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November 5, 2009

2009 Year-End Online Music Lists (D-J)

As "best of 2009" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years (see the lists for 2006, 2007, and 2008).

If you post or see a 2009 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read the daily updates to this list.

A - C

Da Morgue - John (top albums)
Dada Records (top albums)
The Daily Beast (best music)
The Daily Collegian (best albums)
Daily Egyptian (best albums)
The Daily Growl (top albums)
The Daily Herald (top classical albums)
The Daily Muddle (top albums)
The Daily Star (best songs)
The Daily Times (best albums)
dailybeatz (top albums)
Daisy O'Dell (favourite songs)
Dallas Morning News (top albums & concerts)
The Dallas Observer (best Dallas albums)
Damaged 2.0 (favorite albums)
Dan Greene (albums)
Danny Washington (top albums & songs)
Dark Southern Hearts (favorite albums)
Das Kleinicum (best albums)
Dave Maass (top albums)
Dave/Avenue (top songs)
David Hearts Rock (favorite albums)
David Morrissey (top albums)
David's Dialogue (favorite songs)
davidlim (albums)
The Day (top albums)
A Day in the Life (top albums)
DayBowBow (albums)
The Days of Lore (albums)
Dayton Daily News (top Dayton albums)
DC9 at Night (best heavy metal albums)
DC9 at Night (best hip-hop albums)
DC9 at Night (best rap albums)
De File (favorite albums)
Dead Clouds (best albums & songs)
Deaf Dummer (best albums)
Deaf Indie Elephants (best albums)
Dear Mr. Supercomputer (top albums)
Decibel (top albums)
The Decibel Tolls (top albums)
Deckfight (favorite albums)
The Decomposed Blog (top albums)
The Decree of Freyja (favorite albums)
A Deeper Shade of Soul (top songs)
Delicious Marmolade (best albums)
Delicious Marmolade (favorite songs)
Demon Pack Presents (top albums)
Den of Geek (best movie songs)
Dennis Cooper (favorite albums)
Denver Westword (music industry saviors)
departure*maxim (Christmas albums)
Destination: Out (favorite jazz albums)
Deus Ex Malcontent (best songs)
The Devil Has the Best Tuna (top albums)
DevilDriver (top albums)
Devious Bloggery (favorite songs)
The Diary of Antoine Roquentin (top albums)
Diary of Cool (best albums)
Diatribes by Joah (best albums)
Diego Ardon's Blog (favorite albums)
Digi Dreams (best albums)
Digital City (best dance songs)
Digital Hygiene (best albums)
Dinowalrus (best albums & shows)
Dirty Boots (top albums)
Discovering Musical Landscapes (top albums)
Dismantle. Repair. (top albums)
Dismantle. Repair. (top songs)
Disquiet (best commercial ambient/electronic albums)
Disquiet (best free netreleases)
A Distorted Reality (top albums)
Ditch Records & CDs (music)
DJ Mehdi (best songs)
Do You Speak Cilantro? (top albums)
DOA (avant-garde albums)
DOA (best albums)
DOA (hip-hop albums)
Doctor X Blog (best albums)
Doctorvee (top albums) (albums)
Dog Gone Blog (best albums)
Dogmatic (top albums)
Don't Eat My Hoagie (top albums) - Chip Midnight (favorite albums) - Joel Oliphint (favorite albums)
Donna Magazine (best albums)
Donuts Ahoy! (top albums)
Doodlebird (top albums)
Doot Doot Doot (EPs)
Double Dance (top albums)
Doubtful Sounds (top albums)
Downbeat (top albums)
Drawer B - Eric Greenwood (top albums)
The Dreamer and the Sleeper (favorite albums)
Drew Danburry (favorite songs)
Drive, Wayfarer, Drive (top songs)
Dryvetyme Onlyne (best EPs)
Dryvetyme Onlyne (top albums)
Dropkick's Kiosk (great Latin American albums)
Drowned in Sound (singles)
Drowned in Sound (songs)
Drowned in Sound (top albums)
Drowned in Sound (top videos)
Dub Techno Blog (best dub techno)
The Dumbing of America (top albums)
The Dumbing of America - Artists' Picks (top albums)
Dumblikeapainter's Blog (jazz albums)
Dummocrats (top songs)
Dunjamon's Blog (albums)
Dusted (music)
Dusty Likes Music (top albums)

Each Note Secure (favorite Cincinnati albums)
Each Note Secure - Caitlin (best albums)
Each Note Secure - Dave Rolfes (best albums)
Each Note Secure - Dave Tobias (best albums)
Ear Buddy (best albums)
Ear Farm (top albums)
Ear Farm (top breakout bands)
Ear Farm (top songs)
Earbuds & Ticket Stubs (top albums & live shows)
Earvolution (albums)
Easy, Tiger (albums)
The Ebb and Flow (best albums)
EBTM (top albums)
The Echoes Blog (essential albums)
The Echoes Blog (top albums & songs)
Eclectic Eavesdropping (best albums)
Ecoutez (songs)
ederBlog (favorite albums)
ederBlog (top Canadian albums)
Edmonton Journas (top albums)
Edward Blake (top albums)
Egill Hardar (best songs)
Eigenwijze (music)
Einstein Music Journal (top albums) (best albums & songs)
Elder Og Is (best albums)
Electric Groove Box (best reissues)
Electric Skeleton (best albums)
Electric Zoo (top labels)
Electricsistahood (top albums)
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (favorite albums)
Elev8 (top comebacks)
Electroqueer (top albums)
Elev8 (top gospel albums)
elevator_child (top albums)
ELLE (best songs)
The Emergency Entrance (top albums)
The Emory Wheel (top albums)
eMusic (best albums)
eMusic (members' favorite albums)
eMusic (overlooked albums)
endlessnameless (best songs)
endlessnameless (top albums)
Enter the Shell (best & worst albums)
Entertainment Weekly (best albums)
Entertainment Weekly (best songs)
The Epoch Times (best albums)
Erica (best albums)
EspyRock (top albums)
Esquire (best songs you probably didn't hear)
Esquire (top songs)
Essential Listening (best albums)
Essential Listening (best songs)
Ethan Luck (top albums)
The Eugene Register-Guard (top Lane County, Oregon albums)
EuropeCrazy (hated songs)
Every Life Has a Soundtrack (favorite songs)
Everybody Taste (best albums)
Everybody Taste (best & worst album covers)
Everybody Taste (best songs)
Everyday Is a Dipset Xmas (top songs)
Everything Is Music (favorite songs)
Everything Is Pop, Pop Is Everything (best albums & songs)
Exclaim! (top songs from mediocre albums)
Exclaim - Aggressive Tendencies (albums)
Exclaim! - Beats & Rhymes (albums)
Exclaim - Destination Out (albums)
Exclaim - Frequencies (albums)
Exclaim! - Groove (albums)
Exclaim! - No Future (albums)
Exclaim! - Pop Rocks (albums)
Exclaim! - Wood Wires & Whiskey (albums)
Exploader (top albums)
Exports (top albums)
Express Night Out (albums)
Express Night Out (best albums & songs)
Express Night Out (songs)

FACT (best albums)
FACT (best songs)
The Factual Opinion (metal albums)
Faded Glamour (favourite songs)
Fahrenheit 406 (favorite albums)
Failures' Union (best albums)
Fall of Reach (top albums)
Fallen not Broken (best albums)
Fallen not Broken (best music videos)
Familycentrics (top songs requested at Minnesota wedding receptions)
Famous Last Words (best songs)
Farce the Music (top albums)
Faronheit (top albums)
Faronheit (top concerts)
Faronheit (top EPs)
Faronheit (top songs)
Fascination Streak (top albums)
Fast 'n Bulbous (music)
The Faster Times (top albums)
Fat Roland on Electronica (best electronica albums)
fcMusicMixes (best albums)
Fearing Americans (best albums)
Feedback, Blood, and Distortion (top albums)
Feedback Loop (best albums)
Felix White (The Maccabees) (favourite albums)
FensePost (best albums)
A Few Zen (best albums)
Fielder's Choice (top songs)
Fierce & Nerdy (best & worst albums)
A Fifty Cent Lighter and a Whiskey Buzz (top albums)
Film Music Magazine (best film scores)
Film Punk (best songs)
Filter (top albums)
Filthy Beats & Treats (top albums)
Fimoculous (list of music lists)
Final Thoughts on Chicago Sports (top albums)
The Finest Kiss (favorite albums)
Fingertips (top free & legal mp3s)
The Fire and the Rose (best albums)
Fire Eye'd Boy (best albums)
The Firewheel Project (best albums)
A Firm Kick (favorite songs)
First Up! (best albums)
The Fishpork (favorite albums)
FizzyPop!! (favourite albums)
Flagpole (favorite albums)
Flash Point (top albums)
Flatline Music (top songs)
Flavorwire (most surprising musical collaborations)
Flavorwire (most underrated albums)
Flavorwire (top vinyl album covers)
Flight of the Robberfly (favorite albums)
Fluid Karma (top albums)
Flux-Rad (top albums)
Flying with Anna (best albums)
Flying with Anna (best songs)
Flying Buttresses (top songs)
Folk Alley (top folk songs)
Folly of Youth (top albums)
Foolish Knight (favorite albums)
For Amusement Only (favorite albums)
For the 'Records' (hottest Canadian bands)
For Those About to Rock (albums)
Forest Gospel (favourite albums)
The Fortnightly (best albums)
Fractad's Fractopia (albums)
Fractions of One (best albums)
Frayed Wire (favorite songs)
Free Jazz (musicians)
FREEwilliamsburg (best albums & songs)
Frequency (favorite albums & songs)
Fresh Streetlights (top albums)
The Frisky (top breakup songs)
From Here to Obscurity (top albums)
Front Porch Musings (best songs)
fRoots (best world folk & roots albums)
Frozen Summers + Blog (best albums)
F**ked Up (favorite albums)
Fuel/Friends Music Blog (favorite albums & more)
Fun Fun Films & Records (best albums)
Funky Jeff (top albums)
A Future in Noise (top albums)
A Future in Noise - Marilyn (favorite albums)
Future Perfect Radio (best & overhyped albums)

Gaffa (favorite Danish albums)
The Gallant (favorite albums) (young songstars)
Gears of Rock (top albums)
Gears of Rock (top songs)
General Records - Wilding (favorite albums)
Geoff Hooton's Blog (favourite albums)
Geography of Hope (top albums)
George Hahn (favorite albums)
The Georgetown Voice (top albums)
Get the Lot (best albums)
Getintothis (top albums)
The Giant Panther (favorite albums)
Gidilive (top hip-hop albums)
The Gig (top albums)
Gigwise (best albums)
Gimme Noise (most ridiculous country songs)
Gimme Noise (top downfalls)
Gimme Tinnitus (albums)
Gimme Tinnitus (mp3 blogs)
Gimme Tinnitus (top downloadable songs)
Gingers Is the Watchword (best albums)
Girls Sold Out (top albums) (top songs)
Give Me Your Handrew (favorite albums)
Glam-Racket (best albums)
Glide (best albums)
The Globe and Mail (great albums)
Glue (top albums)
Gnome Chompski's Blog (top albums)
Go Flying Turtle! (best albums)
Go Listen to This (top albums)
God Is in the TV (albums)
Gold Soundz (albums)
Golden Bloggen (top songs)
Gonzo's Music-o-Rama (songs)
Good News for People Who Love Bad News (albums)
Googly Eyes (best music videos)
Goose Radio (top albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (EPs & singles)
Gorilla vs. Bear (songs)
Gospel Music Channel (best albums)
Government Names (top Baltimore hip-hop albums)
Gracing the Stage (best albums)
Graffiti (best albums)
Grand Forks Herald (best songs)
Grand Rapids Press (holiday albums)
Grant's Blog of Obvious Interest (favorite albums)
Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side (best albums)
Great Moments Move Through You (favorite albums & songs)
Greater Freedom of Movement (best albums)
Green Gravy (favorite albums)
The Green Leaf Blog (best albums)
Greencastle Banner (top albums)
GreenShoelaces (top albums)
Greenwolfman's Blog (best albums)
Gridface (top albums, EPs, reissues)
Grist (favorite albums)
Grumpy Man (favourite songs)
Guardian (albums)
Guardian (best music books)
Guilt Free Pleasures (best albums)
Guitar Lifestyle (notable albums)
Gunshy Zine (good albums)
Gunsling Birds (favorite albums)

hahamusic (albums)
Hail! Hail! Rock'n'Roll (top albums)
The Hamilton Spectator (Hamilton music)
Hands on Your Ears (favorite albums)
Harbor Astro Magic (top albums)
Hard Rock Chick (top albums)
Hard Rock Hideout - Brian Basher (best albums)
Hard Rock Hideout - Rob Rockitt (top albums)
The Hardest Button to Button (most overrated albums)
The Hardest Button to Button (worst albums) (best albums)
The Harmless Musician (albums)
Harpoon Harbor (top albums)
A Has Been That Never Was (top albums)
The Hawk (top albums)
Headphone Commute (best EPs)
Headphone Commute (top compilations & mixes)
Headphone Infatuation (best albums)
Hearsay (favorite albums)
hearsoundswrite (top albums)
hearsoundswrite (best songs)
Heartache with Hard Work (top albums)
Heartache with Hard Work (top songs)
Hearwax (top albums)
HearYa (best albums)
HearYa (top EPs)
HearYa (top music videos)
Heaven Is an Incubator (top albums)
Heavier Than Your Mom (top albums) (worst songs)
Heck Yeah, Man (top albums)
Hectic But Eclectic (best albums)
Heibrau (top albums)
Heidi Marie's Shiny World (best songs)
The Heights (top albums)
heliumballoon (best albums)
Hello Giri (best Bollywood movie songs)
hellohelicopter (favourite albums)
Herald Sun (best albums)
[here] (top albums)
Herokids (best albums)
Herokids (best songs)
Heteronormativity and Performativity (best albums)
Hi, My Name Is Chris (top albums)
Hickory Wind (best albums)
Hidden Track (best albums)
High School (best songs)
The Hip Hop Chamber (favorite songs)
Hip Hop Is Read (top hip-hop songs)
Hiphop Culture (mixtapes)
Hipster Collective (best albums)
Hipster Runoff (best album/song/artist shortlist)
Hipsterblog (top albums)
HipsterSpinster (music)
Hit It and Quit It! (top songs)
Hits Are for Squares? (top albums)
The Ho Down (top albums)
Hold My Life (albums)
Holden Richards (top albums)
Hollering Into the Void (top albums)
Hollering Into the Void (top EPs)
Hollering Into the Void (top songs)
The Holly Leaf (Christmas albums)
The Homeworld (best albums)
Homorazzi (defining singles)
Hooky (favorite albums)
Hope for the Nice Guy (top albums)
Hope You Find This! (favorite albums)
Hot Gas (best songs)
Hot Like Sauce (best songs)
Hotcakes (albums)
Hotcakes (top songs)
Houston Calling (favorite albums)
Houston Chronicle (best albums)
Houston Chronicle (favorite albums)
Houston Chronicle (top Houston albums)
The Huddle Formation (top albums)
Huffington Post - Dan Sweeney (top albums)
Huffington Post - David Wild (best albums)
HughshowsRedux (favorite albums)
The Hurst Review (favorite albums)
Hype Machine - Music Blog Zeitgeist (best albums & songs & artists) (top music videos)
Hyperbolium (favorite albums)
Hyphen (top Asian American songs)

I Eat Music (albums)
I Found This Song in the Road (top albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best albums)
I Had an Awesome Time (top albums)
I Hate All Your Favorite Bands (best albums)
I Hate Everyone and Especially You Or... (top albums)
I Have Memories, Clouded by Sorrow (albums)
I Have Ordinary Addictions (top albums)
I Have That on Vinyl (top albums)
I (heart) Icelandic Music (top Icelandic albums)
i(heart)music (best songs)
i(heart)music (hottest bands in Canada)
I Hope Your Ears Bleed - Brady (top albums)
I Hope Your Ears Bleed - Jason (favorite albums)
I Lift My Leg and Fart in My Sleep (albums)
I Lost My Panties in the Moshpit! (best albums)
I Rock Cleveland (best albums)
I Think I Spent the Dog Food Money (best albums)
I Was Cured Alright! (top albums)
I Will Name Names (top albums)
I'd Rather Be Fat than Be Confused (top albums)
I'm a War of Head Versus Heart (favorite albums)
I'm Just Saying (top albums)
I'm Waking Up To... (top albums)
iamdeepa on flex (top albums)
Ian Imhof vs. the World (top albums)
Ideas Expressed May Not Represent Those of Todd Nickel (favourite albums)
iF Magazine (best pop/rock albums)
iF Magazine (best pop/rock songs)
If Music Be the Food of Love (album)
The Ignatius Record Review (favourite albums)
Il Buono (favorite albums)
ilictronics (albums)
The Ill-ec-tro-nic (best songs)
Illogical Compulsion (top albums)
Image of a Contradiction (best songs)
The Imperfect Angel (best albums)
Impose (best albums & artists)
Impotent Rage (favorite albums)
Impressionable Youth (favourite songs)
In a World Called Catastrophe (top songs)
In GOB We Trust (top EPs & albums)
In League With Paton (best albums)
In Rebas World (favorite albums)
In Sean's Opinion (top albums)
In Utah This Week (top albums)
Inaudible (top albums)
Indeed Indie (favorite albums)
The Independent (best music books)
The Independent (best music websites)
IndianaIndianIntern (albums that inspired hipster baby-making)
The Indie Files (top albums)
Indie for Bunnies (best albums)
The Indie Handbook (best albums)
Indie Music Filter (best albums)
Indie Today (favorite songs)
Indie Music Filter (best songs)
Indie Rock Reviews - Barry Moore (best albums)
Indie Rock Reviews - Jake Smart (best albums & songs)
Indie Rock Reviews - Natalie Salvo (best Australian albums)
Indie Rock Reviews - Tony Martin (top albums)
IndieMuse (top albums)
Innerjoejoe (top songs)
The Inno View (best albums)
InsideTimsHead (top albums)
Insights (top albums)
Insomniatic Musings (top albums)
Insound (bestselling albums)
Insulin Funk (best albums)
The Intellectual Thicket (best albums)
Internal Rhyme of the Restless Mind (top albums)
Internet Poison (top albums)
The Internet Trashcan (albums)
Intransit Audio (top albums)
ipickmynose (top songs)
Irish Independent (best albums)
Isthmus (top Madison albums)
The Isthmus (top Madison songs)
It All Started with Carbon Monoxide (top albums)
It's a Trap (top albums)
It's In Our Hands (favorite albums)
It's Not The Band I Hate, It's Their Fans (albums)
It's Not The Band I Hate, It's Their Fans (hottest Canadian bands)
It's Not The Band I Hate, It's Their Fans (songs)
Ithaca Journal (Ithaca music)

J Mascis (top albums)
J's Music Inc. (top underground albums)
j1m0ne's blog (top anime theme songs)
The Jacksonville Observer (best albums)
Jacob Andrew Wilson... (top albums)
Jakarta Globe (top Indonesian albums)
Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) (top albums)
Jane Dark's Sugarhigh! (top songs)
The Japan Times (year in music)
Jason Diamond (music)
Jay Spanbauer (top albums)
The Jazz Clinic (top albums)
Jazzhouse Diaries (top albums)
JazzWrap (best jazz albums)
JAZZzology (top jazz albums)
JCStark's Vinyl Blog (albums)
Jeff Versus Blog (favorite albums)
Jeffrey Geoffrey Blog (top albums)
Jeffrey Geoffrey Blog (top songs)
The Jeopardy of Contentment (favorite albums)
Jeremy Maciak (albums)
Jeri Smith-Ready (top songs)
Jess Blogging. Infrequently. (albums)
Jetcomx (overlooked albums)
Jezebel Music (best rap albums)
JG2Land (albums)
The Jo-Tel (top albums)
Jocknroll (top albums)
Joe Couper (top albums)
Joe's Blog (best albums & EPs)
Joe's Work and Travel from Down Under Blog (favorite albums)
Joerayw's Blog (top albums)
The (John) Book Review (favourite songs)
John Stanier (Battles) (favourite albums)
Johnny's in the Basement (favourite albums)
Johnny's in the Basement (favourite songs)
The Johns Hopkins News-Letter (most noteworthy albums)
Jon Setzen (favorite albums)
jordanandjohnson23's blog (top albums)
Josh Glass (top albums)
Joshua Cheong (top albums)
Joshua Kagi (top albums)
Joshua Marc Levy (favorite albums)
Joshua Zamrycki's Blog (best albums)
jouljet (top albums)
Juice (top albums)
Jukebox Junior (top songs)
Junk (best post-rock albums)
Junk Skull (top albums)
Just Go Blog About It (best albums)
Just Judy Judy Judy (top songs)
Just the Important Things (top albums)
Juxtapositionaire's Blog (best albums)

K - O

P - Z

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