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November 2, 2009

Online "Best of 2009" Book Lists (E-L)

Just like last year, I will be aggregating every online "best of 2009" book lists I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list. Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Read daily updates to this list.


The Eagle & Child (favourite books)
East London Local (best books)
EarlyWord (.xls file) (list of major national lists)
EarlyWord (sleepers)
EarlyWord (under the radar literary books)
East Bay Express (top books)
Eat Me Daily (best cookbooks)
Eclipsed By Glory (top books)
The Economist (best books)
Eddie Boyer (top books)
The Edgars (mysteries)
Edinburgh Evening News (Scottish books)
Elizabeth Caulfield Felt's Blog (best books)
Elizabeth DiNovella (favorite books)
Enduring Romance (best books)
Enduring Romance - Kimber (favorite books)
Enduring Romance - Robin (top books)
Entertainment Weekly (beautiful books)
Entertainment Weekly's Shelf Life (best books)
Eph5v2 (top books)
Epicurious (best cookbooks)
Epublishers Weekly (favorite books)
Eric Forbe's Book Addict's Guide to Good Books (favourite books)
Eric the Read (best books)
The Evening Reader (favorite books)
Every Day Is Like Wednesday (comics)
The Examiner (best film books)
The Exchange (favorite books)

Faithfully Dangerous (favorite books)
Famous Monsters (top books)
Fandomania (best books)
Fantasy Book Critic - Livius (top books)
Fantasy Book Critic - Robert (favorite books)
Fantasy Book News (top fantasy books)
Fast Company (best business books)
Faust's Fantastically Fantasmagoric Forum (top books)
FEARNet (top comics & graphic novels)
FEARNet (top books)
Feel My Faith (favorite books)
Feld Thoughts (great books)
Feminist Mama Galore (children's books)
Fifty Books Project (top books)
Fimoculous (lists of book lists)
Financial Times (books)
First the Food (favorite books)
Five Borough Book Review (best books)
Five Minutes Peace (top books)
Fizzy Thoughts (top books)
Flavorwire (books for nonreaders)
Flashlight Worthy (best book club books)
Flashlight Worthy (best books)
Flashlight Worthy (best books for tweens)
Flashlight Worthy (best graphic novels)
Flavorwire (ultimate hipster reading list)
A Flight of Minds - Alex (top books)
A Flight of Minds - Lauren (top books)
Fluit Notes (best books)
For What It's Worth (favourite books)
For What It's Worth (favourite Christian books)
Forbes (best sports books)
Forbidden Planet International (best books)
Forbidden Planet (comics)
Forerunner Foundations (top books)
Frantic Foodie (favorite books & cookbooks)
FreeInfidel (top atheist books)
Freelance Creative Media Alliance (best business books)
Freeze Light's Blog (best young adult fiction)
Fresh Expressions (best non-theological books)
Fule Coaching (books)
The Fundamental Family (top books)
The Fundamental Family (top kids' books)
Fundamentally Reformed (best books)

Gabfest (best books)
GalleyCat (most pirated digital books)
GalleyCat (publishing's darkest moments)
Gals - Very Smart Gals (favorite books)
Garrett Graff (best books)
Gary L. McDowell (best poetry books)
Gay Scienza (best gay books)
Geek to Me - Girl Geek (worthiest comics & graphic novels)
Genreville (top science fiction & fantasy books)
Ghost Word (best books)
Ghost Word - Cindy Snow (best books)
Ghost Word - Nancy Chirinos (best books)
Girl in a Cage (favorite books)
The Globalist (top books)
The Globe and Mail (art and design books)
The Globe and Mail (biographies)
The Globe and Mail (books)
The Globe and Mail (books with a Canadian angle)
The Globe and Mail (comics & graphica)
The Globe and Mail (economics and travel books)
The Globe and Mail (favourite crime fiction)
The Globe and Mail (favourite debut fiction)
The Globe and Mail (foreign fiction)
The Globe and Mail (graphic books)
The Globe and Mail (history books)
The Globe and Mail (poetry books)
The Globe and Mail (science, religion, and environment books)
The Globe and Mail (social studies books)
The Globe and Mail (top cookbooks)
Good Comics for Kids (best manga)
Good Karma (worst books)
Goodreads (best books)
Gourmet (favorite food books)
Granta (authors' best books)
Graphic NYC - Seth Kushner (top books)
Grasping for the Wind - The Book Smugglers (favorite books)
Greatest Hockey Legends (best hockey books for kids)
Grossblogger (best books)
Gtrip (books)
Guardian (best food books)
Guardian (best music books)
Guardian (best travel books)
Guardian (writers and guests) (best books)
Guerrilla Girls on Tour (best books)
A Guy's Moleskine Notebook (favorite books)
Guys Lit Wire (notable boy-friendly books)

Happenstance (books)
Harris III, Master Illusionist (top books)
Heart for Him (favorite books)
Heeb (graphic novels)
herBusiness (top books)
The Heroesonline Blog (best superhero comics)
Hey, There's a Dead Guy in the Living Room (top books)
Hockey Book Reviews (hockey books)
Holiday at Sea (books)
Holly Would If She Could... (favorite books)
Hooked on YA Books (best books)
HopefulLeigh (top books)
Horn Book Magazine (books)
HTMLGIANT (top books)
Hudson Booksellers (best books)
The Huffington Post (coolest book covers)
Huffington Post (poetry best sellers)
HWPC Pastor's Blog (best books)
Hyphen (notable Asian American books)

I am the Media Maven (top books)
I, Chameleon (top books)
I Think... (best books)
Idlewild Books (books)
IGN (comics)
Ignatius Press (books)
Ill Reezon (top books)
Ilona Andrews (favorite books)
In Lieu of a Field Guide (favorite books)
In Sean's Opinion (top nonfiction books)
Inc. (best books for business owners)
The Independent (best art books)
Independent (best art books)
The Independent (best audio books)
The Independent (best biographies)
Independent (best biographies)
Independent (best children's books)
Independent (best crime books)
Independent (best film & theatre books)
Independent (best food books)
Independent (best general fiction)
The Independent (best history books)
Independent (best history books)
The Independent (best literary fiction)
Independent (best memoirs)
Independent (best music books)
Independent (best nature & environment books)
Independent (best poetry books)
The Independent (best sports books)
The Independent (best sports books)
The Individualism (best books)
Ink Splot (best books)
Irish Times (books)
Isthmus (best Wisconsin foodie books)
Isthmus Jane (best books)
It Doesn't Have to Be Right (books)
It's About Books (best books)
ITs Food (best foodie books)
Ithaca Journal (Ithaca books)

Jackie Tam (best comics)
Jacobpedia (top books)
January Magazine (best books)
Japan Times - Anna Kunnecke (best books)
Japan Times - Anthony Fensom (best books)
Japan Times - David Burleigh (best books)
Japan Times - David Cozy (best books)
Japan Times - Jeff Kingston (best books)
Japan Times - Stephen Mansfield (best books)
Japan Times - Steve Finbow (best books)
Jason Jordan and His Blog (best books)
Jeff Biggers (inspiring books for a clean energy future)
Jenn Koiter (best poetry books)
Jenna Likes to Read (favorite books)
Jeremy Blachman's Weblog (books)
Jerry and Sarah (top books)
Jessy Randall (best poetry books)
Jesus Creed (books)
Jew Wishes (favorite books)
Jim Crow Laws (best books)
Jo's Bookshelf (best & worst books)
Jog - The Blog (comics)
John Findura (best poetry books)
Jonathan Stegall (top books)
Joshua Marie Wilkinson (best poetry books)
Julie Babcock (best poetry books)
Julie R. Enszer (best poetry books)
Justin Marks (best poetry books)

Kanlaon (favorite books)
Kansas City Star (top books)
Kathi's Project Blog (favorite fiction books)
Kathi's Project Blog (favorite nonfiction books)
Kathleen Rooney (best poetry books)
Ketab ("Book") Girl (favorite books)
Kethylia (top English-translated manga)
Kevin Sampsell (best books from small publishers)
Kevin Sampsell (favorite books)
KEXP (best music books)
KidsBiz (best books)
Kim Gek Lin Short (best poetry books)
Kimberlee Conway Ireton (best books)
A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts (favorite books)
Kingdom People (favorite books)
Kings County Library System (best books)
Kirkus Reviews (PDF link) (best children's books)
KMont (Lurv ala Mode) (top books)
Knowledge Is Social (top books for entrepeneurs)
Kodachrome Gypsy (best books)
Kristi Maxwell (best poetry books)

L'Express (books)
La Soubrette (favourite books)
LA Weekly (best baking & pastry books)
Lakenheath Old Boys (books)
Land of Bean (top books)
lanerobins (favorite books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite graphic novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite short story collections)
Larval Subjects (most valuable books)
Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf (favorite books)
Laynie Brown (best poetry books)
Le Mars Public Library (best books)
Le Mars Public Library - Staff Picks (best books)
Leigh Stein (best poetry books)
LesleyW's Book Nook (favorite books)
Let It Read (best books)
Letters Have No Arms! (top books)
Letters on Pages (top books) (top books for Libertarian Christians)
Libraries Matter (children's books)
Library Corner (best books)
Library Journal (best books)
Library Journal (best genre fiction)
Library Journal (best how-to books)
Library Journal (best YA for adults)
Library Ninja - Amy (top books)
Library Ninja - Sarah (top books)
Life in the Past Lane (favorite Civil war books)
Life Updates and Ramblings from Berkeley (top books)
Lincoln Crisler (recommended books)
Lisa Notes (top books)
The Listener (best childrens' books)
Lit for Kids (kids' books)
Literarily Speaking (favorite books)
Literary Lollapalooza (best books)
Literary Lotus (best books)
The Literary Stew (best books)
Litter Critter (top books)
Little Miss Sunshine (favorite books)
Live Oak Public Libraries (best books for children)
Living Between Wednesdays (best Marvel comics)
Living Read Girl (best books)
Living to Read (best books)
Lizette Claudio (best books)
The Locked Room (favourite books)
London Evening Standard (art books)
London Evening Standard (best books)
London Evening Standard (rock books)
Long Island Press (best books)
Lori's Book Reviews (best devotional books)
Lori's Book Reviews (best nonfiction books)
Loritt's Blog (top books)
Los Angeles Times (best mysteries and thrillers)
Los Angeles Times (children's books)
Los Angeles Times (favorite fiction)
Los Angeles Times (favorite nonfiction)
Los Angeles Times (health-related books)
Los Angeles Times (science fiction)
The Lost Entwife (best & worst books)
The Lost Goat (favorite books)
LostLifeFound (best books)
Louisville Courier-Journal (books)
Love Buzz (best breakup books)
Love Is an Orientation (top books)
Love to Paint (best books)
lukefourteenthirtythree (favorite books)



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