassee Democrat (music)
Tangled Up in Wires (best songs)
The Tape (top albums)
The Tape (top songs)
Taste My Kids (worst songs) (top songs)
The Telegraph (pop albums)
The Telegraph (top classical crossover albums)
Telegraph (top electronica albums)
Tell Me Something Important (favorite EPs)
Teriyaki Good Times (favorite albums)
Textura (favourite labels)
Textura (top albums, compilations, EPs)
That Girl with a Blog (top & bottom albums)
That High Lonesome Sound (top albums)
That's So Fetch (top songs) (best mixtapes)
Theft Liable to Prosecution (favorite albums)
Their Bated Breath (best albums)
thelastamerican (top albums)
Theme Park Experience (year in music)
themusictionary (top songs)
Thepopfix (best songs)
There Stands the Glass (best albums, songs, shows)
TheRinseOut (best songs)
These Here Foreign Ears (top albums)
theworstkids (albums)
Thick Specs (top Zunior albums)
Things (best songs & albums)
Things I'd Rather Be Doing (best albums)
"Things" Is the Title of the Blog (top albums)
*think*believe*move (best albums)
Think Fast, Live Fast (top albums)
think. one. love. (albums)
thinking-out-loud (albums)
Thirsty Culture (best albums)
This Is Book's Music (best albums)
This Is Cornwall (albums)
This Is Getting Old (top albums)
This Is the First Day of My Life (best & worst albums)
This Mornin' I Am Born Again (top albums)
This Mornin' I Am Born Again (top EPs)
This Music Wins (top EPs)
This Must Be...POP! (songs)
This Recording (top albums)
This Space for Rent (top albums)
This Twilight Garden (best albums)
This Winki's (best albums)
This Winki's (best songs)
Thompson's Bank of Communicable Desire (albums)
Those Walls, Your Ears (albums)
Those Who Know Music (top albums)
Thought for Food (top albums)
Thoughts About Nothing (top albums)
Thoughts from the Severed Head (music)
Thoughts of a Frustrated Visionary (top albums)
Thoughts on Music (albums)
Thoughts on Stuff (best albums)
The Thoughts of R. Smith (best albums)
Three Colours (albums)
Threevue (top albums)
Threevue (top songs)
The Thrica Network (best albums)
Thus Spake Drake (top albums)
Time (top albums)
Time (top songs)
Time Out Chicago (worst album covers)
Time Out New York (best & worst music)
Times Online (top albums)
Times-Picayune (best New Orleans albums)
The Tin Ear (top albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (top album covers)
Tipsy Pop (best albums)
Tittle Tunes (top albums)
TLRHB (favorite albums)
To Start a Fire (album covers)
Toby Wardle's Blog (best albums)
Today's Music from ww_adh (best albums)
Today's Vegetable (best albums)
Todd Donald (favourite albums)
Todd J. Stearn (favorite albums)
Todd Snider (top albums)
ToeZoo's Blog (best albums)
Together in Digital Dreams (best albums)
Tolander (top songs)
Tom Lane's Music Blog (albums)
Tom Searle (top albums)
Tom's Music Continuum (favorite albums)
Tone Factor (top albums)
Tone Marrow (favorite albums)
Tonegazer (top albums)
Tongue-Tied Lightning (music)
Too Cool to Die (top albums)
Too Fine to Be Unsigned (top albums)
Too Many Sebastians (top albums)
Too Many Sebastians (top songs)
Too Much Blue Sky (albums)
Toon World (favorite albums)
The Top 13 (albums)
The Top 13 (debut albums)
Top Des Blogeurs 2009 (top albums)
Top Shelf Audio Daily (best albums)
Toronto Star (alternative songs)
Toronto Star (Canadian songs)
Toronto Star (jazz, R&B, hip-hop albums)
Toronto Star (pop albums)
The Torture Garden (favorite albums)
Total Darkness vs. Blinding Light (top songs)
Tracasseur (best songs)
Trace Invader (favorite albums)
Tracks in Stacks (best albums)
Transplanted in DC (music)
Treble (top albums)
Treble (top songs)
Trek Light Gear (favorite albums)
Trials & Tribulations (best albums)
Triangle Music - Justin (top albums)
Triangle Music - Kevin (top albums)
Trinity Stardust (favorite albums)
Troubled Souls Unite (top albums)
Troutspace (best albums)
True/Slant (best albums)
True/Slant (best free albums)
True/Slant (top songs)
Truer Sources of Sound (best albums)
Trumblog (top albums)
Trust Me on This (top albums)
Trust Me on This (top songs)
The Truth About Fred (favorite albums)
Tuddd's Muddd (best albums)
Tulip Frenzy (top albums)
Turn It Up (top albums)
Turn It Up (top concerts)
Turn It Up (top songs)
Twangville (best albums)
Twist in the Dark (top albums)
Two Sides/Same Coin (albums)
Tympanogram Music Blog (best albums)
Tympanogram Music Blog - Andy (best albums)
Tynie Thoughts (top albums)

U2 Interference (best albums)
UK Darkness Crew (best albums)
Uncle E's Musical Nightmares (best albums)
Uncommon Chords (best albums)
Uncut (best albums)
Uncut (best songs)
Under Moon and Mine (favorite albums)
Under the Rostrum (albums)
Underdog of Perfection (top albums)
Underwater Explosions (top overrated bands)
United Monkee (favorite albums)
The University of Idaho Argonaut (best screamo albums)
Unprofessional Opinion (favorite songs)
Unquiet Thoughts (exceptional recordings)
Unrescuable Schizo (favorite songs)
Untangled Plunderphonics (top albums)
Unwind (top albums)
The Up-Turn (top albums)
Urban Outfitters (albums)
The Urbanian (top hip-hop albums)
uReview (best reissues)
Urlaubshits (top songs)
USA Today (favorite albums)
Useless Film Snob Reviews (best albums)
Utter Trash (favorite albums)

Vague Space (top albums)
Vague Space (top songs)
Various Ecstasies (best albums)
The Varsity (albums)
veeRob's Blog (top albums)
Venntertainment (top albums)
Verbal Gymnastics (top albums)
Vibrations in Memory (best albums)
The Village to the Blog (top albums)
Vintage Clothing Unlimited (top hip-hop albums)
Vinyl Mine (favorite albums & songs)
Vinyl Tap (top albums)
Virtual Festivals (music festivals)
Visual Madness (favorite albums)
Viva la Mainstream (essential albums)
Voice of Energy (favorite albums)
Vox Acerbus (songs)

Wake Up and Smell the Music (best albums)
The Walker Evans Effect (top songs)
Wall Street Journal (best jazz albums)
The Walrus (favorite albums & songs)
The War on Pop (best albums)
War on Sound (best albums & songs)
Warren Ellis (albums)
Washington City Paper (top jazz albums)
Washington City Paper (best kinda sorta folk albums)
Washington Post (best & worst pop albums)
Washington Square News (top albums)
Wassup Rockers (favorite songs)
Waubgeshig Rice (top albums)
Waxing Philosophical (favorite albums)
Waxy Yellow Buildup (best albums)
WBGO (best jazz albums)
WCJ Radio (best jazz albums)
WDPK (top albums)
WDPK (top electro albums)
WDUB - King Marty (top albums & songs)
WDUB - Zach (top songs & albums)
We Are Hunted (top songs)
We Laugh at Catastrophe (top albums)
We Listen for You - Hank (top albums)
We Listen for You - Lyndsay (top albums)
We Listen for You (top music blogs)
We Shot JR (best albums)
We Shot JR - Sweetmeat (best albums)
We Write Lists (best albums)
A Weather (best albums)
Web in Front (best albums)
Web in Front (best Los Angeles albums)
Web in Front (best Los Angeles EPs)
Web Pen Blog (favorite albums)
Weekend (top albums)
Weekly Tape Deck (favorite albums)
Weekly Tape Deck (favorite songs)
Welcome to the Blog of Lehlioman... (top songs)
Welcome to the Danger Dome (top albums)
Welcome to the Pond (favorite albums)
Well Adjusted Polar Bears (best albums)
Wesley Barrow (best albums)
West Coast Weasel (albums)
Westchester Magazine (songs)
WFMU - Bob Brainen (music)
WFUV (best British bands)
WFUV - John Platt (top albums)
WGBH (best classical albums)
WGUC (classical music)
Whale in a Cubicle (top albums)
What a Fool Believes (albums)
What We Blog About When We Blog About Love (best & worst albums & songs)
What's Going on in the Head of Randy (best albums)
What's on the Hi-Fi (top songs)
WhatsUpK (favorite albums)
WhatsUpMovement (top albums)
When We Were Younger & Better (top albums)
When Words Attack! (top albums & songs)
Where Music Goes to Die (top albums)
Where Worlds Collide (top albums)
We Are Hunted (top songs)
Who Needs a Blog? (top albums)
Who the Bloody Hell Are They? (best albums)
Why Are There So Many Records In My Life? (favorite songs)
Wicked Local Duxbury (albums)
Wild Beasts and Dangerous Lunatics (best albums & songs)
The Wild Hunt (top albums)
Will Reichelt (top albums)
Winged Migration (best albums)
Winnie Cooper (top albums)
Winnipeg Free Press (favourite albums)
WNYC (best classical albums)
Words of Weetzdom (favourite albums)
The World According to Monte (favorite albums)
World Premiere Entertainment (worst Nigerian albums)
The World Through My Eyes (top albums)
Worst Songs of the Year (worst songs)
The Wounded Jukebox (favorite albums)
The Wounded Jukebox (favorite songs)
The Wounded Messenger (top albums)
WOXY (best albums)
WOXY (DJ's best albums)
Wrestling Entropy (best songs)
WXPN (best music for kids and their families)
A Writer's Life (favourite songs)
WUML (top songs)
WXPN -David Dye (top albums)

XO's Middle Eight (albums)
XO's Middle Eight (best album artwork)
XXL (top albums)

The Y! Music Playlist Blog (best albums)
Yellow Bird Project (top albums)
The Yellow Stereo (albums)
Yes, but However! (favorite albums)
YGC Is Dreaming (best JPop)
Yoontunes (top albums)
The Yorker (top albums)
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (best albums)
You Ain't No Picasso (favorite songs)
You Can Call Me Pelski (top remixes)
You Must Learn (favorite songs)
Ypulse (best & worst music)
You Set the Scene (top albums)
Youngan's on Their Grind (best mixtapes)
Youngan's on Their Grind (top albums)
yr face is an eames rocker (albums)

Zach-Attack-Shaw's Blog (favorite albums)
The Zen of Geek (best albums)
Zestpuncher (albums)
ZuneTracks (favorite albums)

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