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November 15, 2010

2010 Year-End Online Music Lists (K - O)

As "best of 2010" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years, updating the list daily.

If you post or see a 2010 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists).

A - C

D - J

K'Brocking Entertainment (best albums)
KAMmentary (favorite albums)
Karmic Life (top albums)
Kata Rokkar (albums)
Katsu-g's Coffee Break (best songs)
Kaylaporter (albums)
KCRW (best cover songs)
KCRW (best LA bands)
KCRW (DJs' best albums)
KCRW - Jason Bentley (top LA albums)
kDamo (favorite albums)
KDHX (DJ's top albums)
Keep It Like a Secret (best albums)
Keep on My Side (top albums)
Keep on Your Fashion Side (top albums)
Kentuckyseven (best albums)
KEXP (artists you should have known)
KEXP (new African bands)
KEXP (staff's top albums)
Kickin' Out the Jams, Mofo! (favorite albums)
Kickin' Out the Jams, Mofo! (favorite archival albums)
A Kid Who Tells on Another Kid Is a Dead Kid (favorite albums)
Kids Like You & Me (best & worst albums)
Kids Like You and Me (top albums)
Kill Rock Music (best albums)
Kingblind (top albums)
The Kitchen Sink (best albums)
Knowledge (best bass albums)
Knowledge (best drum & bass singles)
Kleeb Versus the World (best albums)
Knowledge (best remixes)
Knowledge (best UK hip hop albums)
Knox Road (top albums)
KRJB's Music Blog (top country albums)

The L Magazine (top albums)
L.A. Record (top L.A. albums)
La Daily Musto (best songs)
La.Ga.Sta. (best mixtapes)
La.Ga.Sta. (best songs)
La. Ga. Sta. (best videos)
LA Music Blog (top albums)
La Vie Musicale (albums)
La Villa Recordings (top albums)
LA Weekly (most under-appreciated albums)
Lament for a Straight Line (best jazz albums)
Largehearted Boy (favorite albums)
Larry Koestler (top albums)
Las Vegas City Life (albums)
Las Vegas Review-Journal (albums)
Las Vegas Review-Journal (Las Vegas albums) (top artists)
The Late Greats (favorite albums)
Late Night Wallflower (best albums)
The Lavin Rant (top albums)
Laughing Is Loving (top albums)
Le Monochrome (top albums)
LavaTickets (best albums)
Leading Us Absurd (best albums)
Leave the Hall (top albums)
Leaving the Silver City (favorite albums)
The Lefort Report (albums)
The Lefort Report (top concerts)
The Lefort Report (top songs)
Left Foot Forward (songs)
Lemons Is Lemons (top albums)
The Lesser Column (best albums)
Let's Watch the Sky (best songs)
Letters Home from Camp - Andrew G (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Erin Wolf (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Jay (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Jeff Tyree (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Matthew Webber (favorite albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Matty B (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Mel (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Ryan Miller (top albums)
Letters With Mixtapes (best albums)
The Levi denBok Band (top songs & albums)
Lex Is More (top albums)
Lex Is More (top songs)
Lexington Herald-Leader (best albums) (top albums)
Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats) (top albums)
Life By Wandering (favorite songs)
Life, Faith, and Theology (top albums)
Life Is Noise - Dave Cutbush (top albums)
Life Seems But a Quick Succession of Busy Nothings (top albums)
The Lifetime Student (best albums)
Light in the Attic Records (favorite music blogs)
Light Sound Dimension (best albums)
Lightyears (favourite albums)
Lightyears (favourite songs)
The Liminal (albums)
The Liminal (favourite labels)
Linden Pomeroy (top albums)
The Line of Best Fit (albums)
Liner Notes - J Freitag (best albums)
Liner Notes - Owen Milbury (best albums)
linesthroughlines (favorite albums)
Lip Magazine (top albums)
The Literary Blog of Amanda Earl (best albums)
A Little Boy Waits (best albums)
Little Fascist Panties (top albums)
Little Flaming Cocktail (best albums)
Little White Earbuds (top albums)
Little White Earbuds (top labels)
Little White Earbuds (top songs)
Live to Hear (best albums)
London Evening Standard (best albums)
Long Distance Drunk (top albums)
Long Island Press (top albums)
Los Angeles Times (critics' favorite albums)
Los Angeles Times (holiday albums)
Lost in LoC (top albums)
Lost in the Cloud (best albums)
Lost in the Sound (songs)
Loud Nothings (best albums)
Loud Reviews (top albums)
Louder Than Wars (top albums)
Loudloop Press (top albums)
Loudloop Press - Audrey Leon (top albums)
Lost in the Sound (songs)
Love Your Music (best albums)
Loving Peter Cetera: CaptainCommonSense (top albums)
Loving Peter Cetera: thessad (top albums)
Lucid Culture (best albums)
Luke Physioc (top albums)
The Lumberjack (top albums)
Lunar Boulevard (top albums)

M.J. Butterworth (top albums)
M.O.G. (top albums)
Mac McCaughan (albums)
Magnet (best reissues/collections)
Magnet (hidden treasure albums)
Magnet (top albums)
The Maine Campus (top albums)
Make Believe Melodies (top Japanese songs)
MALLINation (best albums)
Man Descending (top albums)
The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit (best albums)
The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit (best songs)
Mapped By What Surrounded Them (albums)
Mapsadaisical (top albums)
Mark Davison (top albums)
Mark's Place to Post (top albums)
Massachussetts Daily Collegian (top breakout artists)
Mastering Things (best albums)
Mat's Music Blog (best albums)
Matt Payton's Tumble-o-rama (top albums)
Max D'Aulerio's Blog (top albums)
The Mayward Blog (favorite albums)
MP3PO (favorite albums)
Me, and All My Friends (best albums)
Mecca Lecca (favorite albums)
Medialoper (top albums)
Mediaeater (best albums & EPs)
Medium Fidelity (best albums)
Medium Fidelity (top songs)
Meghan Bender (favorite albums)
Mekong Delta Reviews (top albums)
Melophobe (best albums)
Melophobe (best electronic albums)
Melophobe (best EPs)
Melophobe (best electronic albums)
Melophobe (best hip-hop albums/mixtapes)
memo (best albums)
The Mercury Prize (UK album)
Metacritic (best reviewed & worst reviewed albums)
Metal Callout (best metal albums)
Metal Fury (top metal albums)
Metal Injection (top funny metal videos)
Metal Injection - Atanamar (top albums)
Metal Injection - Frank (top albums)
Metal Injection - Gruhamed (top albums)
Metal Injection - Kit Brown (top albums)
Metal Injection - Noa (best albums)
Metal Injection - Rob (top albums)
The Metal Register (albums)
MetalSucks - Anso DF (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Axl Rosenberg (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Satan Rosenbloom (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Vince Neilstein (top metal albums) (albums) (music books)
MetroActive (albums)
Mexican Summer (albums)
mg (top albums)
Michael Patrick Brady (favorite albums)
A Mighty Fine Blog (top albums)
mike dominice dot com (favorite albums)
The Mind of a Harper (top albums)
A Mindful Earful (favourite albums)
Minds Like Knives (best albums)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (reissues & box sets)
The Misadventure of Sean Moore (top albums)
Mishka NYC (top EPs)
Miss Jackson's Musings (favourite songs)
Missing Link (favorite albums)
MisterMusic (top albums)
Mister Fusty (favourite albums)
Mitchellblack (top albums)
Mixtape Muse (top albums)
Mixtape Music (top albums)
Mixtape Muse - Simon (top albums)
Mixtapes for Hookers (favorite songs)
Mixtapes for the iPod Generation (top albums)
Mixtapes for the iPod Generation (top EPs)
mnml ssgs (best labels)
Mobtown Shank (music)
The Modern Wax (favorite albums)
Modulation (best albums & tracks)
MOJO (top albums)
Momtrends (best kids' albums)
Monkeyinabox (albums)
The Montclarion (best albums)
Moore Than This (top albums)
More Cowbelle (favorite albums)
More Than Mary (favorite albums)
The Morning News (top albums)
Mosaic (best albums)
Most Likely To... (best albums)
Mostly Armless (top albums)
Mostly on a Music Tip (albums)
Mostly Unfinished Thoughts (favorite albums)
Motel de Moka (albums)
Mountain Goat (top albums)
MouthForWar (favorite albums)
Movie City News (best albums)
The Movie Manifesto (best songs)
mp3hugger (top songs)
MP3s Don't Spin (top albums)
MPC (favorite songs)
Mr. Douglas Anderson (albums)
MTV (artists' top songs)
MTV (top mixtapes)
Mud N Waffles (favorite albums)
Multitracking (best albums)
Multitracking - Melissa (top albums)
The Muse in Music (best albums)
The Muse in Music (top videos)
My Books. My Life. (top albums)
The "Music Always Gives Me a Lift" Blog (top albums)
Music Between Friends (favourite albums)
The Music Box (top albums)
The Music Box (top studio albums)
Music Dump (top music articles)
The Music Enthusiast (favorite songs)
The Music Fix (albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best live shows)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best music videos)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best songs)
Music for Misanthropes (favorite albums)
Music Is the Heart of Our Soul (top albums)
Music Liberation (top albums)
Music on My Balls (favorite albums)
Music Review (top albums)
Music Ruined My Life (top songs)
Music Ruined My Life (underappreciated albums)
The Music Slut (top albums)
Music Snobbery (top albums)
Music When the Lights Go Out (albums)
Music2LiveBy (best albums) (top albums)
Musical Family Tree (favorite songs)
Musical Mathematics (albums)
MusiCandies (top EPs) (top EPs) (top albums)
Musing (top albums)
Musings of a Hopeless Romantic (best albums)
Musings on Music (music trends)
Muso's Guide (albums)
Muso's Guide (overlooked albums)
Muso's Guide (songs)
MuuMuse (top albums)
Muzzle of Bees (best albums)
Muzzle of Bees (best concerts)
Muzzle of Bees (box sets)
My Curious Adventures in Lalaland (top songs)
My Favorite Albums of 2010 (favorite albums)
My Heart's Beat (best albums)
My Ironic Moustache (top albums)
My Kind of Country (top albums)
My Old Kentucky Blog - Dodge (best albums)
My Old Kentucky Blog - Luftmensch (best albums)
My Poproks (top albums)
My World (top albums)
MyFox Boston - Jeff Israel (top albums)
MyFox Boston - Maraithe Thomas (top albums)
MyFox Boston - Mike Cloherty (top albums)
Mypace Music (best albums)

The Nagging Sense of Infancy (albums)
Naive Harmonies (best songs)
Nappy Headed Pro (favourite albums)
Narrowcast (top albums)
Nashville Scene (top albums)
NBT Independent Music (best songs)
Neon Musical Insight (finest albums)
Neon Musical Insight (finest songs)
Nerdy and Bookish (top albums)
Nerdy Nothings (top songs)
Nerve (best albums)
NetPierre (top albums)
Neu Magazine (songs)
The New Beat (albums)
New Earth Music (top albums)
New England Show Reviews (favorite albums)
The New Gay (queerest indie songs)
New Haven Register (top albums)
New Music Michael (top albums)
New York Daily News (best albums)
New York Post (best songs)
New York Post (top albums)
The New York Rockmarket (favorite songs)
New York Times (boxed sets)
New York Times (classical albums)
New York Times (holiday albums)
New York Times (music accessories)
New York Times - Jon Pareles (top pop albums)
New York Times - Nate Chinen (top pop and jazz albums)
Next Movie (best movie soundtracks)
Ngandu (best albums)
Nialler9 (best music videos)
Nialler9 (best remixes) (worst albums)
Nick Hennies (favorite rock/folk albums)
NickCummings (favorite albums)
The Night Mail (favourite albums)
Nights Behind the Tree Line (favorite albums)
NME (aggregated best albums list)
NME (best albums)
NME (best cult/experimental albums)
NME (best music videos)
NME (best new bands)
NME (best songs)
NME (most undrerrated albums)
NME (readers poll best albums)
No Clean Singing (top albums)
No Clean Singing - Badwolf (best albums)
No Fiction (top albums)
No Flash Photography (albums)
No Music (top songs)
No Ripchord (top albums)
Nofilla (worst albums)
Noise Annoys (most disappointing music videos)
Noise Floor (top albums)
Noise Narc (top Philly songs)
Noisography (top albums)
Noisy Peach (top albums)
A Non-Animal (best albums)
Norm Gregory's World Headquarters (best songs)
The Normal Christian Blog (favorite albums)
Northern Iowan (top albums)
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost (top albums)
Not Just Movies (top albums)
Nothing to Say and Saying It (top albums)
Notion to Say... (top albums)
NOW (top albums)
NOW - Jordan Bimm (top albums)
NOW - Joshua Errett (top albums)
NOW - Richard Trapunski (top albums)
NOW - Sarah Greene (top albums)
Now I've Heard Everything (best albums)
NPR (favorite albums)
NXNE (emerging Canadian artists)
NYCTaper (best concerts)
nzgirl (favourite albums)

Obscure Music - Joysubtraction (top songs)
Obscure Music - Shiba (top songs)
Obscure or Otherwise Music (top albums)
Obscure Sound (best albums)
Observer (best pop songs & albums)
Oceans Never Listen (best albums)
Oceans Never Listen (best songs)
Octopus Windmill (best albums)
Of Silver and Sky (top albums)
Off Beat Music Guide (best albums)
Off the Dial (worst albums)
Off the Radar (best albums)
Off the Record (albums)
Off the Record (best albums)
Oh She's the Last of the English Roses (best albums)
Ohmpark (top albums)
Ohmpark (top Atlanta albums)
The Oklahoma Daily (best albums)
The Oklahoman (top albums)
Old School (mejores albums)
Oli_Da_Bass (albums)
Ology (top hip hop mixtapes)
Omaha Reader - Chris Aponick (top albums)
Omaha Reader - Jesse D. Stanek (top albums)
Omaha World-Record (best albums)
omgnyc (albums)
On the Sixth Day (top albums)
On the Urban Frontier (best albums)
One Chord to Another (albums)
One For The People (best albums)
One for the People (best albums by newcomers)
One Half Amazing (best albums)
The Open Neck Shirt (top albums)
The Opinionated Diner (albums)
Oregon Voice (top songs)
The Oregonian (best albums)
Origami Vinyl (favorite albums, reissues, singles, and Los Angeles releases)
Original Unpublished Pirate Material (top albums)
The Other Dani (favourite albums)
Other Music (best new albums & reissues)
Ottawa Citizen (Ottawa songs)
Out/Casino/In (top albums & EPs)
Outside the Dial (top albums)
The Owl Mag (best albums)

P - Z

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