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November 21, 2011

2011 Year-End Online Music Lists (Q - Z)

As "best of 2011" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years, updating the list daily.

If you post or see an online 2011 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists), and 2010.

A - D

E - L

M - P

Q (best albums)
The Quad (best albums)
Queens of the Pwn Age (top albums)
Quick Before It Melts (albums)
Quick Before It Melts (songs)
The Quietus (albums)
Quit Mumbling (best albums)
Quit Mumbling (top guest verses)
Quit Mumbling (top mixes)
Quotation Is the National Vice (best albums)

RA (top albums)
RA (top compilations)
RA (top DJs)
RA (top songs)
Radio Petenyi (favorite albums)
Radio Sweetheart Indie (best songs)
Radio Sweetheart Indie (least boring albums)
Radioactive Decay (top albums)
Raging Against the Dying Light (best albums)
Randomness (top albums)
Ranting About Music! (best albums)
Ranting About Music! (best songs)
Rara's Farm (best albums)
Rattlesnake Confusion (albums)
Rawkblog (favorite albums)
Rawkblog (favorite EPs/singles)
Rawkblog (best live videos and bootlegs)
Rawkblog (favorite songs)
RCRD LBL (best albums)
RCRD LBL (best dance albums)
RCRD LBL (best hip-hop albums)
RCRD LBL (favorite songs)
Readings (best albums)
Readings (best classical albums)
Readings (classical albums)
RealViews (top albums)
Rebel Frequencies (most important songs)
The Recommender (best albums)
The Recommender (best music blogs)
The Recommender (best songs)
The Record (top top 40 songs)
Record Geek Heaven (top albums)
Red Bull (best and worst musical collaborations)
RedEye Chicago (top songs)
Rediff (top Hindi songs)
Reid-views (best albums)
Reverb (favorite albums)
Reverb (favorite songs)
Reverb - Eric Grandy (top albums)
Reviler (best albums)
Revolver (best music videos)
RFTmusic (most absurd pop songs)
Rhapsody (best music)
Rhyme & Reason (best albums)
Rich Russo (best albums)
Richmond Playlist (best albums)
Richmond Playlist (best Richmond albums)
Ride the Tempo (top albums)
Right on the Edge (best albums)
Rise (albums)
Rising Storm (best reissues)
River City Reader (favorite songs)
Rivers Are Damp (top albums)
RJ on Jazz (best jazz albums)
Rob Mallory Sr. (top albums)
Robert Spuhler (favorite albums) (favourite albums)
RobotPigeon (cool music artists)
Rocco's Modern Life (favorite albums)
Rock 'N' Roll Will Save Your Soul (favorite albums)
Rocks Off (best non-Houston rap albums)
Rocks Off (best songs you didn't hear)
Rocks Off (top albums)
Rolling Stone (best albums)
Rolling Stone (best music apps)
Rolling Stone (best under the radar albums)
Rolling Stone (best under the radar reissues)
Rolling Stone Readers' Poll (best albums)
Rollo & Grady (top albums)
Rollo & Grady (top EPs and singles)
Rollo & Grady (top songs)
Room-Noise (favorite albums)
Rose Quartz - Gervin (top songs)
Rose Quartz - Richard (top songs)
Rose Quartz - Tim (top songs)
Rough Trade (albums)
A Round World Through Square Glasses (favorite songs)
Roy Christopher (music)
Roy Stannard's Blog (top albums)
Royalkeister United (top albums)
The Ruckus (best albums)
The Ruckus (songs)
The Ruckus - Ben Morse (best albums)
Ruelvolution (top albums)

Sacred Cowpats (top albums)
Said the Gramophone (best songs)
The Saint Rose Chronicle (top rap/hip-hop/R&B albums/mixtapes)
The Sala-Blog (favorite albums)
Salad Days Music (top albums)
Salon (catchiest songs)
Salon (most underrated albums)
Salt Lake City Weekly (top albums)
Salt Lake Magazine (albums)
San Antonio Current (best San Antonio albums)
San Diego CityBeat (best and worst albums)
San Diego Reader (top San Diego jazz albums)
Sanders Says (favorite albums)
Sasha Frere-Jones (favorite albums)
Scoaustin (top albums)
Scots Whay Hae! (top songs)
Scott's Breakaway (top albums)
Scottish Daily Record (best albums)
Scotty B's Music Diary (top albums)
Screen Invasion (best albums)
The Search (best albums)
Seattle Peach (favorite albums)
Seattle Times (music videos)
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Blog No Evil (best songs)
Self-titled Daily (top albums)
Sentimentalist (top albums)
The Setonian (top albums)
Seriously, Who Arted? (top albums)
SFCritic - Angela Bacca (best albums)
SFCritic - David Johnson-Igra (best albums)
SFCritic - Patrick Kelly (best albums)
SFCritic - Will (best albums)
Sharingforce (top albums)
SheBomb (favorite albums)
She's Lost Control (top albums)
She's Lost Control (top songs)
SheWired (best videos) (top albums)
Shrink Blog (best songs)
Sick Mouthy (albums)
Side One: Track One (albums)
Sign on San Diego (favorite albums)
Signs and Wonders (top albums)
Silence Nogood (best dubstep remixes)
The Silver Tongue (best albums)
The Silver Tongue (top indie hip hop albums)
Simon Says (songs)
Simple Mom (favorite albums)
Six Water Grog Blog (best albums)
Sketches from Memory (top albums)
Slashmark (favorite albums)
Slate (best jazz albums)
Sloane Ranger (best cover art)
Sloane Ranger (best EPs)
Sloane Ranger (best music videos)
Smart & Angry (top albums)
Snob's Music (best albums)
Snob's Music (best Canadian albums)
Snob's Music (best EPs)
Snob's Music (most disappointing albums)
SNSPost (albums)
So This Is What the Volume Knob Is for (albums)
Softsynth (best electronic albums)
Something Else! (top blues and R&B albums)
Something Else! (top fusion jazz albums)
Something Else! (top hard rock and metal albums)
Something Else! (top live and reissue albums)
Something Else! (top mainstream and modern jazz albums)
Something Else! (top non-jazz albums)
Something Else! (top reissues)
Something Else! (top rock and pop albums)
Something Else! (top whack jazz albums)
Something Else! - Mark Saleski (top albums)
somevelvetblog (favorite albums)
Song by Toad (albums)
Song by Toad (favourite songs)
Song-o-Matic (best albums)
Songs on Repeat - George (best albums)
songsfortheday (favorite songs)
Songtrust (top songwriters)
The Sound of a Cicada (top albums)
Sound on the Sound (favorite Seattle EPs, cassettes, & 45s)
Sound on the Sound (top Canadian albums)
Sound on the Sound (top songs)
Sound on the Sound - Kathleen (favorite albums)
Sound on the Sound - Kathleen (favorite EPs)
Sound Rating (worst albums)
Sound Thought (albums)
SoundDessert (best albums)
SoundsXP (best albums, songs,live acts)
Spades (best albums)
Spartan Chronicle - Katie Kather (best albums)
Spartan Chronicle - Melissa Beneke (top Christian albums)
Spartan Chronicle - Nolan Siegler (top albums)
Spartan Chronicle - Toussaint Egan (albums)
Spatula Forum (favourite albums)
Speak A&D Blog (top albums)
Speak Into My Good Eye (top albums)
Speakers in Code (best songs)
SPIN (best albums)
SPIN (best avant albums)
SPIN (best dance albums)
SPIN (best metal albums)
SPIN (best rap albums)
SPIN (best songs)
SPIN (mixtapes)
Spinner (albums)
Spinner (best dance songs)
Spinner (best songs)
Spirit Bear (favorite albums)
spoiledBROKE! (top albums)
spoiledBROKE! (top DMV mixtapes)
Spotify (most popular songs)
Sputnikmusic - Matt (albums)
Sputnikmusic (songs)
SSG Music (top albums)
Stadiums & Shrines (albums)
Staggering Wallpaper (top albums)
Stanford Daily (best albums)
Star Works (best albums)
State (albums)
State (top songs)
Staying Up Too Late... (songs) (top albums)
The Stereo Williams Show (best albums)
Stereogum (best new bands)
Stereogum (best rap guest verses)
Stereogum (most downloaded songs)
Stereogum (top albums)
Stereogum (top music videos)
Stereogum - Readers' Poll (albums)
Stereo/Pirate (top digital albums)
Stop Making Sense (favorite albums and songs)
Strangeluv Music and Film (worst/most disappointing albums)
The Studio (female-fronted albums)
Stuff (best New Zealand albums)
Stylus Magazine (favorite albums)
The Styrofoam Drone (top albums)
Sub Meditation Music (top UK bass albums)
Sun on the Sand (top albums)
Sunset in the Rearview (top albums)
Sunset in the Rearview (top mixtapes and EPs)
Sunset in the Rearview (best songs)
Surfing on Steam (top albums)
Surfing on Steam (top songs)
Surfing on Steam (top videos)
Surrounding Sounds (top albums)
Surrounding Sounds (top remixes)
The Swag Express (top albums)
Swan Fungus (top albums)
Swan Fungus (top music lists)
Swarthmore College Daily Gazette (favorite albums)
Swear I'm Not Paul (top country singles)
Swear I'm Not Paul (top hip-hop albums)
Sweatin' Champagne (top albums)
Sweeping the Nation (albums)
The Synesthetic Fugue Incident (albums)

Tablet (albums)
Taco Cart Productions (top albums)
Taco Press (top albums)
Take 40 (best albums)
Tantrum (top albums)
Tapes on the Floor (favorite albums)
Taste of Country (albums)
Taste of Country (top songs)
Team Goldenplec (best Irish albums)
Team Hellions (top albums)
Ted Giola (best albums)
Telegraph - Lucy Jones (favourite albums)
Telugu Songs Lyrics (top Telugu songs)
Teshno (albums)
Textura (favourite labels)
Textura (top albums, compilations, EPs, singles)
That's Deck (albums)
That's Deck (music videos)
TheBeatDFW (top hip-hop songs)
theBlippity (top albums)
Theft Liable to Prosecution (favorite albums) (top albums)
Their Bated Breath (best songs)
theMaxOnline (best albums)
Theology for the Birds (best albums)
There Goes the Fear (top albums)
There Stands the Glass (best albums and songs)
TheSkysGoneOut (best goth/darkwave EPs)
Thick Specs (favourite albums)
Thin Line Between Stupid and Clever (favorite albums)
Thingz I Consume (favorite albums)
Things So Impossible (music)
Thinking Out Loud (albums you may have missed)
This Beat Goes (top hip hop albums)
This Is Awkward (best albums)
This Is Book's Music (best albums)
This Man's World (best songs)
ThisAintThat (top albums)
Thismusicwins (albums)
Those Who Dig - Kyle (best albums)
Those Who Dig - Steve (top albums)
Those Who Dig (best songs)
Thought Porridge (top albums)
A Thousand Guitars (top songs)
Thrash Hits (top albums)
Thrash Hits - Amit Sharma (top albums)
Thrash Hits (contributors' top albums)
Thrash Hits - Hugh Platt (top albums)
Three tha Hard Way (top albums)
Through the Shattered Lens (top metal albums)
The Tidal Wave of Indifference (best albums)
The Tidal Wave of Indifference (best compilations)
Time (best albums)
Time Out New York (best kids' albums)
To Eleven (best albums)
To Eleven - Jason (top albums)
Tons More Cowbell (EPs)
Tons More Cowbell (top albums)
Top of the Dial (best albums)
Toronto Star (albums)
Total Darkness vs. Blinding Light (top albums)
Totally Biased (hip-hop songs)
TouchTunes (music)
Trash Lounge (top songs)
Treble (best hip-hop albums)
Treble (best metal albums)
Treble (top albums)
Treble (top songs)
Tree Cathedrals (top songs)
The Triangle (best hip-hop albums)
The Triforce (top albums)
The Truth About Music (top songs)
Tuned In (best albums)
Tuned In (top country albums)
Turn It Up (top albums)
Triple J (emerging Australian artists)
Tulsa World (songs and albums)
Tuomaslotte's Music Journal (top albums)
Turn Off the Radio (best albums)
Turtology (favourite albums)
Twangville (best albums)
TwentyFourBit (best cover songs)
TWIST (favorite albums)
twodudesconcertreviews - Jarrod (top albums)
Tympanogram - Andy (best albums)
Tympanogram - Brendan (best albums)
Tympanogram - Dave (best albums)
Tympanogram - Eli (best albums)
Tympanogram - Rhys (best albums)
Tympanogram - Rich (best albums)
Tympanogram - Will (best albums) (favourite albums)

UCLAradio (top songs)
Ultima Music Blog (favorite albums)
Uncle E's Musical Nightmares (best albums)
Uncut (top albums)
Under the Radar (best Christmas albums) (best albums)
The University Observer (best albums)
Untitled Records (favorite albums)
Up on the Sun (top albums)
Up on the Sun (top cover songs)
Up on the Sun (top Latin songs)
Up on the Sun (top music videos)
Up on the Sun (top songs)
Up on the Sun (worst songs)
Up on the Sun - Chase Kamp (top albums)
Up on the Sun - Jason P. Woodbury (favorite songs)
The Up-Turn (best songs)
Upper Extremities (best albums)
Upside Sounds (top remixes)

Vainzine (favorite albums)
Vambient (best albums)
Vancouver Observer (best indie albums)
Vancouver Sun (top albums)
Velvet Owl Gig Collective (best albums)
Ventura County Star (best albums)
The View from College (favorite albums)
The Vinyl District (best cover art)
Virginia Is for Maugles (top albums)
Vox Talk (top guitar albums)
The Voyager (best albums)
Vulture (favorite songs)

wackdelly (best songs)
Washington City Paper (best Washington albums)
Washington City Paper (best Washington songs)
Water Dissolves Water (top albums)
Waubgeshig Rice (top albums)
Wax Lyrical (best albums)
WBEZ (best songs)
WBEZ - Jim DeRogatis (best albums)
WBEZ - Jim DeRogatis (worst albums)
WDPK (top albums)
We Eat So Many Shrimp (best rap tapes)
We Listen for You (best vinyl)
We Listen for You (top EPs)
We Listen for You (top music blogs)
We Listen for You - Hank (top albums)
We Listen for You - Hank (top songs)
We Listen for You - Zach (top albums)
We pass the time of day to forget how time passes (best albums)
We Should Just Live in Cake Light (favorite songs)
Web Pen Blog (favorite albums)
Weekender (best albums)
Weekly Tape Deck (favorite albums)
The Weird Fishes (best albums)
Welcome to this World (top albums)
West Coast Sound (top LA albums)
The Westovar(ian) (albums)
Westword (best Denver albums)
WFMU DJs (favorite music)
WFPK - Sean (top albums)
WhatCulture! (best albums)
Whatever Takes Your Fancy (top albums)
When Words Meet Heartbeats (favorite albums)
The Wheel's Still in Spin (favorite albums)
The Wheel's Still in Spin (favorite EPs)
Where Pen Meets Paper (top albums)
The Whole Music Experience (top classical and early music recordings)
The Whole Music Experience (top world and jazz albums)
Wild Hearts, Blue Jeans, & White T-Shirts (best albums)
Wild Hearts, Blue Jeans, & White T-Shirts (best songs)
The Wild Honey Pie (top albums)
The Wild Honey Pie (top songs)
The Wild Honey Pie (top EPs)
The Wild Hunt (top albums)
Wild Mercury Sound (albums)
Windbriefs (top metal albums)
Winnie Cooper (top albums)
Wired (top songs)
WNYC (best concept albums)
Word Is Bond (top music videos)
Words of Wisdom (best albums)
Work It Media (albums)
World Around Richa (top club songs)
WOUB (albums)
WOUB (albums)
WOUB (albums)
The Wounded Jukebox (best albums)
The Wounded Jukebox (best songs)
The Wounded Jukebox (best videos)
The Wounded Jukebox - Sean (best songs)
WQHS (best albums)
WTSR (best albums)

XLR8R (best albums)
XLR8R (best labels)
XLR8R (best new artists)
XLR8R (top song downloads)
XOXO Jes (top Christmas albums)
XXXO (worst albums)

Yes! Weekly (best Carolinas albums)
You Ain't No Picasso (favorite albums)
You Ain't No Picasso (favorite songs)
You're Making Your SELF Angry (top albums and EPs)

Zena Metal Wants to Conquer the World (top albums)
Zimbio (sexiest music videos)
Zombie Music Blog (favorite albums)

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