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November 5, 2009

2009 Year-End Online Music Lists (K-O)

As "best of 2009" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years (see the lists for 2006, 2007, and 2008).

If you post or see a 2009 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read the daily updates to this list.

A - C

D - J

K'Brocking Entertainment (top albums)
K-ron (songs)
KAFM (best albums)
Karmic Life (top songs)
Kata Rokkar (albums)
Kata Rokkar (best music videos)
Katie Arbuthnot's Blog (top albums) (favorite albums)
Kaylyne's Jukebox (top albums)
KCRW DJs (top albums)
Keep/Pop/Loud (top albums)
Keep/Pop/Loud (top non-studio albums)
Keep It One Hundred (top albums)
Keeping It Real (best hip-hop songs about booze)
Kendall Bruns (favorite albums)
KERA (best Texas albums)
Kevin Babbles (favorite songs)
The Kevlar Beard (top albums)
KEXP (best music books)
KEXP (top musical discoveries)
Kia's Crib (top R&B/soul albums)
Kicking Out the Jams, Mofo (best albums)
Kieron Gillen's Workblog (songs)
Kingblind (top albums)
Kingdom for a Voice (best albums)
Kitsune Noir (favorite albums)
KJNB's Music Blog (best & worst albums) (music)
The Klog (top albums)
KML:UNCLASSICS (best albums)
Knox Road (top albums)
Knuckles First (top metal albums)
Kofi's Hat (favorite albums)
The Kool Kids Thoughts (top albums)
Koolmuzone (top albums)
Koolmuzone (top songs)
Kowalskiy (top albums)
KPLU (blues albums)
Kriofske Mix (best albums)
Kris Ade (favourite albums)
Kristina's World (favorite albums)
KROQ (top albums)
KROQ (top songs)
Krypto's Cape (top albums)
Krystina Nellis (top albums) (favourite albums)
Kung Fu Bunny (ace albums)
Kung Fu Bunny (stellar songs)
KUT (albums you are too cool to like)
Kyle's Blog (albums)
KZUU (top albums)

La Route Des Mondes (top albums)
La Vie En Robe (albums)
LA Weekly (top dance albums)
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler (top K-pop songs)
Lament for a Straight Line (best pop albums)
The Lamp Post Blog (top albums)
The Langston Escape Plan (music)
Laoser (top albums)
Largehearted Boy (favorite albums)
The Larry Page (albums & songs) (songs)
The Late Greats (favorite albums)
Latest Disgrace (top albums)
The Latin Jazz Corner (best Latin Jazz)
Lazy Brighton (favourite albums)
Leap in the Dark (top albums)
Learning Is Fun (top albums)
Leeds Music Scene (albums)
Left in East Dakota (best albums)
Left of the Dial (top albums)
Leisure with Dignity (top albums)
Lend Me Your Brain (best albums)
The Lesser of Two (favorite albums)
Let There Be Night (best songs)
A Letter for the Stars (best albums)
A Letter for the Stars (best songs)
Letters Home from Camp - Andrew G
Letters Home from Camp - Annie (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Brian (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Brian Wooldridge (best albums)
Letters Home from Camp - John (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Matty B (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Vega (top albums)
The Life & Times of Tim (top songs)
Life, or Something Like It (top albums)
The Light NC (top gospel videos)
Lightyears (favorite albums)
Lightyears (favorite sings)
Lilok Pelikula (top albums)
Limerick Leader (best Irish albums)
LimeWire Music Blog (best indie albums)
LimeWire Music Blog (best albums you didn't hear)
LimeWire Music Blog (top country albums)
LimeWire Music Blog (top country songs)
LimeWire Music Blog (top metal albums)
limnrix (favorite albums)
Lincoln Journal Star (best albums)
The Line of Best Fit (albums)
The Liner Notes (top albums)
linesthroughlines (best songs)
Lion Cub (favorite albums)
Listen Up! (music)
A Little Moore Information (favorite albums)
Little Umbrellas (best albums)
Little White Earbuds (artists)
Little White Earbuds (top albums)
Little White Earbuds (top EPs)
Little White Earbuds (top music labels)
Little White Earbuds (top reissues)
Live from Six Feet Underground (top albums)
Living as Dead (top albums)
Living in Misery (albums)
Lizzyville (top albums)
Loft & Lost (top albums)
LOFT965 (best albums)
LOLSAM (favorite albums)
London Evening Standard (rock books)
(London, ON): Burgeoning Metropolis (best songs)
(London, ON): Burgeoning Metropolis (best Canadian albums)
(London, ON): Burgeoning Metropolis (best Toronto albums)
The Lonely Note (favorite albums)
The Long Cut (top albums)
Long Island Press (best albums)
The Long Way Home (favorite albums)
Looking for Gold (music)
The Loose Ends (best albums)
Lord Save Us from Our Scene (top albums)
Lori Gordon (top albums)
Los Angeles Times (world music albums)
The Lost Art of Found Sound (top songs)
Lost in Pop Culture (best albums)
Lost Wing (best albums)
Loud Loop Press (top albums)
Loud Loop Press - Andy Kondrat (top albums)
Loud Loop Press - Audrey Leon (top albums)
Loud Loop Press - Richard Giraldi (top albums)
The Loudness War (top albums)
Lounge Act (top albums)
Love Me or Rip Me Apart (top albums)
Love to Live, Live to Love (top albums)
The Low Five (favorite albums)
LP6 (top albums)
Lucas Membrane (favorite albums)
Lullabies from a Giant Golden Radio (top albums)
Lumino Magazine - Beezubov (top albums)
Lumino Magazine - Prato (top albums)
Luxury Wafers (favorite songs)
Lycanthropy (top albums)

M Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold) (favorite albums)
M.C. Bausman (favorite albums)
MaBulle (top albums)
The Machinations of Truth (top albums)
Machine Gun Funk (top albums) (top songs or albums)
The Magic Mountain (best albums)
Magnet (best Americana albums)
Magnet (best beats/breaks)
Magnet (top albums)
Magnus Andreasson (Hardcore Superstar) (top albums)
The Mahmud Nama (top albums)
Mainly Music Meanderings (favorite instrumental albums)
Mainly Music Meanderings (favorite vocal albums)
Majestic 12 (favorite albums)
Make Major Moves (top album & single)
MalavethRed (albums)
MALLINation (best albums)
Man vs. Pixel (top albums)
Mapsadaisical (top albums)
Marginal Revolution (recommended classical recordings)
Marina Diamandis (Marina and the Diamonds) (favourite albums)
Mark Hunter (Chimaira) (top albums)
Marktopia (best songs)
Marktopia (top albums)
Martiniboys (most overrated & underrated albums)
Mass Romantic (top albums)
Matador Records - Staff, Artists & Associates' Picks (music)
Matt Chinn (top albums)
Matt's Blog About Absolutely Anything (top albums)
The Matt's Realm (top albums)
Matthew Harper's Common Sense (top albums)
Matthew-Land! (favorite albums)
Matty Can't Fail (favorite albums)
Maxpreme (top albums)
May the Best Monster Win (top albums)
Maybe Hip (best albums)
The Mayward Blog (favorite albums)
McNutt Against the Music (top albums)
Mdaniellew's Blog (top albums)
Me and All My Friends (best albums)
Me Like Good Music (underrated albums)
Mechanical Forest Sound (hottest bands in Canada)
Mediaeater (best albums)
Mediametric (best albums)
MediArch (albums)
The Mediasaurus (best albums)
The Mediasaurus (top songs)
Medium Crazy (songs)
Medium Fries (top albums)
The Medium of Music (best albums)
Meet Me in Montauk (best albums)
Meet You at the Show (top albums)
Melody Musers (top albums)
Melophobe (top albums)
Melophobe (top electronic albums)
Melophobe (top hip-hop albums/mixtapes)
Menz on Music (most underappreciated albums)
Merry Swankster (favorite songs)
Mescla Sonora (albums)
Metacritic (best albums)
Metacritic (best albums)
Metal Excess (most disappointing albums)
Metal Injection - Ben (favorite metal albums)
Metal Injection - Grim Kim (top albums)
Metal Injection - Rob (favorite metal albums)
Metal Injection - Ryan (favorite metal albums)
The Metal Minute (albums)
Metal Odyssey (best hard rock albums)
Metal Sucks - Anso DF (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Axl Rosenberg (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Bob Cocks (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Corey Mitchell (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Gary Suarez (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Matt Heafowitz (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Sammy O'Hagar (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Satan Rosenbloom (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Vince Neilstein (top metal albums)
Metal Sucks - Wingerschmidt (top metal albums)
Metro Canada (top Canadian artists) (best albums) (top songs)
Metromix Los Angeles (best songs)
Metromix Orlando - Critics' Lists (best albums)
Miami New Times (best hip-hop albums)
Michael Gregoire (Creative Commons music)
Michael Knows Best (best albums)
Michael Landweber (favorite albums)
Michael Patrick Brady (favorite albums)
Michelle (In Real Life) (top songs & albums)
Michelle's Hobby Bloggy (top albums)
Mid-Morning Razzmatazz (top songs)
The Midpoint (top albums)
The Midpoint (top singles/EPs)
Midwest Broadcast (best albums)
Midwest Broadcast (best EPs)
Midwest Broadcast (best mixtapes)
Midwest Square(d) (best albums)
Mighty Tigers (top albums)
Mightypop (top songs)
Mike Mosh Reviews Records (top albums & songs)
Mike Oldham's Virtual Pen (favourite albums)
Mike Roberto's Blog (top albums)
MikeyPod (best albums)
Million Miles of Water (top albums)
The Mind of the Dream (best hip-hop albums)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (holiday albums)
"Minutiae" by Nathan Abels (favorite albums)
Mishka Bloglin (best albums)
Mishka Bloglin (best songs)
Misplaced Swag! (albums)
Miss Informed (top albums)
The MiX UP (best R&B albums)
Mjonthemove (top albums)
Modern Jackassery (best albums)
The Modern Music (best albums)
Modern Mystery (top albums)
The Modline (top albums)
MOG (top albums)
MOG (most disappointing albums)
MOJO (top albums)
Monitor Mix (favorite albums & songs)
The Monkey Blog by WRBC (best albums)
Monkey Said Bear (best songs) (albums)
Monsieur Seb's House (albums & songs)
The Montreal Gazette (top albums)
Mookie the Dope (most disappointing hip-hop albums)
Mookie the Dope (top hip-hop albums)
Moral Fibre (top metal albums)
More Pop at Row Three (favorite albums)
More Pop at Row Three - Jandy (albums)
More Pop at Row Three - Jonathan (top albums)
The Morning News - Andrew Womack (top albums)
Morning Star (top albums)
Morten vs. Thor (albums)
The Movieholic (top albums)
Movies of Myself (top albums)
mpbloggo (best albums)
MPLS MISC (best Twin Cities bands)
The Mr. Brightside Essays (top albums)
mrchair (best albums)
Mudpies and Fishfrys (Christmas albums)
Muruch (top albums)
The Muse in Music (top albums)
The Muse in Music (top songs)
Music and More (best albums)
The Music Box (top studio albums)
Music By Day (albums)
Music Cookies (best albums)
Music Cookies (favourite songs)
Music Fan's Mic (albums)
Music Fan's Mic (top songs)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best music videos)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (favorite live shows)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (songs)
Music from a Green Window (albums)
Music Induced Euphoria (top albums)
Music Is a Sin! (albums)
Music Is a Sin! (debut albums)
Music Is a Sin! (albums by old people)
Music Is Dead (albums)
The Music Is Me (favorite songs)
Music Liberation (top albums)
Music. Love. Life. (top albums)
Music Maven (best albums)
Music Review (top albums)
The Music Room (top albums)
Music Ruined My Life (best albums)
Music Ruined My Life (under-appreciated albums)
The Music Slut (top albums)
Music Snobbery (top albums)
The Music Tank (top albums)
Music to Traverse Hallways to (top albums)
Music Universe (best albums)
Music When the Lights Go Out (albums)
Musica (Columbian albums)
The Musical Box (top albums)
Musical Justice (top albums)
Musical Mover & Shaker (top artists)
Musical Pairings (best free mixtapes/albums)
Musical Pairings (top indie rock albums)
Musicallyadd's Blog (top albums)
The Musicologists (best songs)
The Musicologists (songs)
Musicouch (top albums)
MusicOMH (top albums)
Musictalker's Blog (best albums)
Musings by Casey Given (top albums)
The Musings of Frank Gallardo (best albums)
Musings on Music (top albums)
Muso's Guide (best albums)
Muso's Guide - Editor's Choice (best albums)
MW Music Review Blog (hottest bands in Canada)
My Aim Is True (favorite albums)
My Crazy Music Blog (best albums)
My Daily Find (favorite albums)
My Headphones Saved My Life (favorite songs)
My Kind of Country - Chris Dean (top albums)
My Kind of Country - Megan Morrow (top albums)
My Little Underground (top albums)
My Personal Thoughts (top songs)
My Poproks (top albums)
My Weblog (top songs)
My World (favorite albums)

Naive Harmonies (sleeper albums)
Nappy Headed Pro (favourite albums)
Nashville Mixtapes (top songs)
Nashville Scene (top albums)
Nashville Scene (top country albums) (top albums)
The National Post (best albums)
National Post (best new indie Christmas songs)
Natureboy (best albums)
Neon Pollution (top songs)
Nerdy Heartbeat (worst songs)
Nervous Red Dog (top albums)
Netwaves (Creative Commons music)
Neurologist (top country songs)
New and Used Records (favorite albums)
New Chapters (best albums)
The New Gay (best albums)
The New Haven Register (albums)
New [Improved] Worthless Hack (best albums)
New Slang (best albums)
New West (top albums)
New York Fruit Stand (favorite albums)
New York Magazine (best music)
New York Observer (best jazz albums)
New York Rockmarket (favorite songs)
The New York Rockmarket (favorite songs)
The New Yorker (musical surprises)
New York Times (classical albums)
New York Times (free jazz, funk, futurism albums)
New York Times (holiday albums)
New York Times (pop & jazz boxed sets)
New Yorker (musical surprises)
Nialler9 (albums)
Nialler9 (best Irish albums poll)
Nick Hipa (As I Lay Dying) (top albums)
Nick Balkin (top albums)
Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost) (top albums)
Nick's B(l)orgam(me) (top albums)
Nicklas' Blog (best albums)
The Nicsperiment (best albums)
Nifty in the Stacks (best albums)
The Night Owl Presents... (best albums)
Nikochan Island (best albums) (best albums) - Autopsy IV (favorite albums) - Rome Sid Vicious (top albums)
Nite Jewel (best albums)
nixawme (top albums)
NME (best albums)
NME (best songs)
No Depression (top albums)
No Good Advice (top songs)
No Rock And Roll Fun (lists of music lists)
Noah's Canon (best albums)
Noise Creep (top albums)
Noise from the Basement (top albums)
Nojesguiden (albums)
The Nomenclature (top albums)
Norfolk Democrats Blog (best albums)
Not Funny Ha Ha (best albums)
Not Many Experts (albums)
Not Stafford (top albums)
Nothing to Say & Saying It (best albums)
Nova Slim (favorite songs)
NOW Toronto (best internet-only music downloads)
NPR (African songs)
NPR (best African funk reissues)
NPR (classical albums off the beaten path)
NPR (hip-hop on vinyl)
NPR (metal & outer sound albums)
NPR - Stephen Thompson (music)
NPR's All Songs Considered (year in music)
NYDiscovery (favorite songs)
nyctaper (top concerts)
Nyevsky Prospect (albums)
NYU Local (top albums)

Obscure Sound (best albums)
ObscureCraft (top albums)
Occurrence Music (favorite albums)
An Ocean of Noise (top albums)
An Ocean of Noise (top songs)
Oceans Never Listen (best albums)
Oceans Never Listen (best Australian artists)
Oceans Never Listen (best songs)
The OCMD (best albums)
Of Heart and Mind (top songs)
Of the Week (favorite albums)
Off Season Commish (top albums)
Off the Radar (best albums)
Off-Center Views (best albums)
Offbeat Music Guide (best albums & songs)
Official Blog of CMR's Cara Fisher (top albums)
Ohmpark (favorite songs)
Ohmpark (top albums)
Ohmpark (top Atlanta albums)
Ohmpark (top music videos)
The Oklahoma Daily (best albums)
The Oklahoman - Brandy McDonnell (top albums)
The Oklahoman - Gene Triplett (top albums)
The Oklahoman - Greg Lang (top albums)
Olga Loves Yuri (top albums)
Ollie Law's Blog (albums)
omgnyc (albums)
On the Record (best albums)
On the Trail of the Great (best albums)
...On Whatever Crosses My Mind (best songs)
The One Man Movement (best albums)
The One Man Movement (themes in hip-hop)
onethirtybpm (music)
Online Christmas Music (top pop Christmas albums)
Only a Little Bit (favorite albums)
The Open Neck Shirt (top albums)
Open to the Public: Counter Chatter (top albums)
The Opinionated Diner (albums)
Opus (songs)
Orangenial (top albums)
Orangenial (top songs)
Oregon Public Broadcasting (albums you may have missed)
The Oregonian (songs)
Origami Vinyl (music)
Otago Daily Times (best & worst albums)
Other Music (best albums)
The Other Paper (best albums)
The OurStage Blog (best albums)
Out the Other (favorite songs)
Out of Touch (favorite albums)
Over Analyzing Pop Culture (best albums)
Owen Brimley (Grammatics) (favorite albums)
Owen Noone (top albums)
Owl and Bear (best albums)

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