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November 21, 2011

2011 Year-End Online Music Lists (M - P)

As "best of 2011" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years, updating the list daily.

If you post or see an online 2011 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists), and 2010.

A - D

E - L

Mac McCaughan (music)
The Mad Mackerel - Polly Pocket (top albums)
Magnet (best electronic albums)
Magnet (best hard rock albums)
Magnet (best hidden treasures albums)
Magnet (best hip hop albums)
Magnet (best indie roots albums)
Magnet (best jazz albums)
Magnet (best noise albums)
Magnet (best punk/hardcore albums)
Magnet (best reissues)
Magnet (best singer-songwriter albums)
Magnet (best world music albums)
Magnet (top albums)
The Maine Campus (top albums)
Majamaki (top albums)
Make Major Moves (top albums)
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (best albums)
Mapped By What Surrounded Them (songs)
Mark Larson (favorite albums)
Mary Costa Photography Blog (top albums)
Mat's Music Blog (best albums)
Matthew Alexander Multimedia (most disappointing albums)
Matthew Alexander Multimedia (top albums)
Matthew Alexander Multimedia (top songs)
Max Blau (best albums and songs)
The Mayward Blog (favorite albums)
Me, and All My Friends (best albums)
Me and Music Call It Insanity (best albums)
Meatysauce Review (favourite songs)
Mediaeater (top EPs)
Meet Shane (top albums)
Melophobe (best electronic albums)
Melophobe (best hip-hop albums/mixtapes)
Melted Spinning Plastic (best albums)
Menoselricky's Blog (top albums)
Mermaids Under the Wharf - Joshua (best albums)
Mermaids Under the Wharf - Marc (best albums)
Metacritic (best and worst reviewed albums)
Metacritic (ranked aggregation of music critic lists)
Metal Assault (top albums)
Metal CallOut (most disappointing metal albums)
The Metal of Honor (top albums)
Metal Injection (top metal viral videos)
Metal Injection (top music videos)
Metal Injection (top albums)
Metal Insider (favorite albums)
Metal Odyssey (top hard rock songs)
Metal Only. No Rubbish (best cover songs)
MetalSucks (best metal albums)
MetalSucks - Anso DF (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Axl Rosenberg (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Bob Cock (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Corey Mitchell (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Dave Mustein (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - D.X. Ferris (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Gary Suarez (top hardcore albums)
MetalSucks - Kellhammer (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Leyla Ford (top metal albums)
MetaSucks - Kim Kelley (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Leyla Ford (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Nicholas Pell (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Sammy O'Hagar (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Satan Rosenbloom (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Shanbomb (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Vic Vaughn (top metal albums)
MetalSucks (Vince Neilstein) (best metal albums)
Metaphorical Boats (top albums) (albums)
Metrojolt (favorite rap/hip-hop artists)
Metrojolt (top breakout artists)
Metrojolt (top independent record labels)
Mezzic (top albums)
Mezzic - John (top albums)
Miami New Times (best Miami albums, EPs, and mixtapes)
Michelle Owen (top songs)
Middleclasswhitenoise (favorite albums)
Minneapolis City Pages (Twin Cities music)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (albums)
Minnesota Daily (top albums)
Mishka Bloglin (top EPs)
Mishka Bloglin (top hip hop albums)
Mishka Bloglin (top metal albums)
Mission: Geek (top albums)
Mixmag (albums)
Mixtape Muse (top albums) (top jazz albums)
Modern Life Is Rubbish (best songs)
Modern Post (best albums)
MOJO (top electronica albums)
Monkey Defies Gravity (top albums)
Monobrow Sounds Off... (best albums)
Monterey County Weekly (reissues)
Montreal Gazette (albums)
Montreal Gazette (best albums and songs)
The Morning After (top albums)
Mostly Junk Food (top hip-hop songs)
Mostly Midwest (favorite albums)
Mother Jones (top albums)
mp3hugger (top songs)
MPC - JDK (favorite albums and songs)
Mr Douglas Anderson (albums)
Mr. Walker's CCS Blog (top albums)
Ms. Blog (albums by women)
MTV (best songs)
MTV (biggest pop music trends)
MTV (best albums)
MTV Hive - Matt Pinfield (best albums)
Muruch (top albums)
The Muse in Music (top albums)
The Muse in Music (top songs)
The "Music Always Gives Me a Lift" Blog (best albums)
Music Buzzlist (top albums)
Music. Defined. (top albums)
Music. Defined. (top songs)
Music Emissions (top albums)
The Music Fix (albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best music videos)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best songs)
Music for Nomes (top albums)
Music Is Dead (worst songs)
Music Is My Drug of Choice (favourite albums)
Music Jerk Rob's Music Blog (favorite albums)
Music Makes the World Go Round (favorite albums)
Music Minded (top albums)
The Music Moms (best albums)
Music Ruined My Life (top songs)
Music Savage (top albums)
Music Snobbery (top albums)
Music to Die for (top songs)
Music Universe (best albums)
The Music's Over (favorite albums)
Music-Critic Contributors (top albums) (best albums)
MusicRadar (best albums)
Musings of a Geek Bear (favorite albums)
Muso's Guide (albums)
MuuMuuse (top albums)
Muzic Pimp (top albums)
Muzzle of Bees (best albums)
My Kind of Country - Occasional Hope (top albums)
My Kind of Country - Razor X (best albums)
My World (favorite albums)
myboytheriotgirl (prettiest songs)
The Mystery Spot (songs)

Nacional Records Staff (top albums)
Naija Whistle (top Naija albums)
Naija Whistle (top Naija songs)
Naive Harmonies (best albums)
Naive Harmonies (best songs)
The National (best classical albums)
The National (music books)
National Post (favourite albums)
National Sunday Blog (favorite albums)
Natural Beardy (albums)
The Needle Drop (favorite albums)
The Needle Drop (favorite singer-songwriter albums)
Nerdy and Bookish (top albums)
Never Enough Notes (top songs)
New Age of Absurdity (top songs)
New Jawn (favorite albums)
New Jawn (best mixtapes)
New on My Playlist (favourite albums)
New York Fruit Stand (favourite songs)
New York Magazine (top albums)
New York Post (top albums)
New York Times (boxed sets)
New York Times (gift albums recommended by Texas independent record stores)
New York Times (holiday albums)
New York Times (top classical albums)
New York Times - Ben Ratliff (albums)
New York Times - Jon Caramanica (albums)
New York Times - Jon Pareles (albums)
New York Times - Nate Chinen (albums)
New Yorker (best classical albums)
New Yorker (best music lists)
The News Record (top albums) (best albums)
Nialler9 (top albums)
Nialler9 (top new artists)
Nialler9 (top songs)
Nialler9 - Readers' Poll (top Irish songs)
Nibbishment (top albums)
The Nicsperiment (best albums)
The Night Mail (favourite albums)
Night of the Living Trev (favorite albums)
Nik's Ramblings (albums)
Nine Bullets - Hoss (albums)
Nine Bullets - Autopsy IV (favorite albums)
Nine Bullets - John W. Allman (top songs)
Nine Bullets - Romeo Sid Vicious (top albums)
Nine Bullets - Sean (top albums)
NME (cool musical artists)
No-Alternative Daily (best albums)
No Clean Singing (albums)
No Fear of Pop (top songs)
No Genre (top albums)
No Gift for the Gab (best albums)
No Jumper (top albums and mixtapes)
No More Workhorse (top albums)
No-Core Blog (best albums)
Noble Ex (favorite albums)
NOISE (top Michigan albums)
The Noise Made By People (favorite albums)
Noisecreep (best metal albums)
Non-Random Thoughts and Opinions (albums)
Nonstop Sound (best New York music)
Nordic Music Prize (albums by Nordic artists)
Not Just Movies (best albums)
Novels & Mixtapes (music)
NOW Magazine (top albums)
NOW Magazine - Jason Keller (top albums)
Now I've Heard Everything (best albums)
Now I've Heard Everything (best songs)
NPR (best folk albums)
NPR (best house songs)
NPR (best music books)
NPR (favorite new artists)
NPR (favorite new bands)
NPR (hipstep songs)
NPR (reissues)
NPR (top dancehall songs)
NPR Music (favorite albums)
nyctaper (top concert moments)
NYU Local (favorite albums)

Obscure Sound (best albums)
Observer - Kitty Empire (best pop albums)
Oceans Never Listen (best albums)
Oceans Never Listen (best songs)
Off Season Commish (top albums)
Off the Radar (favorite albums)
Off the Record (best albums)
Oh So Fresh (top albums)
Oh So Fresh (top music blogs)
Oh, to Vex Me (best songs)
Ohmpark (top albums)
Ohmpark (top music videos)
Ohmpark (top songs)
Okayplayer (top albums)
The Old Man at the Show (favorite songs)
Old Waver (top albums)
Ology (songs)
Ology (top indie/alternative albums)
The Omelette Chronicles (underrated albums)
OMFG Music (best albums)
omgnyc (albums)
On Our Sleeves (best albums)
On the Beat (best albums)
On That Note (top albums)
on-Tenori-on (top EPs)
on-Tenori-on (top music videos)
on-Tenori-on (top songs)
One Chord to Another (best albums)
One Chord to Another (Finnish albums)
One in Ten Words (favourite albums)
One in Ten Words (best songs)
One Thirty BPM (top albums)
One Thirty BPM (top classical albums)
One Thirty BPM (top EPs)
One Thirty BPM (top music videos) (favorite songs)
The Oracle (albums)
Orange County Register (best albums)
Orlando Weekly (best albums)
Otago Daily Times (best albums)
Other Music (top new albums and reissues)
Ottawa Citizen (top albums)
Ottawa Citizen (top Ottawa indie albums)
Ottawa Citizen (top Ottawa indie albums)
Outnumbered (favorite albums)
Ovacord (top albums)
Overmuziek (music)
The Owl Mag (best albums)

Pacificeclectic (favorite vocal albums)
Pages Stuck Together (favorite albums)
Pampelmousse (best albums)
The Panic Manual - Steve (best albums)
The Panic Manual - Paul (favourite albums)
The Panic Manual (favourite Canadian albums)
Panopticon Blog (top albums)
The Pansentient League (top electronic albums)
Parrotized (favorite albums)
Partly Porpoise (albums)
Pasadena Weekly (best albums)
Passion of the Weiss (top albums)
Passion of the Weiss (top hip-hop songs)
Passion of the Weiss - Douglas Martin (top 7" singles)
Paste (best albums)
Paste (best cover songs)
Paste (best new bands)
Paste (best songs)
Pastor Matt (best albums)
Pattern Against User (best albums)
Patriot Ledger (albums)
Paul Rosevear (top albums)
Paul's Weekly Listen (favorite albums)
Pedestrian (top Australian albums and songs)
Peenko (albums)
Pegasus News (top North Texas artists)
Performative Utterance (best albums)
A Personal Record (favourite albums)
Perspective from the Inside (best albums)
Peter Kreten (favorite albums)
Phil Dzikiy (top albums)
PhotogMusic (best remixes)
Philadelphia Citypaper (top classical albums)
PhotogMusic (top Canadian albums)
Phuturelabs (top albums)
Phuturelabs (top songs)
Piccadilly Records (albums)
Piccadilly Records (box sets)
Piccadilly Records (compilations)
Piccadilly Records (reissues)
Pigeons & Planes (best albums)
Pigeons & Planes (most surprising music stories)
Pinch Harmonics and Pigskin (top metal albums)
Pingree's Music Reviews (music)
Pink Is the New Blog (top albums)
Pinpoint Music (top metal albums)
Pirage Forsi's Metalopolis (favorite thrash metal albums)
Pitchfork (best metal albums)
Pitchfork (top albums)
Pitchfork (top music videos)
Pitchfork (top songs)
Pitchfork (worst album covers)
Pinpoint Music (top metal albums)
Pirage Forsi's Metalopolis (melodic albums)
Pithy Title Here (best albums)
Plastic Beatitude (top albums)
Platform (best songs)
The Point of Everything (favorite Irish songs)
Pop & Hiss - August Brown (top albums)
Pop & Hiss - Gerrick D. Kennedy (best L.A. hip-hop and R&B)
Pop & Hiss - Margaret Wappler (top albums)
Pop & Hiss - Randy Lewis (top albums)
Pop & Hiss - Todd Martens (top albums)
Pop! Bang! Boom! (favorite albums)
The Pop Cop (best albums)
The Pop Cop (best songs)
Pop Culture Beast (top albums)
Pop Headwound (albums)
Pop Headwound (songs)
The POP! Stereo (top albums)
Popblerd!! (best albums)
Popbytes (favorite albums)
Popdose (top albums)
Popdose - Jeff Giles (favorite albums)
Popdust (favorite songs)
PopJustice (top albums)
PopMatters (artists)
PopMatters (best albums)
PopMatters (best alternative songwriters)
PopMatters (best Americana albums)
PopMatters (best bluegrass albums)
PopMatters (best Canadian albums)
PopMatters (best country albums)
PopMatters (best electronic albums)
PopMatters (best hip-hop albums)
PopMatters (best indie pop albums)
PopMatters (best indie rock albums)
PopMatters (best jazz albums)
PopMatters (best metal albums)
PopMatters (best new and emerging artists)
PopMatters (best pop-punk albums)
PopMatters (best producers)
PopMatters (best progressive rock)
PopMatters (best reissues)
PopMatters (best rhythm and blues album)
PopMatters (best songs)
PopMatters (best women in rock )
PopMatters (best world music albums)
PopMatters (most disappointing albums)
PopMatters (worst albums)
Pop 'stache (favorite albums)
Porky Prime Cuts (albums)
Port City Music (top albums)
Powerpopaholic (top power pop albums)
Prefix (best mixtapes)
Prefix (top albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best songs)
Primary Ignition (top albums)
The Prophet Blog (best albums)
Proxart (best albums)
Proxart (best songs)
Pullen My Blog (favorite albums)
Pwelbs (top Chicago albums)

Q - Z

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