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November 21, 2011

2011 Year-End Online Music Lists (E - L)

As "best of 2011" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years, updating the list daily.

If you post or see an online 2011 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists), and 2010.

A - D

Each Note Secure (favorite albums)
Ears Against Atrophy (top songs)
Eaten by Monsters (top albums)
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram (albums)
Eclectic Eavesdropping (favourite albums)
Eclectic Grooves (best albums)
Editorial Emissions (top mixtapes)
Edward Blake (top albums)
Electric Goose (top songs)
Electric Skies (favorite shoegaze albums)
Electric Summer (best albums)
elinpike (best albums)
Emotional Drumming (favorite albums)
EmptyWordsAreNotEnough's Blog (top blog) (top albums)
The Epoch Times (best albums)
Equivoke (top albums)
Esquire (best songs)
Eternal Thoughts of Kevin's Mind (best albums and songs)
Every Day Is a New Day (best albums)
Examiner (top country music albums)
Examiner (top urban pop/R&B songs)
Exclaim! (best dance and electronic albums)
Exclaim! (best hip-hop albums)
Exclaim! (best improv & avant-garde albums)
Exclaim! (metal)
Exclaim! (best pop & rock albums)
Exclaim! (best punk albums)
Exclaim! (best soul & world albums)
Exclaim! (most disappointing albums)
Exclaim! (top Canadian music videos)
Exclaim! (top NSFW videos)
Exclaim! (top rap mixtapes)
Exclaim! (worst album covers)
Exile from Conformity (best albums)
The Exposer (best albums)
Extranea (best albums)

FACT (best albums)
FACT (best breakthrough artists)
FACT (best labels)
FACT (best reissues)
FACT (best sleeves)
The Factual Opinion (top songs)
fairlykickass (best albums)
The Falcon's Nest (favorite albums)
Farmboy: The Interview (favorite albums)
Fast Action (worst albums)
The Faster Times (top songs)
Female First (breakthrough acts)
Female First (worst albums)
FemaleNetwork (albums)
Fernando Gros (favourite songs)
Fervor Coulee (favourite bluegrass albums)
Fervor Coulee (favourite roots albums)
Fids and Kamily (best kids and family albums)
Filles Sourires (favorite French albums, reissues and songs)
Filles Sourires - Sami (favorite French songs)
Filter (top albums)
Final Broadcast (favorite albums)
The Finest Kiss (albums)
The Finest Kiss (best reissues)
Fingertips (free and legal song downloads)
First Order Historians (best albums)
First Order Historians (best songs)
A Fistful of Awesome (favorite albums)
Fitness NYC (best workout songs)
Flavorwire (best dark and weird albums)
Flavorwire (best debut albums)
Flavorwire (best indie-pop singles and albums)
Flipside Sounds (top albums)
Fluxblog (songs)
Fly Guy Music Blog (best albums)
Folkways Magazine (best albums)
Folly of Youth (top albums)
Food for the Soul (favorite albums)
Food Justice (best albums)
Food, Music, God (best albums)
Forensics (top dubstep albums)
Forrest Wu (top albums)
FoxyNC (albums)
The Free Press (top Portland albums)
Frequency (best albums)
Freshside New York (top rappers)
Fresno Stories (best albums)
Fresno Stories (best songs)
Friends With Both Arms (best albums and songs)
From a Mess to the Masses (best albums)
From a Mess to the Masses (top songs)
From Jake's Mind (favorite albums)
From the Pharmacy of Dr. Spin (favorite albums)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best cover songs)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best hip-hop albums)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best metal albums)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best music videos)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best psychedelic albums)
Frontier Psychiatrist (best songs)
Frontier Psychiatrist (overlooked 2010 albums)
Fuel/Friends (favorite albums)
Fuzzy Thoughts (top albums)

Gaby Borromeo (best albums)
Gaffa (top Danish albums)
Galactic Tides (favourite albums)
GalleyCat (best writing music)
The Gauntlet (best albums)
Gears of Rock (top hard rock & heavy metal albums)
A General Malcontent (best albums)
Generic Flow (top albums)
Get It Hot and Fresh (top albums)
Getintothis (top albums)
Ghetto Blasters & Switch Blades (favorite albums)
Gibson (top rock albums)
Gimme Noise (best albums)
Gimme Noise (most overrated artists)
Gimme Noise (most underrated artists)
Gimme Tinnitus (best music videos)
Gimme Tinnitus (favorite free albums)
Gimme Tinnitus (favorite songs)
Give Pop a Chance! (top albums)
Given and Taken in Ink (best albums)
Glide (top albums)
GlobalGrind (favorite albums)
GlobalGrind (top hip-pop albums)
GlobalGrind (top mixtapes)
Golden Bloggen (top albums)
GoldFlakePaint (top songs)
Good to Hear (favorite albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (cool artists)
Gorilla vs. Bear (songs)
Gorilla vs. Bear (videos)
GotchaMovies (best movie soundtracks)
Grand Rapids Press (best albums)
Gratuitous World (favorite albums)
Grayowl Point (top Canadian albums)
Grayowl Point (best EPs)
Great American Country (favorite country albums)
Great Moments Move Through You (favorite albums)
Guardian (best albums)
Guardian Critics (albums and songs)
Guerolitomusic (best EPs)
Guerolitomusic (best videos)
Guitar World - Damian Fanelli (top albums)
Guitar World - Tony Grassi (top albums)

The Hairpin - Bianca Mendez (best songs)
Halo 19 (top albums)
The Hardest Button to Button (most disappointing albums)
The Hardest Button to Button (most overrated albums)
Hartford Courant (top albums)
Harvest Moon Music (top albums)
Headbang (best new bands)
Headbang (top albums)
Headphone Candy (favorite albums)
Headphone Candy (favorite songs)
Hearing Things (top albums)
Hearingade (top albums)
Hearsoundswrite (best albums)
HearYa (best EPs)
A Heart Is a Spade (top albums)
HearYa (best albums)
Heaven Is an Incubator (favorite albums)
Heavy Blog Is Heavy - DamienTheOmen (top albums)
Heavy Blog Is Heavy - Dormition (top albums)
Heavy Blog Is Heavy - J Bobski (top albums)
Heavymatters (worst metal albums) (top albums)
Herokids (top albums)
Herokids (top songs)
Hi, This Is Derek (best albums)
Hickory Wind (favorite albums)
Hidden Track (best live archival albums)
High Fives (top albums)
Higher Ed Music Critics - Andy (top albums)
Higher Ed Music Critics (top music news)
Hip Hop Snobs (favorite songs)
Hip-Hop Takeover (top guilty pleasure songs)
Hip-Hop Takeover (top Milwaukee hip-hop artists)
HipHoPolitic Blog (best albums/mixtapes)
Hipster Spinster (best albums) (top songs)
Hits Snooze Twice (favorite albums)
Hollywire (most overplayed songs)
Hollywood Reporter (top albums)
Hollywood Reporter (top songs)
Hope & Anchor (top albums)
HousePlanet.DJ (highest ranked DJs by social popularity)
Houston Press (top Houston albums)
HTMLGIANT (top black metal albums)
Huffington Post - Ben E. Kessler (favorite albums)
Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies (favorite albums)
Human Drizzle (favourite songs)
Hurple Hoopla (favorite albums)
Hypebot (top songwriters)

I Gotta Shine (favorite songs)
I Guess I'm Floating (best songs)
I Guess I'm Floating (top albums)
I Have Ordinary Addictions (top albums)
I Heard a Song Today (top albums)
I Listen So You Don't Have To (favorite albums)
I Listen So You Don't Have To (favorite artists)
I Listen So You Don't Have To (favorite EPs)
I Listen So You Don't Have To (favorite metal albums)
I Listen So You Don't Have To (favorite rap /R&B albums)
I Love You to the Max (top albums)
I Rock Cleveland (best albums)
I Speak (albums)
I Want to Give You a Headache (top albums)
I Was Young When I Left Home (songs)
"I've lost my place but I can't stop this story" (top albums)
Idealize LA (albums)
Ickmusic - Mark (top albums)
Ickmusic - Pete (top albums)
Idolator (best album covers)
Idolator (favorite albums)
Idolator (highest grossing tours)
If You Want to Sing Out (favourite albums)
IGN (top albums)
iGuide (best albums)
Illustrationism (top albums)
In Sean's Opinion (top albums)
In That Quiet Hearth (top albums)
In the Mix (songs)
IN Toronto (best albums)
The Inarguable (top albums)
Incurably Optimistic! (best songs)
Independent (best albums)
Indie for Bunnies (best albums)
Indie Music Filter (favorite music videos)
Indie Music Filter (top songs)
Indie R&B (favorite albums)
Indie Rock Cafe (best songs)
Indie Shuffle (best future garage albums)
Indie Shuffle (top dubstep songs)
Indiecision (best cover art)
Indiefuzz (best albums)
Indy Rock Live (top albums)
The Inno View (top albums)
Instinct (top albums)
The Intellectual Thicket (favorite albums)
The Internet Home of Matt Lucht (favourite albums)
Invisible Children (top albums)
Invisible Oranges (top metal albums)
Invisible Oranges (worst album art)
io9 (most futuristic music)
Irish Independent (best free Irish music downloads)
Iruinclassics (top albums)
It Ain't Hemingway (best cover songs)
It Should Be Said (top north Texas albums)
It's Time to Play B-sides (top albums)
Ithaca Journal (albums)
Ithaca Journal (best Ithaca albums)

jacobelyacharjournalist (top albums)
Jakarta Globe (favorite albums) (musicians' favorite albums, tours, and emerging artists)
Jason in Hollywoodland (top albums)
Jazz and Bossa Review (best albums)
The JazznKat (indie albums)
Jazzwise (jazz albums)
JazzWrap (best albums)
Jeff Keuss (top albums) (best songs)
Jesse McCarl (best albums)
Jesus in Disguise (best albums) (top albums) (top songs)
Jonathan Pappalardo (favorite country albums)
joncomeaux (best albums)
Joshua Lachkovic's Blog (top songs)
Jouljet (favourite albums)
Juku Rant (best albums)
Junkiepop (top albums)
Juno Plus (best albums)
Just Music That I Like (favourite albums)

K (best drum & bass albums)
K (best drum & bass songs)
K (top drum & bass producers)
The Kaje (top albums)
KAMmentary (best albums)
Kansas City Star (best albums)
Kansas City Star (holiday albums)
Kathleen Peacock (top songs to write to) (top albums)
KCRW (DJs' top albums)
KCRW - Jason Bentley (top albums)
KCRW - Jason Eldridge (top albums)
KCRW - RR (top albums)
KDHX (top albums)
Kentuckyseven (best albums)
KEXP (artists)
The Key (top Philadelphia albums)
The Key - Eric Schuman (top Philadelphia albums)
The Key - Helen Leicht (top Philadelphia albums)
Kim Nunley (best albums)
Kiss Out the Jams (best albums)
Kitsap Sun (best albums)
Knees Up (top songs)
Knox Road (top albums)
KnoxVillainy (best albums)
KPLU (top blues albums)
KR Connect (albums)
Kris Ade (favorite albums)
KROQ (favorite albums)
Kumaboshi! (best albums)

The L Magazine (music gifts)
LA Music Blog (best comeback albums)
LA Music Blog (top debut albums)
LA Music Blog (top music videos)
LA Music Blog (top pop albums)
Ladyhub (best albums)
The Landing Fields (favorite albums)
Larry Koestler (top albums)
Last of the True Americans (favorite songs)
Latest Disgrace (top ATL albums)
Latest Disgrace (top ATL songs)
Latest Disgrace (top ATL videos)
Laughing Is Loving (best songs)
Laughspin (best comedy albums)
Lefebvre on Media (favourite albums)
The Lefort Report (best music videos)
Left to My Own Devices (top songs)
Lehigh Valley Express-Times (top albums)
Leigh Reyes (top albums)
Lexington Herald-Leader (best albums)
Letterbomb (top albums)
Lexington Herald-Leader (best gift albums)
Liberated Muse (top incdie albums)
Life Musings (favorite albums)
A Lifetime of Defeats (favorite albums)
Light Sound Dimension (best albums)
The Lighthouse Flashing (top albums)
Lighthouse Keeper Sean (favourite albums)
The Liminal (albums)
The Line of Best Fit (best albums)
The Line of Best Fit (best songs)
The Liner Notes (top albums)
The List (best albums)
Listening Station (top albums)
Listologies (best album covers)
Listologies (best albums)
Listologies (best cover songs)
Listologies (best dance/DJ/electronica songs)
Listologies (best music videos)
Incurably Optimistic! (best songs)
A Little Vinyl Revival (top albums)
Little White Earbuds (top albums)
Little White Earbuds (top artists)
Little White Earbuds (top EPs)
Little White Earbuds (top labels)
Little White Earbuds (top songs)
Live from Mars! (top albums)
LMB NOLA (best albums and songs)
Lone Wolf (top albums)
The Long and Winding Road (favorite albums)
Long Live the Album (top albums)
Long Nights, Short Days (best songs)
Los Angeles Times (best pop albums)
The Lost Boys (best songs)
Lost in the Cloud (best albums)
Loudlooppress (top Chicago albums)
Loudwire (top rock songs)
Loversmademen (favorite albums)
Luke, I Am Your Father (best albums)
Lutheran Confessions (best albums)

M - P

Q - Z

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