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November 2, 2009

Online "Best of 2009" Book Lists (M-P)

Just like last year, I will be aggregating every online "best of 2009" book lists I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list. Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Read daily updates to this list.



Macavity Awards (mysteries)
Mail & Guardian (top books)
Manga Recon (favorite manga)
Manga Worth Reading (best manga)
Marcela Sulak (best poetry books)
Marginal Revolution (best fiction)
Marginal Revolution (best non-fiction books)
Mariko Tamaki (books)
Marcus Sakey (best books)
Mark Athitakis' American Fiction Notes (favorite books)
Mark Leslie's Blog (favourite books)
Martha Silano (best poetry books)
Matt Compton (best books)
Matthew Hittinger (favorite books)
Matthew Thorburne (best poetry books)
Maud Newton (favorite books)
Mayhem and Magic (best books) (best business & management books)
The McClanahan Clan (favorite books)
Mental Floss (best books) (graphic literature)
The Miami Herald (best business books)
Miami Herald (books)
Michael Deibert (books)
Michael Patrick Brady (favorite books)
Michelle on the Blog (best books)
The Middle Stage (nonfiction) (worst comics ideas)
Mike Young (best poetry books)
Mil Gracias (best books)
The Millions (A Year in Reading series)
Mingling with Words (top books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (art books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (biographies)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (graphic novels)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (readers' picks)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (regional books)
Minnesota Reads - Amy (top books)
Minnesota Reads - Ben (top books)
Minnesota Reads - Christa (top books)
Minnesota Reads - David (top books)
Minnesota Reads - Jaycie (top books)
Minnesota Reads - Jodi (favorite books)
Minnesota Reads - Jodie (top books)
Minnesota Reads - Maxwell (top books)
Minnesota Reads - Melissa (favorite books)
Minnesota Reads (Will A (top books)
The Mirror (authors' worst books of the year)
Miss Short Skirt (best adult fiction)
Miss Shortskirt (middle grade fiction)
Miss Shortskirt (non-fiction)
Miss Shortkirt (young adult fiction)
Misswhistle (favorite books)
Mixed Multitudes (best Jewish comic book characters)
Molly Crabapple (comics)
Molly Ringle (best books)
Momma Data (best parenting books)
Momentum (books)
Mondy's Adventure (top books)
MoneySmart Guy (top books)
Monster of Books (best books)
Moore to the Point (top books)
More Light! More Light! (best books)
More Pop at Row Three (top books)
Mother Jones (top books)
The Mousehunter Blog (best children's books)
Mrs. Loudshoes (best books)
Mssladybug (favorite books)
MTV's Splash Page (best comic books, webcomics & graphic novels)
Multiversity Comics (best comics)
Muruch (top books)
Musings of a Novelista (favorite books for kids & teens)
My Books. My Life. (favorite books)
My Books. My Life. - Husband (top books)
My Restless Life (best books)
My World (favorite books) (top books)

N2tech (computer books)
The {Naked} Elephant (best books)
Nate's Lucha Libro (top books)
Nathan Logan (best poetry books)
The Nation (books)
National Book Award (young people's literature)
National Outdoor Book Awards (outdoors books)
The Natural Capital (books about nature)
Neil de la Fleur (best poetry books)
Nerdage (best comic book series)
The Nervous Breakdown (best books)
Neth Space (books)
Never Jam Today (best books)
The New Dork Review of Books (best books)
The New Republic (best books)
New Statesman (favourite books)
New West (best books in the west)
New West (best books from Alaska, Colorado, Idaho & Montana)
New York Magazine (best books)
New York Times (art & architecture books)
The New York Times (best books)
New York Times (best illustrated children's books)
New York Times (comics)
New York Times (cooking books)
New York Times (books about antiques)
New York Times (gift books)
New York Times (graphic novels)
New York Times (notable books)
New York Times (notable crime books)
New York Times - Dwight Garner (top books)
New York Times - Janet Maslin (top books)
New York Times - Michiko Kakutani (top books)
The New Yorker (favorite books)
Newsarama (best comics)
Nick Barnes Knows Books (best books)
Nicole Steinberg (best poetry books)
Nick Jr. (best kids books)
NikoScream (favorite comics) - Kasey Anderson (best books)
Nite Swimming (best books)
No Tells (best poetry books)
The Norman Transcript (top books)
The Northern Echo (sports books)
Nostrand Park (top books)
Not Delia (top foodie books)
Novel Teen Book Review (top books)
NPR (best airplane reads)
NPR (best books for a book club)
NPR (best cookbooks)
NPR (best gift books)
NPR (best memoirs)
NPR (excerpts from best books)
NPR (gardening books)
NPR (mysteries)
NPR (best young adult fiction)
NPR (top current affairs books)
NPR - Glen Weldon (books)
NPR - Jessa Crispin (foreign fiction)
NPR - John Freeman (best debut fiction)
NPR - Maureen Corrigan (best books)
NPR - Morning Edition (books)
NPR - Nancy Pearl (under-the-radar books)

O Magazine (books)
Oblong Books (adult bestsellers)
Oblong Books (kids/YA bestsellers)
Observer (celebrities' books of the year)
Of Information and Belief (books)
Off My Bookshelf (top books)
Off the Page (best books)
The Oklahoman (best graphic novels)
Old Musty Books (most enjoyable books for reasons other than the story)
Old People Writing for Teens (top books)
On Point Radio - Listeners' Picks (books)
OnMilwaukee (great Wisconsin books)
Opera Buffo (best books)
The Oregonian (best comics & graphic novels)
Orgtopia (best management books)
Ossining Public Library (best children's books)
Ottawa Citizen (top travel books)
Outlook India (best books)

Page Turner (books)
Palm Beach Post (best books)
Pam's Picks (best books)
Paper Fort - Brian Doyle (favorite books)
Paper Fort - Chery Strayed (favorite books)
Paper Showers... (best books)
Paperback Pirate (favorite books)
Parabasis (best books)
Passion for Preaching (top books)
Pastor Glenn's Weblog (best books)
Pat's Fantasy Hotlist (top speculative fiction novels)
Patience; and Shuffle (top books)
Paul Magrs (books)
Peg Duthie (best poetry books)
Pegasus and Pendragon (books)
Pensees of a College Pastor (best books)
Peony Moon (favorite poetry collections)
People's Daily (books)
Pete Lit (top books)
Pettina Gappah (favourite books)
Philadelphia Inquirer (books)
Phillipine Inquirer (notable books)
Photo Finish (best photography books) (top physics books)
Piaw's Blog (books)
Pickle Me This (top books)
The Picky Apple (best books)
The Picture Show (photo books)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (best books)
The Places You Will Go (favourite books)
Plain Girl (top books)
Planetizen (best books)
Playback: STL (disappointing comic books)
Poetry for Children (favorite books)
The Pointed Pundit (favorite books)
Polus (books)
Pop Candy (best comics/graphic novels)
Pop Goes Fiction (favorite books)
PopCultureShock (best comics)
Popular Mechanics (best books)
The Portland Phoenix (books)
Poser Girl (favorite books)
PR Studies (PR books)
Printers Row (favorite books)
Printers Row (favorite fiction)
Printers Row (underrated books)
Printers Row Poet (favorite books)
The Prodigal Thought (top books)
Professor Doddley's Occasional Weblog (favourite books)
The Progressive (authors' favorite books)
The Providence Journal (best books)
Publishers Weekly (best books)
Publishers Weekly (best cookbooks)
Publishers Weekly (best children's books)
Publishers Weekly (best food books)
Pudd'nhead Books (favorite books)
Pure Church (favorite books)
Pure Imagination (favorite books)
The Purple Foodie (best books)
Pursuing Godliness (favorite books)
Puss Reboots (best books)


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