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November 15, 2010

2010 Year-End Online Music Lists (D - J)

As "best of 2010" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years, updating the list daily.

If you post or see a 2010 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists).

A - C

DADA (best albums)
The Dadada (top albums)
The Dadada - Clif (top albums)
The Dadada - Craig (top albums)
Daddy or Chips? (top albums)
Daily Athenaeum (top albums)
The Daily Record (top albums)
The Daily Stew (top albums)
DailyBeatz (top albums)
DailyCandy Kids (best kids' music)
Dan Deacon (top albums)
DanCrafton (favorite albums)
Daniel James (top albums)
danieleckersley (songs)
Danko Jones (top albums)
Dave's Music Database (music)
daveherring (top albums)
David Edward Johnson (top albums)
The Days of Lore (best albums)
DBF (top albums)
DC9 at Night (best albums that were supposed to come out, but never did)
DC9 at Night (best songs in Dallas music)
DC9 at Night (top Dallas music videos)
DC9 at Night (top albums)
Dear Scotland - Vic Galloway (top albums)
Dear Spatzi (best albums)
death_metal (best albums)
dbruntontheweb's blog (top albums)
Dead Press (top albums)
Death By Vinyl (top albums)
Deceptive Cadence (best American contemporary classical albums)
Decibel (top albums)
The Decibel Tolls (albums)
Deckfight (favorite albums)
Delicious Marmolade (favorite albums)
Den of Geek (best movie songs)
David Edward Johnson (top albums)
Deceptive Cadence (top classical albums)
Denton Record-Chronicle (best Denton albums)
Denver Post (top jazz albums)
The DePaulia (top anthems)
Des Noise (albums)
Desi Hits! (top Bhangra songs)
Desi in Toronto (top albums)
Design Notes (top albums)
Detroit Free Press (top albums)
The Diary of Antoine Roquentin (best albums)
Dinosaur Pile-Up (top albums)
The Dirt Is Red! (favorite albums)
Disco Dojo (best albums)
Disco Horror (favorite songs)
Diskant (albums)
Disquiet (best commercial ambient/electronic albums)
Divanee (top Bollywood songs)
Diverse Vinyl (top albums)
DIY (albums)
DJ Mag (best British music)
DJ Magazine (top 12"'s)
DJ Magazine (top albums)
DJ Magazine (top mixes)
Do You Know How to Waltz? (top albums)
Do You Speak Cilantro? (top albums)
DOA (best songs)
Dog Gone Blog (best albums)
Dominion (albums)
Don't Talk It's Easier This Way (top albums)
Donewaiting - Adriana Mundy (favorite albums)
Donewaiting - Jill Ebeneezer (top albums)
Donewaiting - Joel Oliphint (favorite albums)
Donewaiting - Robert Duffy (favorite albums)
Doom and Gloom (favourite novels)
A Dose of Dread (favorite albums)
Dose of Metal (best albums)
Dose of Metal (worst music videos)
Dots & Dashes (albums)
Dots & Dashes (tracks)
Double Crown Records (top surf & instrumental rock albums)
A Doubting Thomas (top albums) (top albums)
Doves & Serpents (best albums)
Doxology (top albums)
Draw Us Lines (best albums)
Drawer B (top albums)
Dreaming of Californication (best albums)
Dreams & Landscapes (best albums)
The Drive-In Bingo (albums)
Drivetyme Onlyne (top albums)
Drone (best albums & songs)
Drowned in Sound (albums)
Drowned in Sound (contributors' albums of the year)
Drowned in Sound (singles)
Duke Answers to Archduke (top albums)
The Dumbing of America (top albums)
The Dumbing of America (top EPs)
Dusted (year-end music lists)
Dying Scene (best albums)
Dying Scene - Taron (best albums)
Dying Scene - Tommy (best albums)
dylancx2 (top albums)
dysonsound (top albums)

e-quality music (albums)
The Early Nerd (best albums)
Each Note Secure - Dave Tobias (best albums)
Each Note Secure - Joe Long (favorite albums)
Ear Buddy (best albums)
ear-tyme (best roots albums)
Eardrums (best indiepop releases)
East Bay Express - Ellen Cushing (best albums)
East Bay Express - j. poet (best albums)
East Bay Express - Kathleen Richards (best albums)
East Bay Express - Nate Seltenrich (best albums)
East Bay Express - Rachel Swan (best albums)
East Village Radio (favorite albums)
Eat Sleep Drink Music (favorite albums)
Eat Sleep Drink Music - Will Harris (favorite albums & songs)
Eat Sleep Drink Music (music books)
The Echo Seduction (favorite albums)
The Echo Seduction (favorite songs)
The Echoes Blog (best albums)
Eclectic Grooves (best albums)
Eclectically Challenged (top albums)
The Eclecticist Blog (favorite albums)
ederBlog (favourite albums)
Electric Grooves (best albums)
Electric Zoo (top labels)
Elephanttrance (top albums)
Embassy Row (favorite albums)
Emily Louise (favourite albums)
Emory Wheel (top albums)
Emotional Drumming (favorite albums)
eMusic (best albums)
eMusic (users' favorite albums)
End-to-End Burner (best albums)
Endtroducing (top albums)
Enter the Shell (top songs)
Entertainment Weekly (best albums)
EQ Music Blog (top albums)
Eric's Trip (best albums)
Erol Sabadosh (top albums)
Escalation (best albums)
Escalation (best tracks)
Esoteric Mumblings (top albums)
The Essential with D. Marley (top albums)
Eternal Otter (bast albums)
Eve's Apple (favorite albums)
Evening Hymns (best songs)
Everybody Taste (best albums)
Everybody Taste (best songs)
Everything and Nothing (best albums)
Everything Is Pop, Pop Is Everything (best albums)
Everything Under the Sun (top songs)
Evigshed (favorite albums)
Exclaim! (electronic albums)
Exclaim! (improv & avant-garde albums)
Exclaim! (metal albums)
Exclaim! (top pop & rock albums)
Excursions of a Pop Renegade (top albums)
Exister (top albums)
Extrawack! (top albums)
Eye Weekly (best Toronto albums)

FACT (best breakthrough artists)
FACT (best compilations)
FACT (best mixes)
FACT (best record labels)
Folk Roots/Folk Branches (top albums)
FACT (best tracks)
Fairbanks News-Miner - Glen BurnSilver (albums)
Fairbanks News-Miner - Suzanna Caldwell (albums)
Fan Off (best albums)
Fancy Plans...and Pants to Match (top tracks)
Farce the Music (best albums)
Farce the Music (worst country singles)
Faronheit (top albums)
Faronheit (top songs)
Fast Action (worst albums)
Fast 'n' Bulbous (albums)
Fat Roland on Electronica (best electronica albums)
Faux. (best albums)
Feed the Dog (top albums)
Feel the Spin (top albums)
FemaleFirst (top indie albums)
FemaleFirst (top indie songs)
ferociousboyy (favourite albums)
Fervor Coulee (favorite bluegrass and acoustiblue albums)
Fetalreebz's Blog (albums)
Fids & Kamily (best kids' and family albums)
Fielder's Choice (top songs)
Filles Sourires (French albums)
Filles Sourires - Blowupdoll (French albums)
Filles Sourires - Guuzborg (French albums)
Filles Sourires - Maks (French albums)
Filter (staff picks) (top albums)
Fimoculous (list of year-end lists)
The Finer Things Blog (best albums)
The Finest Kiss (albums)
Fingertips (favorite free & legal mp3s)
The Fire and the Rose (top albums)
Fire Eye'd Boy (best albums)
The Fire Note (top albums)
First Up! (best tracks)
Fistful of Words (songs)
FizzyPop!! (top songs)
Flannel Enigma (favorite albums)
Flavorwire (best reissues)
Flavorwire (top reissues)
Flavorwire (underrated albums)
Flowers in the Concrete (top albums)
Fluff and Toenails (top albums)
Fluxblog (songs)
The Fly (albums)
Fly Guy Music Blog (best pop songs)
Fokkawolfe (top albums)
Folk Hive (albums)
FolkPunkGaze's Blog (favourite songs)
Folly of Youth (top albums)
For the Records (favorite songs)
Forest Gospel (best albums)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas albums)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (world music albums)
Fortunate Observer (top shows & albums)
Forward Music (albums)
The Fox Is Black (favorite albums)
Frayed Wire (favorite songs)
Frequency (top albums)
Fresh Heirs (top albums)
Fretboard Review (best songs)
The Frisky (best albums)
From a Mess to the Masses (top albums)
Front Porch Musings (top albums)
Frontier Psychiatrist (top songs)
The Frontloader (favorite albums)
Fuel/Friends (favorite albums)
Full Metal Attorney (best metal albums)
Funky Jeff (music)
Funwater (top albums)
Future Phased Design (favorite albums)
Fuzzy Thoughts (top albums)

Gaffa DK (Danish music)
The Garage (albums)
Gareth Campesinos (albums)
The Gauntlet (top albums)
Geography of Hope (top albums)
Gears of Rock (top albums)
The Gentry Entry (top albums)
Georgetown Voice (best albums)
Georgia's Blog (best songs)
Get Off the Coast (favorite albums)
Getintothis (top albums)
Ghost Medicine (top albums)
Gibson (best box sets)
Gigwise (top songs)
Gigwise (best album covers)
Gigwise (music stars' best tweets)
Gigwise (worst album covers)
Gimme Noise (best albums)
Gimme Noise (most underrated artists)
Gimme Tinnitus (favorite albums)
Gimme Tinnitus (favorite Daytrotter songs)
Gimme Tinnitus (favorite music videos)
Ginger Rock (favourite albums)
Girlysounds (best albums)
Give My Regards to Blogway (best albums) (top albums)
Glasswerk Blog (top albums)
Glide (top albums)
GMC (best gospel & Christian albums)
Go Folk Yourself (top folk albums)
God Is in the TV (best albums)
The Good, the Bad, and the Hipster (essential albums)
The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown (best albums)
Golden Bloggen (top albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (albums)
Gorilla Vs. Bear (favorite videos)
Gorilla vs. Bear (songs)
Gospel-Centered Musings (top albums)
The Graduate Times (best reggae albums)
Graffiti Lips (top albums)
Graham Wright (Tokyo Police Club) (top albums)
Gramophony (top albums)
Grand Rapids Press (albums)
Grant's Music Blog (top albums)
Graveyard Parade (top albums)
Grayowl Point (top Canadian albums)
Great Music You Haven't Heard (top albums)
Great River Radio (best albums)
Grumpy Man (best songs)
The GTG (albums)
Guardian (albums)
Guardian (best songs)
Guardian - Critics (albums)
Guerrilla and Chalk (most interesting & innovative music start-ups)
Guerrilla Candy (biggest disappointments)
Guerrilla Candy (Seattle breakout acts)
Guerrilla Candy - Brent (favorite songs)
Guerrilla Candy - Lori (favorite albums)
Guitar Noize (top albums)
Gypsies with Knives (top albums)

Haley's Blog (favorite albums)
The Hand That Feeds (top alternative songs)
The Hanging Tree (best albums)
The Hardest Button to Button (best new artists)
The Hardest Button to Button (most disappointing albums)
The Hardest Button to Button (most overrated albums)
The Hardest Button to Button (top songs) (best albums)
Harmless Noise (best free music)
Harmless Noise (top albums)
A Has Been That Never Was (top albums)
Hatesexy (best albums)
Headbang (albums)
Headbanging Linebackers (top albums)
Headphone Commute (music)
Headphonenaught's Nanolog (top albums)
hearsoundswrite (top songs)
A Heart Is a Spade (top albums)
Heartache with Hard Work (top albums)
Heartbreak Trail (best albums)
HearYa (best albums)
HearYa (top EPs)
Heaven Is an Incubator (favorite albums)
Heaven Is an Incubator (favorite songs)
Heavens To Purgatory (favorite songs)
Heavier Than Air (best albums)
Heavy Blog Is Heavy (top albums)
Heavy Blog Is Heavy - Uncle Muscles (top albums)
Heavy Metal Time Machine (top albums)
Hectic But Eclectic (best albums)
Heidelbergerin (albums) (top albums)
hellohelicopter (favourite albums)
Here Comes Two (top songs)
Herohill (favorite Canadian albums)
Herohill (favorite Canadian EPs)
Herokids (best albums)
Hi My Name is Hip Hop (top hip hop albums)
Hi-Tech Soul (top albums)
Hidden Track (best archival releases)
Hidden Track (best concert DVDs)
Hidden Track (best music-related trends)
Hidden Track (break out acts)
HiFashion (top albums)
Higher Ed Music Critics (top album lists)
Hip Hop Is Not Dead (top albums & mixtapes)
Hipster Spinster (favorite songs)
HitFix (artists)
HitFix (best albums)
HitFix (top songs)
The Hofstra Chronicle (best albums)
Holden Richards (best albums)
Hollandude (top albums)
The Hollywood Gossip (most memorable songs)
Holy Moly! (best songs)
Houston Calling (favorite albums)
HSS (albums)
Hongkie Town (best albums)
Hope and Anchor (best albums)
Hope and Anchor (best songs)
Hospital Food (top albums)
Hotcakes (albums)
How Do I Blog? (albums)
HubPages (best Christmas albums)
HubPages (best new indie acts)
HughShows (albums)
The Hurst Review (albums)
Hyper Crush (best albums & songs)
Hyperbolium (favorite albums)

I Am the Crime (best albums)
I Didn't Do It (top albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best songs)
I Have 19 Voices (favorite albums/EPs/songs/shows)
I Heart AU (albums)
i(heart)music (hottest bands)
I Hope Your Ears Bleed (top albums)
I Like the Cut of Your Jib! (albums)
I Listen, So You Don't Have To (albums)
I Listen, So You Don't Have To (electronic albums)
I Listen, So You Don't Have To (metal albums)
I Listen, So You Don't Have To (songs)
I Live in Sound (top metal albums & songs)
I Love Music (magazine lists of best albums)
I Think I Spent the Dog Food Money (best albums & songs)
(I'm) Not a Fanboy (top albums)
(I'm) Not a Fanboy - The Wrong Opinion (top albums)
I Read Something the Other Day (best albums)
I Rock Cleveland (top albums)
IAMTHETREND (favorite albums)
Ian Carey (top albums)
Ibiza Spotlight (best albums)
Idolator (best auto-tuned songs)
Idolator (favorite albums)
If You Want to Sing Out (favourite albums)
IFC (greatest music videos)
Igloo (top albums)
IGN (top albums)
Ignorant Review (best albums)
IMA: Independent Music Appreciation (top albums)
Image of a Contradiction (best albums)
Image of a Contradiction (best songs)
Impose (best albums)
In League With Paton (best albums)
In League With Paton (short form releases)
In My Basement Room (best albums)
In My Head. In My Memory. (best albums)
In Place of Real Insight (top albums)
In the Company of Wolves (best albums)
Inarguable Review (top albums)
Incoherentmumblings (best albums)
Indianapolis Star (top albums)
Indie Albany (top albums)
Indie for Bunnies (top albums)
Indie for Bunnies - Andrea Tabellini (top albums)
Indie Music Filter (best albums)
Indie Music Filter (best music lists)
Indie Music Filter & AUX (songs)
Indie Pop Fever (top indie albums)
Indie Rock Cafe (best breakthrough bands)
Indie Shuffle (best hip-hop albums)
Indie Wiretap (best albums)
IndieBlend (top albums)
The Indiecison (best Indian indie albums)
INDIeREKTE (top albums)
Indieshuffle (best back to basics indie albums)
Indieshuffle (best pushing boundaries indie albums)
Inertia (top albums)
infinity yeah (favorite albums)
Info Barrel (best rock music books)
inrainbowshoes (best albums)
InRevu (best albums)
Insert Clever Pun Here (top albums)
InsideVandy (top albums)
The Intellectual Thicket (favorite albums)
Internal Rhyme of the Restless Mind (top albums)
Into the Void (best albums)
Introspective and Other Analyses (favorite albums)
Invisible Oranges (albums)
The Invisible Promise (top albums)
Irish Central (top Irish songs)
Irish Times (best Irish musical acts)
Irish Times (staff best albums)
Is This Music? (albums)
ISO50 Blog (most refreshing albums)
The Isthmus (best Madison albums)
The Isthmus (best Madison songs)
The Isthmus (best Madison video)
It's a Trap (top albums)
It's Easy To Get Buried in the Past (albums)
It's Raining Planes and Helicopters (top albums)
It's Raining Planes and Helicopters (top EPs)
It's Time to Play B-Sides (top albums)

Jason Shadrick (best albums)
Jason Toney (favorite albums)
Jazz Journalists Association (best jazz albums)
Jeblog (top albums)
The Jeopardy of Contentment (albums)
JeremyFeistXXX (best albums) (favorite albums)
Joe (dance albums)
John Consterdine (top albums)
John Kell vs Satan (top albums) (top albums)
Jonk Music (music)
Joshua Zamrycki's Weblog (best albums)
Jouljet (top albums)
A Journalist in the Making... (albums)
Journo Jake (top songs)
JP's Music Blog (favorite albums)
Junkie Pop - Ghibo (top dischi)
Junkie Pop - GiorgioP (top dischi)
Junkie Pop - Pistakulfi (top dischi)
Just Music That I Like (favorite albums)
Just Music That I Like (top songs)
Just Played (best albums)
Just Press Play (albums)
Just Press Play (songs)
JustLeftOfTheMainstream (top albums)
JWC (favorite albums)

K - O

P - Z

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