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November 15, 2010

2010 Year-End Online Music Lists (P - Z)

As "best of 2010" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years, updating the list daily.

If you post or see a 2010 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists).

A - C

D - J

K - O

Page 43 (favorite albums)
Panic Manual (music)
The Pansentient League (top synthpop albums)
Parade of Flesh (albums)
Park Life (songs)
Partial Disclosure (top albums)
Pasadena Weekly (best albums)
Passion of the Weiss (top DJ mixes)
Passion of the Weiss (best hip-hop songs)
Passion of the Weiss (top albums)
Pasta Primavera (favorite songs)
Pasta Primavera (top albums)
Paste (best cover songs)
Paste (best music videos)
Paste (best new solo albums)
Paste (best songs)
Paste (top albums)
Paste - Josh Jackson (favorite albums)
Patrick's Movie Reviews (favorite songs)
The Pattern Pony Report (top albums)
Paul Ford Sound (albums)
Paul Weller (favourite albums)
Pedestrian (top songs)
Peenko (albums)
Pelski (top remixes)
Pena's Points (top albums)
Perspectives from Foggytown (favorite albums)
pftjschute (best albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best songs)
Philadelphia Inquirer (pop albums)
Philip Sherburne] (best albums)
Phillippe Renault (top albums)
Philo Hagen (best albums)
Phoenix New Times (best indie songs)
Phoenix New Times (music stories)
Phonica Records (best albums)
PhotogMusic (best albums)
PhotogMusic (best Canadian albums)
PhotogMusic (top singles)
A Photographic Adventure (favourite albums)
Picadilly Records (albums)
The Pigeon Post (songs)
Pierce Arrow (top albums)
Pillow Fights & Boxing Tuesday (favorite albums)
Pimp Radio (best albums)
Pinch Harmonics and Pigskin (top metal albums)
Pineapple Toast (best albums)
Pinkfrenetik (top albums)
Pitchfork (artists' best albums)
Pitchfork (top albums)
Pitchfork (top artist Twitters)
Pitchfork (top music videos)
Pitchfork (grime albums, dubstep albums, road rap albums)
Pitchfork (top songs)
Pitchfork - Readers Poll (music)
Pithy Title Here (best albums)
Pittsburgh Music Report (top albums)
Planet III (top albums)
Planet New Year (best albums)
Planned Obsolescence (top albums)
Playback (best albums)
Playback: StL (best albums)
Pocket Hercules (best songs)
The Point of Everything (albums)
Polaris Music Prize (Canadian album)
Polite Society (best albums)
Pop & Hiss (songs you may not have heard)
Pop Candy Arcade (albums)
The Pop Cop (best albums)
The Pop Cop (best songs)
Pop Culture Dish (top albums)
Pop Culture Has AIDS (best albums)
Pop Culture Monster (albums)
Pop Culture Notes (music)
Pop Headwound (albums)
Pop Tarts Short (best albums)
PopBytes (favorite albums)
PopDose - Michael Fortes (top albums)
PopMatters (best albums)
PopMatters (best Americana albums)
PopMatters (best bluegrass albums)
PopMatters (best country albums)
PopMatters (best electronic albums)
PopMatters (best experimental albums)
PopMatters (best fantastical albums)
PopMatters (best female artists)
PopMatters (best free albums)
PopMatters (best indie pop albums)
PopMatters (best indie rock albums)
PopMatters (best hip-hop albums)
PopMatters (best jazz albums)
PopMatters (best live albums)
PopMatters (best metal albums)
PopMatters (best punk albums)
PopMatters (best R&B albums)
PopMatters (best reissues)
PopMatters (best singles)
PopMatters (best world music albums)
PopMatters (most disappointing albums)
popquizhotshot (top albums)
Popthomology (favorite albums)
Porky Prime Cuts (albums)
Post-Whatever (best albums)
Post-Whatever (top songs)
Pour Down Like Silver (albums)
Prefix (best guest appearances on songs)
Prefix (worst album covers)
Pretty Goes With Pretty (albums)
Pretty in Paisley (top albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best songs)
The Prolific Movement (mixtapes)
Protestant Blog Ethic (best albums)
The Province (top albums)
Psychpunk (top albums)
The Public Servant (best albums)
Punchline (best comedy albums)
Punk Rock on Stage (best albums)
Punk Till I Die (best albums)
Punknews (staff best album lists)
Pure Funk Dance (top albums)
Pushlife (top albums)

Q Awards (music)
Q Magazine (albums)
Queer Sighted (year in queer music)
Question Mark Magazine (best albums)
Questionable Content (albums)
Quick Before It Melts (albums)
The Quietus (albums)
The Quietus (best comps, reissues, and mixes)
The Quietus - Jovian Bow Shock Award (albums)
Quinnipac Chronicle (best songs)
Quit Mumbling (favorite albums)

RA (top albums)
RA (top DJs)
RA (top labels)
RA (top live acts)
RA (top songs)
Raconteur Music (top albums)
The Radeblogs (top albums)
Radical Normality (favorite songs)
Radio Free Chicago - Amber (top albums)
Radio Free Chicago - Bill (top albums)
Radio Free Chicago - Matt V (favorite albums)
Radio Free Chicago - Clay (top albums)
Radio Free Chicago - Shani (top albums)
Radio Sweetheart (best albums)
Radio Sweetheart (best songs) - Anngie (top albums)
Radiopetenyi (best albums)
Raffdog's B-log (favorite albums)
Ragged Glories (albums)
Raging Against the Dying of the Light (best songs)
Raised on Indie - Jonathan Cargill (albums)
Ramble On (best albums)
Ramblings of a Bonafide Madman (best albums)
Ramblings of a Worship Pastor (top albums)
Random Thoughts from the Revolution (best albums)
Random Thoughts from the Revolution (best songs)
Rant-a-bit by Scott Hudson (top albums)
Ranting About Music! (best songs)
Rants of a Diva (worst songs)
Rawkblog (best albums)
Rawkblog (best EPs/singles)
Rawkblog (best songs)
Razing the Bar (favorite albums)
Razor X (top albums)
RCRD LBL (top songs)
Readings (best albums)
The Real Christi Kay (top albums)
Real Horrorshow Tunes - Lewi (top albums)
Real Horrorshow Tunes - Nathan (top albums)
The Recommender (best albums)
The Recommender (best music blogs)
The Recommender (best songs)
The Record (best articles about metal)
The Recordstore Blog (top albums)
The Red Collision (albums)
Red Devil in the Kitchen (favorite albums)
Red Threat (best songs)
redefine (notable album covers)
Reevo's Blog (top albums)
Refinery29 (top albums)
Reggaemani (best albums)
Rehearsing the Blues (top albums)
Reid-views (best albums)
Reno News & Review (top albums)
Repeat and Fade (albums)
Resurrection Neon (overlooked albums)
Reverb (best Colorado albums)
Reviler (most overrated artists)
Revinity by Andrew Heaton (albums)
RevThom (best albums)
Rhapsody Soundboard (best albums)
Rhombus (top albums)
Rhombus (top music videos)
Rhombus (top songs)
Rhythm of Our Lives (best albums)
The Rhythym Report (top albums)
The Rials (best albums) (best Richmond albums)
Rickard's Music Blog (best albums)
Riot Reflection (best albums)
Riot Studios (top albums)
The Riots Travel Guide (best albums)
Rise of Teh Silly Pplz (favorite albums)
The Rising Storm (best reissues)
River Cities' Reader (albums)
Riverfront Times (best St. Louis albums)
Riverfront Times (top St. Louis singles & EPs)
Rob Sheffield (artists)
Rob Sheffield (top songs)
Robert Christgau (best albums)
Robotic Insides (best & worst albums)
Rocco's Modern Life (top albums)
The Rock and Roll Guru (favorite albums)
Rock Minutes (favorite albums)
Rock'n'Roll Means Well... (top albums)
The Rock 'N' Roll Oatcake (best albums)
Rock NYC (best albums)
RockNRolly (top albums)
Rocks Off (best music videos)
Rocks Off (rap's most hated people)
Rocks Off (top Houston rap albums)
Rocman Design (top pop & electronic EPs)
Rolling Stone (best albums)
Rolling Stone (best songs)
Rolling Stone - David Fricke (top reissues)
Rollo & Grady (artists' best albums)
Rollo & Grady (best albums)
Ronnie Vod Is Sick and Bored (top albums)
Rose Quartz - Emily Littler (top songs)
Rose Quartz - Gervin (top songs)
Rose Quartz - Max (top songs)
Rough Trade (albums)
RoundLetters (top albums)
RoundLetters (top EPs)
Row Knows (top albums)
Royalkeister United (best albums)
The Ruckus (songs)
RunHundred (best workout songs)
The Runner (top albums)
RoundLetters (top EPs)
rurikid85 (top albums)
Ryan Kelley's Genre Bending Blog (top songs)
Ryan Key (Yellowcard) (albums)

Said the Gramophone (best songs)
The Sala-Blog (favorite albums)
Salacious Sound (best dubstep tracks)
Salacious Sound (best house tracks)
Salad Days Music (top albums)
Salad Days Music (top songs)
Salmon of Rock (top albums)
Salt Lake City Weekly (top albums)
Sam Goldsmith (favorite albums)
Sam-Pol (top albums)
Sampling Whitman (top albums)
San Antonio Current (top albums)
San Jose Mercury News (best world music)
San Jose Mercury News (top classical albums)
Santos Party House (best albums)
Sardless (best albums)
Sasha Frere Jones (best albums & songs)
Saucy Salad (favorite albums)
Saving Country Music (albums)
Say What? (top songs)
Scene[essence] (top albums)
Scheibe Says (albums)
Science Bible Overlaps (albums)
Schrodinger's Blog (top albums)
Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! (albums)
The ScoliosisRacoon (favorite albums)
The Scott Collection (best albums)
Secretly Canadian (albums)
Sentimental Movie Marathon (favorite books)
SFCritic (best songs)
The Search (best albums)
Secret Bunker (best albums)
Secret Peter (top albums)
The Secret Portobello Mushroom (top albums)
seewhyandisee (best albums)
Seismic-Sound (top albums)
The Selected Ballads (top live shows)
The Semantic Verses (top albums)
Semi-Regular Raves 'n' Rants (favorite albums)
The Sentence Salvo (favorite albums)
The Sentient Deli (favorite albums)
Sentimentalist (top albums)
The Separation (albums)
Seth Saith (best albums)
Sexy Gypsy (best albums)
SF Station (best albums)
SFcritic (best EPs)
SFCritic (best songs)
SFCritic (top albums)
Shakers in the Dark (albums)
Shampoo Solo (best albums)
Sheena Beaston (bestalbums)
The Shimmy (best albums)
Shiny Tops & Soda Pops (best albums)
Shoegazing 101 (best shoegaze albums)
Shot From Guns (best albums)
Shout and Twist (albums)
A Shout in the Street (top albums)
Shouting at Music (top albums)
Sick Mouthy (albums)
Side One: Track One (favorite songs)
Side One: Track One (top albums)
Side One Track One (top Austin albums)
Side Street of Life (best albums)
Silent Uproar (top albums)
Silly Old Daniel (top albums)
Shouting at Music (top albums)
The Silent Ballet (top albums)
The Silver Tongue (best indie albums)
Simon Says (songs)
Sinking Ships (top albums)
The Sirens (top albums)
Sitting on My Bed (best albums)
six hundred three score and six (best albums)
Skatterbrain (favorite albums)
Sketches from Memory (top albums)
The Skinny (albums)
Skipz's Spot (best albums)
The Sky Report (best albums)
TheSkysGoneOut (top Goth/Darkwave/Neogoth/Post-Goth/Dark Post-Punk/whatever albums)
Slack-a-gogo (top albums)
Slant (best albums)
Slant (best songs)
Slate (best jazz albums)
The Sleepy Sun (best albums)
Slim Vic (best albums)
The Sloppy Dog (best albums)
Slowcoustic (favourite albums)
Slowcoustic (favourite Canadian albums)
Slowtrain - Matt Hoenes (top albums)
Small Town Romance (best albums)
Smith Knows (favorite albums)
Snob's Music (best albums)
Snob's Music (best Canadian albums)
Snob's Music (best EPs)
Snob's Music (best non-studio albums)
Snob's Music (best songs)
Snob's Music (most disappointing albums)
The Soapbox (best albums)
The Soda Shop (top albums)
Softsynth (best electronic albums)
solarmoo900 (albums)
Solemnchaos (best albums)
Some Call Me Pilmer (albums)
Some Small Culture (albums)
Something Catchy (albums)
Somewhere Between Art and Love (best albums)
Song, by Toad (favorite albums)
Song, by Toad (top songs)
Songlines (best albums)
Songs Save Lives (albums)
Sonic (albums)
Sonic Graphite (worst albums)
Sonic Masala (top albums)
The Sonic Radio of Voices (best albums)
Sonic Router (albums)
Soulmate Records (top albums)
SoulTracks (best albums)
Sound Bites (favorite albums)
Sound Bites (favorite EPs)
Sound Bites (favorite Francophone albums)
Sound Bites (favorite songs)
Sound It Out (top albums)
Sound of the City (worst songs)
The Sound of a Cicada (top albums)
The Sound of Indie (best albums)
Sound of the City (most overlooked songs)
Sound of the Overground (top albums)
Sound on the Sound (top Canadian albums)
Sound on the Sound- Abbey (favorite concerts)
Sound on the Sound - Abbey (favorite non-Seattle albums)
Sound on the Sound - Abbey (favorite songs)
Sound on the Sound - Todd (favorite albums)
The Sound Opinion (top albums)
Soundcheck (top albums)
SoundDessert (best albums)
The Sounding Post (best albums)
SoundRoots (best global albums)
SoundSpike (top boy-girl duets)
Sourmash Music (top albums)
Space Invasion Prayer Alliance (favorite albums)
Spacelab - J.S. McIntosh (best albums)
Spacelab - Jeff Hassey (best albums)
Spatula Forum (top albums)
Speak A&D (top albums)
Speakeasy (best music lists)
Speakers in Code (best albums)
Speakers in Code (best songs)
Spectator (top classical albums)
Speed, Glue & Music (favorite albums)
The Spider Hill (top albums)
Spin (artists' picks)
Spin (best albums)
Spin (best albums you might have missed)
Spinner (best box sets)
Spinner (best Canadian albums)
Spinner (top electronic albums)
Spin (best songs)
Spinner (best jazz albums)
Spinner UK (best albums)
Spinner (best metal albums)
Spinner (best songs)
Spinner (best world music albums)
The Spiral (favorite songs)
Spool Going Round (favorite albums)
Sports Casualties (best songs)
The Sports Juice (top albums)
Spotify (most played albums & songs)
SPUN (top albums)
SRS BZNZ (top albums)
SSG Music (top albums)
St. Petersburg Times (top songs)
Stadiums & Shrines (albums)
Stalky (top albums)
Stark Online (top albums)
Starpulse (biggest songs)
State (albums)
State (EPs)
The Steel Daffodil (best albums)
Steff Metal (top metal albums)
Stereo Killer (top albums)
Stereogum (best new bands)
Stereogum (most overlooked albums)
Stereogum (top albums)
Steve's London Blog (favourite albums)
Still and Still Moving (albums)
Stockton Record (songs)
Stop.Play.Rewind (best albums)
Stranded (top Irish albums and songs)
Strangeluv Music and Film (best albums)
Stuff and Such (best and worst albums)
Stuff Lindsay Bought (top songs)
Stumbling Through (top albums & songs)
The Styrofoam Drone (top albums)
SubBlog (top metal albums)
Suds on Bleeker (albums)
Summer Lovin' Torture Party (top albums)
Sunday Morning Thoughts (most overplayed songs)
Sunday Night Jam Sessions (top albums)
The Sunday Times (albums)
Sunset in the Rearview (top albums)
Sunset in the Rearview (top artist Twitter accounts)
Surfing on Steam (top album covers)
Surfing on Steam (top albums)
The Swag Express (top songs)
Swampland (top songs)
Swan Fungus (top albums)
Swear I'm Not Paul (best Irish EPs)
Swear I'm Not Paul (best Irish songs)
Swear I'm Not Paul (lists by Irish music bloggers & writers)
Swear I'm Not Paul (top albums)
Swear I'm not Paul (top pop songs)
Sweensryche Sez... (top albums)
Sweeping the Nation (albums)
Sweeping the Nation (songs)
Sweeping the Nation - UK Blogger Poll (albums)
SwimmersItch Blog (top albums)
Swish Edition (best albums)
The Swollen Fox (favorite albums)
The Synaptic (Dallas albums)
Synthopia (best free ambient & experimental music)

The Tale of the Tape (best music videos)
Tale of the Tape (best remixes)
Tale of the Tape (top late night television performances)
A Talentless Tragic Kid's Cattle List (top albums)
Tapes on the Floor (favorite albums)
Tapes on the Floor (favorite songs)
Teen Daze (top albums)
Teenage Wasteland (top albums)
Telegraph (best music books)
Teleprompted Anthems (best albums)
Textura (top albums, compilations, EPs, singles)
That Guy with the Glasses (top anime theme songs)
the_random_tapes (best albums)
Theft Liable to Prosecution (favorite albums)
Their Bated Breath (best albums)
Theology and Culture (top albums)
There Goes the Fear (top albums)
There Stands the Glass (top albums, songs, concerts)
There Stands the Glass (top Kansas City music videos)
TheSageofStockwell (top albums)
Things (top albums)
Think Fast, Live Fast (top hip hop albums)
This Is Book's Music (best albums)
This Is My Book (top albums)
This Is the First Day of My Life (top albums)
This Is the Universe (best albums)
This Will Only Take a Second (top albums & songs)
THKD (top metal albums)
Thomasmj99's Music Blog (albums)
Thompson's Bank of Communicable Desire (albums)
Those Who Dig (favorite albums)
Thought for Food (favorite songs)
Thought Porridge (top albums)
Thoughts and Acquisitions (top albums)
Thoughts, Elaborations, and a Blog of Randomness (favorite albums)
Thoughts of Brotherhood (top albums)
Thoughts on Music (EPs)
throughsilver (albums)
Thus Spake Memnathustra (metal albums)
Thwacked (favorite albums)
Tillane's Scribblings (top albums)
Timber and Steel (top albums)
TIME (top albums)
TIME (top songs)
Time Out New York (best kids' albums)
Time Out New York (top albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (favorite albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (top album covers)
Toast 'N Jams (top albums)
ToeZoo (top albums)
Together in Digital Dreams (top albums)
Tom Hull (best jazz albums)
Tom Lane's Music Blog (top albums)
Tom's Insomnia Blog (top albums)
Tomatrax (top albums)
Tonight We Dance (favorite albums)
Tonight We Dance, Tomorrow We Cry. (top albums)
Too Much Music (best albums)
Too Roads (top albums)
Top Politics (best albums)
Total Blindness vs. Blinding Light (best albums)
Total Blindness vs. Blinding Light (best songs)
The Tower Pulse (best albums)
The Towerlight (top albums)
Tracks in Stacks (albums)
Transcendental Waterfall (top albums)
Tranzcontinental (top albums)
Tranzmission (albums)
Treble (best albums)
Treble (best debut albums)
Treble (best EPs)
Treble (top songs)
Tree Cathedrals (top songs)
Trespass (top albums)
Trials + Tribulations (best albums)
Triple J (DJ's top albums)
True Genius Requires Insanity (best albums)
Trumblog (top albums)
Trust Me on This (top albums)
The Truth About Music (top albums)
The Truth About Music (top songs)
Tsururadio (albums)
Tufts Daily (top albums)
Tulane Hullabaloo (best albums & shows)
Tuneful Ruminations (best albums)
Tuomaslotte's Music Journal (bands)
Tuomaslotte's Music Journal (top albums)
Turn It Up (top albums)
Turntable Kitchen (top EPs)
Turntable Kitchen (top vinyl releases)
Twangville (best albums)
Twin Cities Daily Planet (favorite songs)
The Twin Cities Underground (least favorite albums)
Twin Cities Underground (top albums)
The Twin Cities Underground (top songs) (favourite albums)

The UCSD Guardian (best albums)
Ultimate Guitar (top metal albums)
Unabashedly Me (favorite songs)
Uncle Patrick and the Beerable Lightness of Being (favorite albums)
Uncut (albums)
Under the Counter or a Flutter in the Dovecot (albums)
Under the Radar (top albums)
Underdog of Perfection (top albums)
United Monkee (favorite albums)
United States Karaoke Alliance (top karaoke songs)
Unity Is Powerful (top songs)
Unrescuable Schizo (top albums)
Until I Get Married (best hip-hop albums to make out to)
Untitled Records (favorite albums)
The Urban Daily (top albums)
Urban Eyez (top albums)
Urban Outfitters (best albums)
USA Today (kids albums)
Useless Chamber (albums)
UTG Review (best albums)

Vague Space (top songs)
Vallejo Nocturno (albums)
Vancouver Sun (best albums)
Ventvox (best albums)
a very JAYded blog (top albums)
Vibe (best albums)
The View (favorite albums)
A View from the Underground (best hip-hop albums)
The View from Yoorp (albums)
Village Voice - Pazz & Jop Poll (music)
The Vine (top albums)
The Vinyl Anachronist (top albums)
Virgin Media Music Awards (best albums)
Visible Voice (favorite albums)
Viva La Glam (top albums)
Voice of America (albums)
The Voice of Energy (best albums)
Volantes de Privados (albums)
VUE Weekly (top songs)

Wack Delly (best live shows)
Wake Up and Smell the Music (most recommended albums)
Wake Up and Smell the Music (top tracks)
Waller not Weller (best albums)
Wangle (favorite albums)
War at 33 1/3 (best albums)
The War on Pop (best albums & songs)
Warm Sound, Aqueous Transmission (top albums)
The Warnnambool Standard (best albums)
Washington City Paper (top rock 'n' roll songs)
Washington Post (best DC classical albums)
Washington Post (best DC hip-hop albums)
Waterloo Sunset (best albums)
Wayward Blog (favorite songs)
Wayward Blog (favorite vinyl reissues)
WBEZ - Jim DeRogatis (best albums)
We All Want Someone to Shout For (best albums)
We All Want Someone To Shout For (best songs)
We Are Not a Rock Band (best albums)
We Are What We Believe (top albums)
We Listen For You (best 7"'s)
We Listen For You (best albums)
We Listen For You (best EPs)
We Listen For You (best music blogs)
We Listen For You (best new bands/artists)
We Listen For You (best opening tracks)
We Listen For You (best songs)
We Listen For You (worst albums)
We Listen For You - Zach (top albums)
We Love Metal (top albums)
We Write Lists (best albums)
Web in Front (best albums)
Web Pen Blog (favorite albums)
The Weblog of Leonard's Lair (best albums)
Weird Hipster (best albums)
We're Losing Our Edge (albums)
Web in Front (best Los Angeles albums)
WeBe (best dance/electronica albums)
Weekend (best albums)
West Coast Fix (best albums)
West Coast Sound (most exciting L.A. labels)
WFMU DJs (albums)
WFUV (best side projects)
What a Wonderful World (favorite albums)
When Words Meet Heartbeats (favorite albums)
When Words Attack (favorite albums)
WPGU (best albums)
Whale in a Cubicle (top albums)
Where Do You Think These Stairs Go? (best albums)
Where the Girls Go (best albums)
Where Worlds Collide (albums)
Whiskey Teeth (top free albums/mix tapes)
Whiskey Teeth (top hip hop albums)
The Wild Honey Pie (favorite songs)
The Wild Honey Pie (top albums)
The Wild Hunt (top albums)
williamlee_v01 (best albums)
With This I Think I Am Officially a Yuppie (albums)
Within the Whiteness of the Womb (top albums)
WNCW (top albums)
WKNC (best albums)
WNYC Soundcheck (best hip-hop albums)
WNYC Soundcheck (best jazz albums)
WNYC Soundcheck (best world music albums)
Word Is Bond (top albums)
Work in Progress (top albums)
Worlds in a Grain of Sand (best albums)
The Wounded Jukebox (best music videos)
The Wounded Jukebox (top albums)
The Wounded Jukebox (best songs)
The Wounded Jukebox - Sean (top songs)
Writing Well Past Midnight (best albums)
The Written Truth (top hip-hop albums)
The Wrock Snob (top meta-wrock songs)
WWOZ DJs (best albums)
WXPN World Cafe (best live sessions)

xhippieboy music (albums)
XLR8R (best videos)
XLR8R (top mp3 downloads)

The Yellowbird Project (top albums)
Yes. Well. Right. (best songs)
Yet Another Diatribe of Nonsense' (favourite albums)
Yoontunes (albums)
Yorkshire Post (albums)
You Ain't No Picasso (favorite albums)
You Ain't No Picasso (favorite songs)
You Love to Sing (favorite songs)
You May Listen, But You Don't Hear (best albums)
You Must Learn (favorite songs)
You Set the Scene (favorite albums)
You Set the Scene (top Los Angeles albums)
Your Head's Not Right (top songs)

Zach the Ripper (top albums) (top albums)
Zeca Camargo (melhores albuns)
Zeitgeisty Report (best albums)
Zena Metal Wants to Conquer the World (top albums)
Zoinks! Online (top albums)
Zooglobble (best kids songs)
Zooglobble (top kids album packages)
Zooglobble (top kids albums)
Zooglobble (top kids debut albums)

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