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November 2, 2009

Online "Best of 2009" Book Lists (Q-Z)

Just like last year, I will be aggregating every online "best of 2009" book lists I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list. Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Read daily updates to this list.




Queenemiwee (best books)
Quill & Quire (books that mattered)
QT Bookworm (best boosk)

Rachel Phifer (favorite general fiction)
Rachel Phifer (favorite non-fiction)
Radioactive Culture (top books)
Ralph Nader (books)
Random Reads (authors' books of the year)
Re:Generator Magazine (best comics)
re:place Magazine (top books)
Read It or Weep (favorite books)
Read It or Weep (top books)
Read to Me... (top books)
Read with Me...Jackie W. (top books) (best books)
The Reader's Advisor (best books)
The Reader's Advisor (best historical fiction)
The Reader's Advisor (best memoirs)
The Reader's Advisor (best thrillers)
The Reader's Advisor (worst nonfiction books)
The Rumpus - Stephen Elliott (best books)
The Reading Experience (top novels about flyfishing)
Reading Rants! (top books)
Readings (best books)
Ready When You Are, C.B. (favorite books)
Reason (best books)
Red Room (books)
Reformation21 Blog (books)
Reformation Theology (top books)
Reimagining Church (best books)
Relish Austin (top cookbooks)
Renee's Book Addiction (best books)
Renown (top books)
Richard Cowdry (best comics)
RiverRun Bookstore (favorite books)
The Rix Mix (favorite books)
The Road to Emmaus (top books)
Robot 6 (best comics covers)
Robot 6 (manga)
The Roses of Prose (favorite books)

S. Krishna's Books (top books)
Sadie-Jean's Book Blog (top books)
Salon (best nonfiction books)
Sam Storm (top books)
Sam Sykes (books)
Sampson Starkweather (best poetry books)
San Angelo Standard-Times (Texas books)
San Antonio Current (books for cooks)
San Francisco Chronicle (architecture books)
San Francisco Chronicle (art books)
San Francisco Chronicle (best books)
San Francisco Chronicle (children's books)
San Francisco Chronicle (Christmas books)
San Francisco Chronicle (coffee-table books)
San Francisco Chronicle (comics & graphic novels)
San Francisco Chronicle (fiction)
San Francisco Chronicle (food and drink books)
San Francisco Chronicle (hottest sex books)
San Francisco Chronicle (humor books)
San Francisco Chronicle (nonfiction books)
San Francisco Chronicle (notable Bay Area books)
San Francisco Chronicle (poetry books)
San Francisco Chronicle (science fiction books)
San Francisco Chronicle (sports books)
Sandra Beasley (best poetry books)
Sarasota Herald Tribune (cookbooks)
School Library Journal (best books)
School Library Journal (best comics for kids)
School Library Journal (holiday books)
Scott Freeman (best books)
The Scotsman (Scottish sports books)
The Scotsman (writers' books of the year)
Scud in Real Life (favorite books)
SDCL (best books)
Search Engine Land (best SEO books)
Search the Scripture (favorite books)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop - Adele (best books)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop - Bill (best books)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop - Fran (best books)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop - Gretchen (best books)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop - Janine (best books)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop - JB (best books)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop - Marie (best books)
Seattle Times (best books)
Seattle Times (coffee table books)
Seattle Weekly (notable comics)
Seconds Out (boxing books)
The Secret Thread - Duke Altum (best books)
The Secret Thread - Mutt Ploughman (best books)
Secrets of Mom (favorite books)
SEED (best science books)
Seeking Alpha (investment books)
Semi-True Story (best books)
Semicolon (best fiction books)
Semicolon (best nonfiction books)
Semicolon (top young adult books)
Seminary Co-op Bookstores (best books)
SFcrowsnest (fantasy, horror and science fiction books)
The Shady Glade (best books)
Sharon Loves Books and Cats (best & worst young adult books)
Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews (top books)
Shelf Awareness (favorite books)
Shelf Love (best books)
Shelf Love (notable books)
Shelf Monkey (best books)
Shenanigans (best books)
Shine (top breakup books)
The Shizz w/ MMbizz (favorite books)
The Simple Dollar (books)
Sketches (favorite books)
Skylight Books (favorite books)
Slashfood (best cheese books)
Slate (best books)
Slate - Authors' Picks (best books)
The Sly Fox (best non-fiction black books)
The Sly Fox (worst black books)
Small Business Trends (small business book of the year)
SmartMoney (best financial books)
Smithsonian Magazine (notable books for children)
So Many Books, So Little Time (favourite books)
Soap and the Finer Things in Life (favorite books)
Some Strange Ideas (favorite books)
Some Strange Ideas (fiction)
Somebody Dies (favorite books)
sometimegoddess (books)
Southern California Is My Desk (favorite books)
Spatula Forum (favorite books)
SPD Today (bestselling poetry)
The Spectacle (favorite books)
Speed of Light (favorite books)
Spokane Vegans (top vegan cookbooks)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (best thrillers)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (favorite books)
Static Broadcasts (top books)
Stepcase Lifehack (best productivity books)
Spill It, Sister! (top books)
Stephen King (top books)
Steven Karl (best poetry books)
Stevereads (worst fiction books)
Stiletto Online (top selling books in South Africa)
Still Learning, Dad (top books)
Stomping on Yeti (favorite books)
Stoopid Monkey! (favourite books)
Stop Her She's Knitting (top books)
Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before (top books)
Strategy & Business (best business books)
Stray Thoughts (favorite books)
Stuck in a Book (top books)
Stuff Jess Likes (best books)
Stumbling Virtue (best books)
Stylos (top books)
Sunday Star Times (best books)
Sunny Jhanna (top books)
Sunshine & Lemonade (favorite books)
The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide (top consumer books)
Susan Denning (best poetry books)
Susan Holloway Scott (books)
Suvudu (top manga)
Suzanne Frishkorn (best poetry books)

Tablet (best Jewish chapter books)
Tablet (best Jewish picture books)
Take a Letter Jamison... (favorite books)
Take a Look - It's in a Book (favorite books)
Tales from the Reading Room (best books)
Talking in the Library (favourite books)
Tall Tara (best books)
Teacher Girl's Book Blog (favorite books)
Teachers of Color (best black non-fiction books)
Teaching High School Psychology (top psychology books)
Telegraph (architecture and design books)
Telegraph (art books)
Telegraph (biographies)
Telegraph (books)
Telegraph (books)
Telegraph (books for confident readers)
Telegraph (books for teenagers)
Telegraph (children's books)
Telegraph (first readers books)
Telegraph (gardening books)
Telegraph (history books)
Telegraph (memoirs)
Telegraph (novels)
Telegraph (picture books)
Telegraph (pop music books)
Telegraph (showbiz books)
Telegraph (sport books)
The Telegraph (celebrity memoirs)
The Telegraph (food and cookery books)
The Telegraph (humour books)
Tessa Gratton (favorite books)
These Gentlemen (books)
Thirty Letters in My Name (favorite books)
This Little Book Blog (favorite books)
Thoughts from a Library Administrator (books)
Thoughts of a Pennsylvania Youth Guy (top books)
Thoughts of a Sojourner (top books)
Three Imaginary Girls (great books)
tiberiusmac (best books)
Tiffany Midge (best poetry books)
Tim Lebbon (favourite books)
Time (top children's books)
Time (top fiction)
Time (top nonfiction)
Time Out Chicago - Jonathan Messinger (books)
Times LIVE (books)
The Times Online (art books)
The Times Online (best children's fiction)
The Times Online (best paperbacks)
The Times Online (biographies)
The Times Online (cooking books)
The Times Online (crime novels)
The Times Online (economics books)
The Times Online (fiction)
The Times Online (film books)
The Times Online (food books)
The Times Online (gardening books)
The Times Online (history books)
The Times Online (humour books)
The Times Online (novels)
The Times Online (poetry books)
The Times Online (sci-fi/fantasy books)
The Times Online (sports books)
The Times Online (thrillers)
The Times Online (travel books)
The Times Online (wine books) (best books)
Today's Adventure (best books)
Token Skeptic (best skeptic books)
Tokyo Damage Report (top non-fiction books)
Tony's Book World (best books)
The Top 13 (novels)
Topic A, Among Others (best book)
Tragedy of the Age (top books)
Trails from the Heart (favorite books)
Trampled Clovers (best books)
TrekIn09 (best Star Trek comics & books)
A Trivial Buttonhole (best books)
Trouble with Comics (best & worst comics)
Trouble with Comics (comics)
Two-Legged Animal (top books)

Ultrabrown (fiction)
USA Book News (best books)
Useless Endeavor (favorite books)

Vauxhall Vixens (top books)
Victoriaville Daily Press (books for kids)
The Village Voice (best books)
The Village Voice (best comics and graphic novels)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn (best books)

Wall Street Journal (health books)
The Warwick's Blog (best books)
Washington Post (cookbooks)
Washington Post (best books)
Washington Post - Jonathan Yardley (favorite books)
Web YA! (best YA books)
Weekly Geeks (top books)
Wessel & Lieberman (favourite books about books)
What Bri Reads (most memorable books)
What We Blog About When We Blog About Love (books)
Whip Up (best books for the younger crafter)
Whip Up (best knitting & crochet books)
Whip Up (best sew and stitch books)
Whispers of Grace (favorite books)
Williamsburg Regional Library (favorite books)
Windmill Networking (social media books)
The Wichita Eagle (books)
Wired Presentations (favorite books)
With a Baby on My Hip... (best books)
The Witness (best books)
Word Lily (best books)
Wordnerdy (graphic novels)
WordProverb (top books)
Words and Coffee (favorite books)
Words on Words by Maggie Stiefvater (top books)
Words Worlds ad Wings (best Santa Claus picture books)
The World (international fiction and nonfiction)
World Fantasy Awards (fantasy literature)
World Hum (best travel books)
Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) (favorite picture books)
Writing My Life (favorite books)

Xtra (best queer books)

YAnnabe (best YA books)
Yield to Pedestrian (coolest books)
Young Adult Library Services Association (top teens books)
Your Friendly Librarian (most beautiful books)
Your Friendly Librarian (best books)
Ypulse (best & worst books)
Yu' Hear (top books)
YuckyTown (best books)

Zee News (books)
The Zen Leaf (best & worst books)

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